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Discussion in 'Archive' started by Lex Luthor, Mar 19, 2004.

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  1. Lex Luthor

    Lex Luthor New Member

    I am running a city championship next weekend and have a couple questions I can't find on the tcg website.
    1. How do I find out how many rounds to run for my tournament, is it dependant on how many people?
    2. Do we do a top 8 single elim at city championships or is it just the best of the rounds?
    Thanks for any help!
  2. TrEkIeV

    TrEkIeV New Member

    oh, you are running the Cupertino CC?

    1. yes, the number of rounds depends on the number of players. the guideline to the number of rounds is log2(players) rounded up. meaning:

    16 players = at least 4 rounds
    32 players = at least 5 rounds

    2. doing a top 8 single elim is up to you. i recommend doing one since the winner should not be determined by tie breaker points

    will you be doing the pairings with the tournament software v1.6?
  3. Lex Luthor

    Lex Luthor New Member

    And what if I have 50-70 players, what then?
    And yes the version that shows on TMS when I pull it up on the computer is 1.06. Is that the latest, I just downloaded it 1.5 weeks ago.
  4. Lex Luthor

    Lex Luthor New Member

    Oh I'm sorry, and yes I am running the Cupertino CC. I didn't notice that question in your reply. I am trying really hard to make it as successful as possible. I'm hoping to run more tournaments in the future if this one goes smoothly.
  5. NoPoke

    NoPoke Active Member

    Sorry but 1.06 is not the latest version.. version 1.07 is out. You will need to get it from a PTO though rather than download it from the TO pages. If you email POP they might send you a link to 1.07
  6. Adv1sor

    Adv1sor New Member

    Log2(x) rounded up still works.

    Get a scientific calculater. Log2(x), with x being the number of players, means, logX/log2. Or, the log of the number of players divided by 0.301029995663981195213738894724493

    Or, go to and enter, as the search, logX/log2 where X is the number of players.

    Does anyone know how well this works for age modified swiss? Or should that even be a factor?
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  7. TrEkIeV

    TrEkIeV New Member

    i read that 1.07 .trn files can't be uploaded onto the website, so i think it would be better to stick with 1.06.
  8. Sensei

    Sensei Team Compendium Emeritus Staff Member Trader Feedback Mod

    1.05? I don`t think there was a 1.05. 1.06 is the first version that came out from PUI(unless I`m mistaken). Anyways, 1.06 will do just fine until you get a hold of 1.07.

  9. Lex Luthor

    Lex Luthor New Member

    Ok thanks for the advise so far, but unfotunately I am kinda hopeless. I don't have a scientific calculator and I went to google and did a search and didn't understand what it brought up for me. Can some one please help me out and tell me how many rounds I should run for 50, 60, 70 and 80 people? I would really appreciate it. Thanks again!!
  10. mozartrules

    mozartrules New Member

    Up to 16 players: 4 rounds
    17 - 32 players: 5 rounds
    33 - 64 players: 6 rounds
    65 - 128 players: 7 rounds

    The idea is that since the undefeated will play against each other (using Modified Swiss) their number halves each round (the rounding can go up or down if you have an odd number of undefeated players). The number of rounds then need to be high enough to have no more than one undefeated player.
  11. Lex Luthor

    Lex Luthor New Member

    Thanks so much Mozart!
  12. Feraligatr

    Feraligatr New Member

    For Premier Events I have used the rounds (based on number of players) + 1 (ex. 33 players = 6 rounds + 1). This way if you don't have time to do single elimination it helps reduce use of opponent win percentage. If you do have time for single elimination it would make more sense to do it by age group (ex. top 25% for each age group) rather than using the software for this. This is due to the software takes top 8 regardless of age and what you really want is a clear winner for each age group. Of course, this means doing the single elimination on paper and those games won't count for rankings but you will have a clear winner in each age group. We found this out at the Charlotte CC when we used the software and had 5 15+ and 3 11-14 in top 8. Also the software paired (as it should) by record/win percentage which meant all 11-14 played 15+ in the first/second round.

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