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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Taylor45, Jun 13, 2008.

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  1. Taylor45

    Taylor45 New Member

    ive been working on this deck for over a month now and i think i'm getting close to making it all it can be

    Pokemon: 24
    3-3 Toxicroak MT
    2-2 Roserade SW
    2-2 Claydol
    1-1-1 Dusknoir DP
    3-3 Weezing
    1 Shuckle SW

    Energy: 15
    4 Call
    3 Grass
    8 Psychic

    Trainers/Supporters: 21
    3 Dusk Ball
    4 Celio's
    3 Bebe's
    2 Windstorm
    1 Crystal Beach
    4 Roseanne's
    2 Mr. Stone's
    2 Night Maintenance

    start with whatever
    get turn 2 toxicroak or whatever your starter attacker is (could be weezing) (could be roserade)
    then claydol asap
    and set up weezings
    and judge the deck in early game to determine what you're doing about dusknoir

    this deck destroys

    VERY early prototype got 3rd place at Spring Battle Roads
    now it's way better
    (plus i just found out i was cheated against at battle roads... shoulda read Crawdaunt ex.. he said splashback works if i have 3 or more... not 4.. hecka ***..)
  2. mrdraz07

    mrdraz07 New Member

    Have you considered any of the MD Toxicroak? It seems better than the one you're using.
  3. MrMeches

    MrMeches New Member

    I would go 1 MD Croak and 2 MT! Gives you a decent hitter for 3 to help with the damage.. as if the poison isn't enough! I still like hte idea of 1-1 Ariados for that little more umph!! Also, Cacturne PK and Sydney's allows you to get around the WP situation!
  4. Taylor45

    Taylor45 New Member

    ya i've been thinkin about the MD croak but i dont wanna get stuck with it as my first hitter on turn 2 because MT's body is what keeps this deck in the game
    but i see what youre saying..
    and dude!
    ariados would be sick!
    thanks for that i'll try to figure something out
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