Pokémon TCG Gym Challenge - Torino, April 25th

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    The first Gym Challenge for Italian POP is now ready to go!

    When: April 25th, 2004
    Where: Torino, during the "Torino Comics" convention
    What: Pokémon Gym Challenge

    It will be a Modified Constructed tournament.

    Each and every player will get 3 EX: Sandstorm italian boosters!!!

    - Players age 10 and under are free of charge.
    - Preregistered players (writing at [email protected] with name, surname, city, and email or telephone number) will pay € 5,00
    - Not preregistered players will pay € 10,00.
    (Preregistrations are open until April 20th, 2004 - Anyway, each participant will ge the 3 boosters, though the entry charge will be different as explained above).

    Prizes are awarded to the Top 4 Players.

    1st will get 1 booster box of the latest set available in italian (EX: Sandstorm I think at that date)
    2nd will get 18 boosters of the latest set available in italian
    3rd-4th will get 9 boosters of the latest set available in italian

    Simlarly to the City Championships system, as there won't be an age-modified system, but a single chart, the best placed player for each age category will also get:

    - 1 Gym Challenge trophy
    - 1 Stage One Prize Package (same thing as the VIP package, different name and don't know why...)
    - 2 bye for 1st and 2nd turn at Italian Nationals

    We are waiting for you :)
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