Pokemon Checklists - Update 3-7-16

Discussion in 'Collecting and Card Price Discussion' started by SMP88, Oct 30, 2012.

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  1. JamesCurtis24

    JamesCurtis24 New Member

    I have a question.

    I'm trying to get a grasp on the complete sets, as I'm unfamiliar with the newer generations of Pokemon cards.

    One issue I recognized (looking at Flashfire) is that I'm not sure how you designate between non-holo, reverse foil, and holo. I see you have a list for normal, a list of reverse foil... but what happens to holo cards?

    What about a card like Milotic? Of which there is a non-holo version, reverse foil version, and a holo version. How are those represented in the list?
  2. BJJ763

    BJJ763 Trading Mod Supervisor Staff Member Trader Feedback Mod

    "Holo" cards would be part of the "normal" list. A "normal" set would be the Holos (holo rares signified by "⋆H"), non-holos (non-holo rares signified by "⋆", uncommons (signified by "", and commons (signified by ""), and any EX (signified by "⋆EX"), full art (signified by "⋆FA") and "secret" cards (signified by "⋆SR") (The "" symbol represents Rare - there are multiple types of Rare cards)

    If you think of "reverse foil" as "Parallel foil" it might be a little clearer - a Parallel Foil is a card that is all holo-y in a different way than a Rare Holo. Any card in the set except EX, Full Art, and "secret" card will have a Parallel Foil version. It's a set of all holo-y cards that parallel the "core" cards from the set (again minus the EX, Full Art, and "secret" cards).

    If you look at sets before B&W, they were in Rarity order - Holo Rare cards came first, then Rare cards, then Uncommon cards, then Common cards, then Trainer cards (in the same order). Expedition is a good example to look at. If a set had EX or "secret" cards, they would be at the end of set - after Trainers/Energy cards.

    A Non-holo version of a card often would come from a preconstructed theme deck not a pack. These cards are not included in a "set" but a "Master set".
  3. Chibi_Fluffy

    Chibi_Fluffy New Member

    I seem to have come to ask the same question as JC24 and do not really understand your answer BJJ.

    If I look at any spreadsheets there are only "normal" and "Reverse Holo" that can be checked bit what would I check if of a same card I have a "normal", a "Holo" and a "Reverse holo"? Even as you have described they come from a "master set" they are still numbered card that are in that set and as such should be included? Especially when in the statistics in the "normal" section there is a "holos", how to know which cards those are In a fast and effective way? Or is that the "H" symbol? I'm a littls confused with all the numbers and symbols and trying to catalog my cards so I dont have to always redo it is becoming harder the more I learn about them xP

    A printing option would be amazing since I could keep it with the cards instead of always having to check my phone or computer...
  4. BJJ763

    BJJ763 Trading Mod Supervisor Staff Member Trader Feedback Mod

    I hate the term "reverse holo" since how can a "reverse holo" exist for a common and exist for a Holo Rare. I like "parallel foil" since it parallels the main set.

    Get an unopened pack and open it - the first 5 card will be commons, the next is the parallel foil/reverse holo, then the rare, then the 3 uncommon cards. Rare cards come in 2 varieties - Rare (non-holo) and Rare Holo (Pokemon-EX, Full Art, and "secret rare" are also Rare but leave those out for now). Parallel foils are the all holo almost mirror-like cards, Holos have the picture being holo (except for Pokemon-EX, Full Art, and "secret rare"). Actually "secret rare" cards are like a parallel gold foil card

    Now Master sets would include the full normal set plus the parallel foil set. They would also include any variety - like the "cut glass" cards usually considered promos but they have the set number and the normally-non-holo-but-is-holo and normally-holo-but-is-non-holo cards that can only be found in a preconstructed theme deck.
  5. SMP88

    SMP88 Active Member

    Sorry for not having Primal Clash yet. The set's sheet is ready to go, I just have to update Totals and Remaining Cards, but I just started a new job. Should have it sometime next week after this weekend's state tournament.

    When I began making these checklists about 7-8 years ago the term I had heard was "Reverse Holo" for the alternate versions of the card. That stuck though "Parallel Foil" is probably a better term for it.

    Anything with a ⋆H is considered a Holo Rare. This is your standard picture foil card. Currently, these cards have a horizontal foil pattern in the picture box of the card. Previous versions of Holo Rares had different foil patterns, but they were always contained within the picture of the card.

    A Reverse Holo (or Parallel Foil) is the alternate foil for almost any card in the set. Currently, the foil pattern for these are the energy symbol or Poke Balls around the entire card, and the picture has no foil pattern in it at all. Anything that isn't an EX, full art or secret rare has a reverse holo version of the card. Previous sets had different reverse holo patterns. Diamond/Pearl until Black/White had the entire card (other than the picture) a soild foil. The original ex sets had a variety of full card foil patterns. The main thing to remember is that a "Normal" Holo Rare only has the foil pattern in the picture of the card, not anywhere else.

    Also, currently there isn't a section for alternate art cards that are not part of the booster packs. Cards like non-holo cards in theme decks don't have anywhere to log them right now. In the case of Milotic, there is a non-holo card from the theme deck, a "Normal" holo version (with the foil pattern being in the picture) from the boosters, and a "Reverse Holo" version (with the energy symbol foil pattern) from the boosters. The non-holo version currently doesn't have a slot anywhere in the checklists. That's going to be a future addition, probably as a separate "Alternate Art" spreadsheet.
  6. Wierdmin

    Wierdmin New Member

    Hey, I made an account to say (if you will pardon the cliché) that I am eternally grateful for your work. I'm starting to get into collecting and your lists are completely unrivaled as far as I can see. Kudos. I will be always checking this thread--and I can't wait for Primal Clash to be added to the Totals!
  7. bsentertainment25

    bsentertainment25 New Member

    Hello, these checklists look amazing, but I'm having trouble saving them in openoffice. It won't let me save as a .xlsx file. It makes me create a new document. Can anyone help me out please?
  8. SMP88

    SMP88 Active Member

    Sorry, I'm not gone, just busy.

    Not sure on the openoffice questions. You should be able to save as an .xlsx file though.

    Fairly big announcement though. With the release of the Roaring Skies checklist I'll be implementing 2 new features to the checklists.

    First is a printing button to automatically print the checklist out for you. I'll initially start with only the Roaring Skies checklist, but I'll slowing add this button to the other checklists over time, going backwards according to release order. The printing button will format the printing area and will strip the checklist of color so it will only print in black and white. In addition, it will give you 2 options, print only the checklist portion (the card info + your tally ) or to print the checklist portion + the summaries at the bottom of each checklist.

    The other feature will be an update to the "Remaining Cards" workbook that will allow you to show only the sets you want to be shown and will allow you to print these sets out.

    I'm still working out some final bugs, but if everything goes well I should have these released sometime early next week. Also, if anyone has any additional features you would want included let me know and I'll see if I can add them.
  9. Scizor Master CLR

    Scizor Master CLR New Member

    That sounds absolutely amazing. These checklists have been so incredibly helpful. I can't thank you enough. Looking forward to the updated lists!
  10. Martoosian

    Martoosian New Member

    Can I ask for a few tricky lists which I'm finding hard to create?

    1. Tournament promos by year: League, City, Regional, State, National
    2. All promo energies from Leagues, Professor Programs, Player Rewards Program, etc.
    3. All Player Rewards Program promos
    4. All Professor Program promos

    I understand there will be some overlap with the energies and the programs but the list on Bulbapedia under Misc. Promos is too convoluted to follow. I'd really appreciate this. Thanks for the great work!
  11. zenixnet

    zenixnet New Member

    Will you be updating to Roaring Skies and Ancient Origins?
  12. Rexcirus

    Rexcirus New Member

    Many thanks for the great work you are doing. When do you plan to update the checklists?
  13. samharris2011

    samharris2011 New Member

    firstly want to say a massive thank you for check lists, iv been searching a while for ones like this and finally found urs and 100% perfect.

    am wondering if you plan to do the 3 newer sets?

    thanks in advance n thanks again

  14. SMP88

    SMP88 Active Member

    Sorry for the delays. I have the checklists complete, I just need to get them on my dropbox. I'll put them in later tonight.

    The totals checklists will aren't updated yet, but give me until the weekend and those should be done too.
  15. SMP88

    SMP88 Active Member

    • Added "63 Primal Clash" to the English Sets folder
    • Added "64 Roaring Skies" to the English Sets folder
    • Added "65 Ancient Origins" to the English Sets folder
    • New Feature - Printing

    With this update comes the new printing feature. Currently it's only on the Roaring Skies and Ancient Origins checklists, but I hope to add it to the other ones in the future. When you open the checklist, there might be a warning that some active content has been disabled. Enable that in order to use the print button.

    To use the print feature click the PRINT button on the top row. A pop up box will come up asking if you'd like to print the summaries also. If you click yes it will print the entire workbook, including all the counts at the bottom. If you click no, it will print out only up until the last card in the set (before any of the counts at the bottom). If you click cancel it'll cancel the print.
  16. Naffa

    Naffa New Member

    Thank you so much SMP88, have tried to use other excels/checklists, but yours is definitely my favorite.
    Thanks for your hard work!
  17. Naffa

    Naffa New Member

    Thanks for the update SMP, any chance on getting the Totals spread updated as well? (I wish I was better with excel!)
  18. SMP88

    SMP88 Active Member

    Totals should be updated soon. Can't give an exact day, but I'll chip away at adding the last few sets to it over the next week or 2.
  19. Naffa

    Naffa New Member

    Thanks buddy, very much appreciated!
  20. AncientArctic

    AncientArctic New Member

    Hey! Created an account just to say thankyou for these lists~! :D They're so much better than most I've found online, and so much simpler to understand and use :)

    That being said, are you going to make a list for the new BreakPoint set anytime soon?

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