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    Pokemon cold
    By tony welch
    Someone’s knocking at your door as you open it you get push with a box you look at the box and see it’s a game for your Gameboy you smile to your mum
    As your mum walks in she gives it to you
    Thanks mum
    You walk up your stairs to your room
    You close the door
    You get your Gameboy form the bedside
    You turn it on you read the box pokemon cold
    You reach in the box you get the game out in put it in the Gameboy
    So are you ready to play
    Well let’s get started then
    Character 1
    When someone gives you a present want to you do
    You walk away from it
    You tell them thanks
    You take it to your room
    You pick
    You tell them thanks
    Next question
    Your mum give’s you money want do you do
    You spend it on food \ drinks
    You tell her thanks
    You don’t say anything
    You tell her thanks and then go spend it on games
    You pick
    You tell her thanks and then go spend it on games
    If someone say’s sorry to you want do you do
    It’s ok
    Want did you say
    Say nothing
    You pick
    It’s ok
    Next are you a boy or a girl
    You pick
    You are the brave type you like to read and play when the time is right you don’t lie to people and if you do you say you’re sorry
    You’re a nav
    Want I’m a nav
    There weak
    Ok you say to yourself
    Welcome to the world of pokemon
    Author note: most of the names of pokemon in this book I’ve made up enjoy
    You wake up in a van knock/knock nav come out of there you’ve been in that van for two days
    Yes mum
    You walk out of the van and close the back door and you lock the back door
    Come and eat darling
    Yes mum
    You look what sought of pokemon your mum is on the game and she a skymon
    That’s a flying type pokemon
    So mum what’s for breakfast?
    Your fav
    What’s is my fav dish
    Its eggs with bacon and cup of tea
    Think you mum
    You have a big day today
    It’s the day you get a pokemon
    When you get the pokemon nav
    Come home so I can see want you got
    Yes mum
    Nav walks a couple of meters in front of the door
    Stop nav
    Nelly forgot
    Dr Moon wants to see you
    So of you go
    So nav walks out of the door and walks down the path turns right to Dr Moon place
    And knock’s on the door
    Come in said Dr Moon
    I closed the door
    Nav my boy come right in here
    I followed Dr Moon up to the second floor
    There are three pokemon balls here pick one
    I in a hurry I’ve got work to do
    Yes Dr Moon
    1st woodomon
    2nd mudinmon
    3nd lightmon
    I will pick lightmon please Dr Moon
    Good pick nav hope you like it
    I will Dr Moon
    I walk out the fount door went to my house to show mum my new pokemon
    As I open the door
    Mum was 5 feet above ground
    Run nav run don’t turn around
    No I won’t run
    I stood in stock my mum’s belly was cut in half
    MUM NO
    Blood was everywhere all over the kitchen walls
    I look at the killer
    It was a god pokemon
    Waromon the god of war
    I turned
    I run for my life
    No turning back
    I run throw the wood’s to the forest I run and run for hours
    I was crying like a little baby
    There was only two thought’s going throw my head
    My mum is dead
    I could be next
    I have to hide and be quick about it
    Character 2
    I found a cave near two old trees’ that have fallen to the ground and could hold me for a couple of days
    On the following days that I lived in the cave I trained my lightmon to fright and dodge
    Also on the following days lightmon levelled up to 3
    Lightmon we done training for today
    Today we move on
    I’ve only got 1 goal and that’s to get to my grandfather
    Lightmon went back into the poke ball
    I had to get to subrock forest so I can find out what’s going on
    I can’t sit and cry for hours what that would do for my mum
    My mum would tell me to stop being a little baby
    I walk and walk for hours
    There’s someone coming
    I have to hide
    I run behind a tree
    I could hear it walking towards me
    I jump out
    Who’s there?
    A pokemon walk up to me and started to attack me
    Lightmon I chose you
    Lightmon use quickattack
    Chchchch quickattack
    The wild pokemon almost fated I pulled out a poke ball and throw It at the pokemon
    One two three
    Caught it
    I have caught an antmon a bug pokemon
    That will do the trick
    I continue to until I saw subrock forest I walk over the mudding ground until I got to subrock forest and turned to see my grandfather
    Run nav don’t stop
    Why pop why
    Nav our family has done rough a long ago
    We are the only ones left on this planet of our family blood
    What do you mean pop
    On earth there’s others out there nav of our blood go to the well and near there should be a portal there it will take you to the planet warm
    Oh and buy the way there’s others to on planet heat and burn
    Go nav
    Pop there’s someone coming
    Quick nav run my boy run
    I turned and ran for my life I look back all I saw was a flash of blood and then Waromon
    I will kill you Waromon trust me
    I saw the portal I jump into it with great force
    Everything went black
    Authors note” this is the end of this book but not the story baseling I will be putting the story into different book’s
    The first was
    Cold next will be warm than heat than burn

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