POKEMON TOWER and Chaos Gym questions

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  1. QWERT392001

    QWERT392001 New Member

    Good afternoon everyone! (EST) I have a several questions that I would appreciate some help with.

    1) Does Pokemon Tower Stadium Gym stop my opponents from taking cards from their discard pile and attaching it one of their Pokemon. More specifcally energy cards from discard pile! Or does it only prevent players form taking cards and putting it into their hand?

    2) Does a recyclable energy that has been discarded from play with Pokemon Tower in play stay discarded if another Stadium Gym replaces Pokemon Tower.

    3) If I have a Slowking in play and a Chaos Stadium Gym in play, and I attempt to use a trainer, and flip a heads. Does my opponent, who now has a chance to use my trainer still have to go through my Slowking to see if he or she is allowed to play the trainer. And if they do and fail does the trainer go back on my deck?

    As always thanks for the replies!!!!!

  2. yoshi1001

    yoshi1001 Active Member

    1. Just to the hand.
    2. It stays discarded
    3. From the compendium:

    Q. Please elaborate on the interaction if I have Slowking's "Mind Games" on my bench, but I flip tails when attempting to play a trainer under Chaos Gym.
    A. So, if I have Slowking out and there is a Chaos Gym, I attempt to play a trainer and flip tails. NOW my opponent can attempt to play that trainer (as long as it isn't a Tool or Stadium of course). I can now choose to use my Mind Games to make my opponent flip a coin for the trainer they are attempting to play. On heads, the trainer fails and goes back onto the OWNER's deck (this is an errata change to the text on Mind Games). (Nov 14, 2002 WotC Chat, Q67)
  3. NoPoke

    NoPoke Active Member

    I was never happy with that rulling... I'm sure it says that on tails your opponent gets to USE the trainer and not play it.

    Gotta Love Chaos Gym: My Fave trainer!

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