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  1. PokePockets

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    Just some more ideas i had

    Porygon HP 60 C

    Look at the top 3 cards of your deck. Choose 1 and put it into your hand, and put the other 2 on top of your deck in any order you like.

    Change the defending pokemon's weakness to any type you want (other than C) This effect ends at the end of your next turn.


    Porygon 2 HP 80 C
    Stage 1-Evolves from Porygon

    Poke-Power:Core Drive
    Once during your turn (before you attack) you may discard as many energy cards as you like from your hand. If you do, draw 2 cards for each energy card discarded in this way.

    CCC-Hyper Beam 40
    Flip a coin, if heads, discard an energy card attached to the defending pokemon. Porygon 2 cannot attack during your next turn.


    Porygon-Z HP 100 C
    Stage 2-Evolves from Porygon 2

    Poke-Body:System Failure
    Whenever your opponent attacks Porygon-Z, flip a coin. If tails, the attack is succsessful, if heads, discard all cards attached to Porygon-Z and shuffle Porygon-Z back into your deck.

    Poke-Body:Infected System
    Whenever your opponent deals damage to Porygon-Z, put a Virus Counter on the attacking pokemon.

    CCCC-Infect & Crash
    Remove as many Virus counters from the defending pokemon as you like. For every 2 Virus Counters removed from the defending pokemon in this way, discard a card from your opponent's hand without looking. If you removed 10 or more Virus Counters from the defending pokemon, Do not discard cards from your opponent's hand. Instead, the defending pokemon is Knocked Out.


    Porygon-Z Lv.X HP 120 C
    Level-Up:put on your active Porygon-Z

    Poke-Body:Viral Magnet
    If Porygon-Z is your active pokemon, you may move Virus Counters from the defending pokemon to Porygon-Z.

    When you play this card from your hand to Level-Up one of your pokemon, You may put 10 Virus Counters on the defending pokemon, If you do, discard Porygon-Z Lv.X from Porygon-Z and put 3 damage counters on Porygon-Z.


    Infected Reality

    You may move Virus Counters from your active pokemon to the defending pokemon.

    Infected Software
    Pokemon Tool

    In between turns, put 1 Virus Counter on the pokemon Infected Software is attached to.

    Virus Energy
    Special Energy

    Virus Energy provides C energy. In between turns, put 1 Virus Counter on the pokemon Virus Energy is attached to.
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  2. poketo

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    Porygon Z is really bad it's confusing and too much of a hassle
  3. PokePockets

    PokePockets New Member

    Eh. It's just for fun. I would like to play a deck with these cards, lol

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