Power Ranger fans rejoice!

Discussion in 'Random Topic Center' started by UncleBob, Nov 29, 2003.

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  1. UncleBob

    UncleBob New Member

    We'll be seeing the return of an old friend in the next incarnation of Power Rangers! Woo-hoo!
  2. GOROY

    GOROY New Member

    Who will be returning?
  3. UncleBob

    UncleBob New Member

    Well, I don't want to spoil it for anyone who might care - however there's a big hint to long time PR fans in my first post. ;)
  4. Marril

    Marril New Member

    Jason? Tommy? I dunno, I hope it's either of them, but I've long since stopped watching PR anywho.
  5. GOROY

    GOROY New Member

    Well, I'll like it if it is someone from the original PR, I haven't watched it since they changed for ........I guess the third time they changed.
  6. Water Pokemon Master

    Water Pokemon Master <a href="http://pokegym.net/gallery/browseimages.p

    How many generations of Power Rangers have there been? I remember watching the show once in a while when I was 5 at my baby sitters, which I think was the original series.

    BTW, what is with them when they transform and move around a lot. For example, when they talk, they shake their heads. I have always wondered why they do that.
  7. UncleBob

    UncleBob New Member

    Mighty Morphing Power Rangers
    Mighty Morphing Alien Rangers
    Power Rangers Zeo
    Power Rangers Turbo
    Power Rangers in Space
    Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
    Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue
    Power Rangers Time Force
    Power Rangers Wild Force
    Power Rangers Ninja Storm
  8. Water Pokemon Master

    Water Pokemon Master <a href="http://pokegym.net/gallery/browseimages.p

    Now I remember. It was Mighty Morphing Power Rangers, from remembering the theme song. So, the series has been running for 10 years, right?
  9. TrueGamerX

    TrueGamerX New Member

    Now heres something I can talk about. When I was a young lad, I used to come home from school, kick out a bowl of Doritos and watched the afternoon episodes of PR. The essence and suspense it had on a young kid like me was awesome. My most favorite part of any show was when the Megazords came out to kick some major butt.

    Overall, I watched PR up until the end of PR: In Space, when Zordon died :( . But I'd admit it, I cried, because I was that dedicated to the show. The shows after In Space, just got boring and plain, IMO. I mean there could be no storyline better than the Green Ranger Saga! And the Forever Red episode was also electrifying.

    lol, excuse me for my geekiness, but I'm just a plain ol' PR fanboy!
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  10. UncleBob

    UncleBob New Member

    True Gamer X - You might be interested in this next season. :)

    WPM - As the first year of US Power Rangers was 1993, yes, the series is in it's 10th anniversary (although they just wound up their 10th season...)
    This is a feat very few shows have accomplished...
  11. UncleBob

    UncleBob New Member

  12. TrueGamerX

    TrueGamerX New Member

    Wow, that looks awesome! It's cool that Tommy has come back to be a mentor for the "new" kids. Can't wait until February 2004.
  13. GOROY

    GOROY New Member

    Zordon died?:(
  14. The Dark Llama

    The Dark Llama New Member

    UncleBob - What was Mighty Morphing Alien Rangers? I know the second season was a continuation under the MMPR name, just different people and zords.

    Water Pokemon Master - When they have the helmets on, you can't see who's talking. They move their heads so you know who is talking. (in case you don't know the voices)

    GOROY - Where do you get Zordon dying?
  15. TrueGamerX

    TrueGamerX New Member

    Zordon died at the end of PR In Space, because Zordon said it was the only way to destroy all evil in the universe, so he got Andros (the red ranger) to destroy him. That meant the Machine Empire, Lord Zedd, Rita and the rest of the villains were destroyed. But shockingly, Lord Zedd and Rita turned out to be regular people.

    I know it was really sad. :(
  16. Water Pokemon Master

    Water Pokemon Master <a href="http://pokegym.net/gallery/browseimages.p

    Oh, so that's why. But how come when they get hit by some sort of attack, they take it all aggressively. IMO, they are too animated.
  17. Marril

    Marril New Member

    Dang. He was cool, and that stuff with the ooze guy (?) in the movie was sad enough.

    Also, I wish I'd seen the transition episodes for the first to second series. All I remember is one scene from the second episode where the T-rex was the last giant robot left. It's either selective-memory bias, or the first series really is a heck of a lot better than the ones today.
  18. Water Pokemon Master

    Water Pokemon Master <a href="http://pokegym.net/gallery/browseimages.p

    Does anyone have the breakdown of how many Power Rangers there have been in each series?
  19. UncleBob

    UncleBob New Member

    For the reason given above and, since you can't see their faces/bodies, you can't really see the emotion/body language that you normally would when talking to someone. The "way to animated" body language is to help express the feelings (typically urgency or pain) that the character's are feeling.

    Which, mind you, did not destroy all the evil in the universe, as we've seen in future seasons (and the fact that Cleveland still exists). Not to say that Zordon's sacrifice was useless, for it did save the world from the major threat at the time (and it wasn't pretty)...

    A lot?

    Seriously, thanks to Rovang.org's Writer's guide to the PR Universe (and a little help from my memory, as the guide is offically kaput), here ya go.

    Season One: Mighty Morphing Power Rangers:
    Red: Jason
    Pink: Kimberly
    Black: Zack
    Blue: Billy
    Yellow: Trini (who died a few years ago in a car wreck because she wasn't wearing her seat belt)
    Green: Tommy

    Season Two:
    Red: Jason, Rocky
    Pink: Kimberly
    Black: Zack, Adam
    Blue: Billy
    Yellow: Trini, Aisha
    Green: Tommy, Tommy Clone
    White: Tommy

    Season Three:
    Red: Rocky
    Pink: Kimberly, Kat
    Black: Adam
    Blue: Billy
    Yellow: Aisha
    White: Tommy
    (Note, all seven teens also became "Ninja Rangers")

    Season Three 1/2: Mighty Morphing Alien Rangers
    (When the Rangers - and everyone else - is reverted back to their youth, they must call upon the aid of visiting Rangers from another planet)

    Yellow: Tideus
    White: Delphine
    Blue: Cestro
    Red: Aurico
    Black: Corcus

    Season Four: Power Rangers Zeo
    Red: Tommy
    Blue: Rocky
    Pink: Kat
    Green: Adam
    Yellow: Tanya
    Gold:Trey (of Triforia) , Jason

    Season Five: Power Rangers Turbo
    Red: Tommy, T.J.
    Blue: Rocky (Short Time in Movie), Justin (Boo!)
    Pink: Kat, Cassie
    Green: Adam, Carlos
    Yellow: Tanya, Ashley
    Phantom Ranger: (Unknown to anyone)

    Season Six: Power Rangers in Space
    Red: Andros
    Blue: T.J.
    Pink: Cassie
    Black: Carlos
    Yellow: Ashley
    Silver: Zhane

    Season Seven: Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy
    Red: Mike, Leo
    Blue: Kai
    Yellow: Maya
    Pink: Kendrix, Karone (who took over for Kendrix for the last few episodes while the actor who played Kendrix was out for cancer treatment)
    Green: Damon

    Season Eight: Power Rangers: Lightspeed Rescue
    Red: Carter
    Blue: Chad
    Green: Joel
    Yellow: Kelsey
    Pink: Dana
    Titanium: Ryan

    Season Nine: Power Rangers: Time Force
    Red: Alex , Wes
    Pink: Jen
    Blue: Lucas
    Yellow: Katie
    Green: Trip
    Quantum: Eric

    Season Ten: Power Rangers: Wild Force
    Red: Cole
    Yellow: Taylor
    Black: Danny
    Blue: Max
    White: Alyssa
    Lunar Wolf: Merrick

    Season Eleven: Power Rangers: Ninja Storm
    Blue Wind: Tori
    Red Wind: Shane
    Yellow Wind: Dustin
    Navy Thunder: Blake
    Crimson Thunder: Hunter
    Green Samuari: Cam

    Note, this list doesn't include previous Rangers who show up for one or two episodes to help (or get help) from the current Ranger team (unless they get a new costume and become a part of the team), nor does this include the various evil/Psycho Rangers, Robot/Cyborg Rangers, or whatever other "fake" rangers there may have beenat one point or another. Also not included are Non-Rangers, like Turbo's Blue Senturion (who was a robot), Lost Galaxy's Magna Defender (who was both himself an unknown warrior and Mike, the former Red Galaxy Ranger), The Ninja Turtles (who showed up with their "sister" in a couple of episodes during Space), or the Masked Rider (who made an appearance to help start his show back during the Mighty Morphing era).

    In conclusion, there are (have been) a lot of Rangers.
  20. GOROY

    GOROY New Member

    TruGamerX, what do you mean, Rita and Zed were Humans, I thought they were aliens?

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