Pre-HGSS Sale!!! SP cards for cheap!

Discussion in 'Auction & Sales House' started by C-U elite, Mar 21, 2011.

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  1. C-U elite

    C-U elite New Member

    Shipping costs vary depending how many cards you want.
    Paypal or money orders
    NA only
    Total Must be over $5
    Ask for condition if you care.
    Prices are not set in stone.
    PM only to confirm

    SP Pokemon:
    2x Absol G(H)...$2.50
    2x Absol G(RH)...$3
    2x Absol G X...$4
    2x Luxray GL(H)...$2.50
    2x Luxray GL(RH)...$4
    2x Luxray GL X...$25
    2x Garchomp C(RH)...$3
    2x Garchomp C X...$4
    2x Garchomp C X(promo)...$3
    3x Dialga G(RH)...$4
    1x Dialga G X...$3
    1x Staraptor FB(RH)...$2.50
    1x Staraptor FB X...$5
    2x Palkia G(H)...$4
    2x Palkia G X...$4
    2x Infernape 4(RH)...$4
    1x Infernape 4 X...$7
    1x Bronzong G(RH)...$2
    2x Houndoom G(RH)...$1
    1x Electrode G(RH)...$1
    1x Weavile G(RH)...$2
    1x Ambipom G(RH)...$2
    2x Crobat G(RH)...$3
    2x Skuntank G(RH)...$1
    1x toxicroak G(RH)...$1
    2x Honchkrow G(RH)...$1
    1x Roserade gl(H)...$1
    1x Froslass Gl(H)...$1

    5x Cyrus's Con(RH)....$5
    4x Energy Gain(RH)...$2
    4x Power Spray(RH)...$2
    3x SP Radar(RH)...$1
    4x Poketurn(RH)...$5
    2x Aaron's Collection(RH)...$1

    1x BTS(rh)...$5
    1x Looker's(rh)...$1
    1x Bebe's(RH. Not LP)...$1
    1x VS seeker(RH)...$1
    1x Bench shield(rh)...25c
    3x Warp Point(RH/H)...$1
    2x Palmer's(RH)...$1
    2x Prof. Oak's Visit(Rh)...25c

    6x Call Energy(RH)....$3
    2x Warp Energy(RH)...$1
    4x Cyclone Energy(RH)...$1

    3x Uxie X...$30
    1x Gengar X...$10

    RH Rares
    1x Regice LA...$4
    1x Giratina(let loose)...$2
    2x Kingdra LA...$1
    1x Charizard AR...$2
    1x Gengar AR...$1
    2x Flygon RR...$2
    4x Machamp SF...$5
    3x Gengar SF...$6
    3x Mespirt LA...$3
    4x Spiritomb AR...$3
    4x Spiritomb LP...$1.50
    1x Exploud SV...$1.50

    5x SABLEYE RH...$4
    2x SABLEYE...$3

    I will add my newer stuff when the majority of this is gone.

    I will add more as I have more time. As for now. Have fun! :biggrin:
    Last edited: May 1, 2011
  2. fantasy_freak08

    fantasy_freak08 New Member

    i'll take:
    2X Water (HP) -- $3
    2x Shaymin UL...$4

    $7 shipped to canada?
  3. rosewater

    rosewater New Member

    I will take these:
    1x Metal(League Promo)...$1
    5x Psychic(LP)...$1
    3x Psychic(HP)...$1

    I assume the LP refers to the 2010 promos with the stitch foil and the logo in the left corner.

    If so, $10 shipped via Paypal?
  4. C-U elite

    C-U elite New Member

    I can to 8 total with shipping to canada.

    Rosewater: League promo is the energy cards you would get for completing the challenge at the bottom of your league card from like 07 maybe? They are just basic holo(no pattern).
  5. rosewater

    rosewater New Member

    OK, I'll just go with the 1x metal (lp) and 3x psychic (hp). $5 shipped?
  6. C-U elite

    C-U elite New Member

    Works for me. PM to confirm please.
  7. Chaos0

    Chaos0 Active Member

    I'll take the Pokemon Collecter Reverse Foil for $8 shipped.
    LMK, thanks.
  8. C-U elite

    C-U elite New Member

    Chaos. Could do a total of 9 with shipping?(You only want one right?)
  9. Chaos0

    Chaos0 Active Member

    Yes, I want only one, and yes, I will do that. PM me to confirm. Thanks.
  10. The Hybrid

    The Hybrid Active Member

    Dark Basic Holo HGSS $1 shipped?
  11. C-U elite

    C-U elite New Member

    Chaos & Hybrid: If you still want that card just let me know.
  12. TheAnswer3

    TheAnswer3 New Member

    Both Magnezone 16$ + shipping. PM me details.
  13. wilyfungi

    wilyfungi New Member

    1x Houndoom Prime
    1x Electivire FB Lv. X
    1x Garchomp Lv. X (MD)

    4x poketurn

    non holos
    10x Expert Belt
    4x Pokemon Rescue
    11x Poke Drawer +
    3x Seeker
    7x Cyrus's Conspiracy
    7x Poketurn

    7x DCE if HGSS

    there are more things I could buy if you would haggle, like RH Collector $8 each or Collector $4 each, but if you do not want to haggle then I understand

    also only interested in NM/M :mad: but still willing to buy period even if some have to be modified for that

    also interested in buying any expert belt lp at $1 or azelf lp at $1 or any spiritomb lp at $1 if you had any unlisted
  14. AzZona

    AzZona New Member

    What is the best you can do on:
    2 Magnezone Primes
    1 Gengar SF RH
    1 Warp Energy RH
  15. C-U elite

    C-U elite New Member

    TheA3: Sorry but I just Traded one away but I still have the one if you want it

    1x Houndoom Prime---$3
    1x Garchomp Lv. X (MD)---$10

    4x poketurn---$24

    non holos
    10x Expert Belt---$10
    4x Pokemon Rescue---$2
    11x Poke Drawer +---$5.50
    3x Seeker---$3
    7x Cyrus's Conspiracy---$14
    7x Poketurn---$28

    5x DCE HGSS---$15

    11x LP Azelf---$11

    TOTAL # of Cards: 63
    TOTAL Price: $125.50
    Shipping:I will go to the PO to check how much it will be

    *Im also willing to haggle on cards. Just ask me and Ill see what I can do.

    1x Magnezone Prime-$8
    1x Gengar $12
    1x Warp Energy $3

    I could do a total of 24 w/Shipping?
  16. wilyfungi

    wilyfungi New Member

    is the $3 drapion lv x damaged? I will take it if not

    offers on stuff:
    $2 on Feraligatrs
    $4 on Steelix or Kingdra
    $6 on dusknoir x or machamp lv x
    $8 RH collectors
    $2 RH S Seeker
    $2 RH Luxury Ball
    $2 RH Expert Belt
    $8 RH BTS
    $1 regular VS Seeker
    $1 regular luxury ball
    $4 collectors
  17. C-U elite

    C-U elite New Member

    $6 drapion lv X...(WOW my bad. Ill fix that sorry)
    Feraligatrs both for $5
    $6 on Steelix
    $5 Kingdra
    $6 on dusknoir x and machamp lv x
    $9 RH collectors
    $6 RH S Seeker
    $3 RH Luxury Ball Or 3x for $8
    $3 RH Expert Belt See above
    $10 RH BTS
    $2 regular VS Seeker
    $2 regular luxury ball
    $5 collectors or 4x for $18

    Let me know what you still want
  18. wilyfungi

    wilyfungi New Member

    oops I messed up on my dusknoir x offer, not sure what I was thinking

    $6 machamp x and 3x rh luxury ball for $8 is all I will do

    pass on everything else; S seeker was VS Seeker not Seeker
  19. C-U elite

    C-U elite New Member

    Sorry Ill pass on the VS Seeker.
    Total Cards: 67
    Total without shipping: $139.50

    Is that all?
  20. wilyfungi

    wilyfungi New Member

    yup, looks right; we can confirm after you figure out your shipping price
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