Price check on 38 complete sets from Base set to Majestic Dawn

Discussion in 'Collecting and Card Price Discussion' started by pokemonmike, Aug 4, 2008.

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  1. pokemonmike

    pokemonmike Active Member

    Ok , I would like to know what people would price these sets at .

    Classic Series:
    Base set 1 unlimited
    Base Set 1 unlimited Shadowless!!! (harder to get then the first edition IMO, especially mint.:wink: )
    Jungle Set 1st/ed
    Jungle Error Holos
    Fossil 1st/ed
    Team rocket 1st/ed

    Gym Sets:
    Gym Heroes unltd
    Gym Challenge 1st/ed

    Neo Series:

    Neo Genesis 1st/ed
    Neo Discovery1st/ed
    Neo Revelation 1st/ed
    Neo Destiny 1st/ed (Shining Charizard is unltd all the rest are 1st/ed)

    E-card Sets:

    Expedition (Complete With Reverse Holo Set)
    Aquapolis (Complete With Reverse Holo Set & Crystal Pokemon)
    Skyridge (Complete With Reverse Holo Set & Crystal Pokemon)

    Reprint sets:

    Legendary Collection (complete with RH Set) (Also Have Jumbo cards)
    Base Set 2

    EX Series: (all these sets come complete unless stated with regular set, Alternate/Reverse holos set and all EX's)

    Dragon (Comes with the very hard to find RH TV Reporter!!!)
    Team Magma vs. Team Aqua
    Hidden Legends
    FireRed and LeafGreen (missing Charizard EX.)
    Team Rocket Returns
    Unseen Forces
    Delta Species
    Legend Maker
    Holon Phantoms
    Crystal Guardians
    Dragon Frontiers
    Power Keepers

    Diamond & Pearl: (sets come complete with Regular set, Alternate Holo set and all Lv.X's)

    Diamond & Pearl
    Mysterious Treasures
    Secret Wonders
    Great Encounters
    Majestic Dawn
  2. meganium45

    meganium45 Active Member certainly have a monster load of stuff to work out.

    Full sets are a tough cookie sometimes.

    My best advice is find someone who wants a bunch of them, and deal away!


    (I know this is not the value info you wanted, but jeez, the price guide gives set prices, and some of these have fluctuated quite a bit. You Aquapolis and Skyridge sets are very hard to find complete, nonetheless with the full reverse holo compliment (which were tough to keep nice)

    Any collector looking for quality stuff should find SOME way to contact you!!! (Does this site allow for PMs or not??)

    Also, having traded/bought some GREAT rare stuff from you in the past, any potential buyer, have no fear, the stuff will be fairly described to you!!! This man can be trusted.
  3. pokemonmike

    pokemonmike Active Member

    Yeah I think it will be a hard one to try sell in a bulk but I wish someone would as it would be awesome for me as well as the buyer!:biggrin:

    And thanks for the vote of confidence Vince is is greatly appreciated. It is great people like yourself that make it easy for me to get my stuff.:thumb:

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