Psy and Grass Combied

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    Try this deck Any comment SAY it I MEAN it
    27 Pokemon
    4 eevee [MD]
    2 torterra 1[DP] 1[MD] Hard hit
    3 Grotle[MD]
    4 Turtwig[MD]
    2 Grovyle 1[CG] 1[GE]
    1 Leafeon[MD] Good damage
    1lllumise To get Treecko on the bench
    3Treecko [CG]
    1EspeonMD To keep Leafeon and Espeon in the fight
    2 shuppet 1[Pk] 1 [SW]
    1Banette [SW] NO reason
    1 scyther [md] no reason
    1 Bronzor[MD]
    1 Sceptile[GE] to give better use of:grass: energys
    1 Dawn Stadium to enforce Leafeon helth
    1 Dusk Ball
    1 Night Maintenance to keep eevee,Leafeon,Espeon out of the pit
    1 Bebe's Search to get Leafeon out
    2 energysearch
    1 Leftovers
    18:grass: energys
    8 :psychic: energys
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