PTCGO: 2012 Tropical Beaches for trade

Discussion in 'PTCGO' started by Th3_Poke_N00B, Jul 28, 2013.

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  1. Th3_Poke_N00B

    Th3_Poke_N00B New Member

    I currently have 4 2012 Tropical Beach online cards for trade. Im only trading for the wants below. Once they are gone, I will most likely post 4 new ones from 2011, but im only getting rid of the 2012 right now, so please don't ask to get a 2011. I understand that each card is valued at 24-28 "packs" so please don't try and get over, make a fair offer and it will be accepted.


    FA Juniper
    FA N
    Secret Rare Ultra Ball
    Secret Rare Max Potion
    GOLD catcher - most preferred card!!
    FA Deoxy
    FA Thundurus
    FA Skyla,

    and/or ANY Plasma Blast FA cards when they come out on the PTCGO

    Thanks and you can add me as a friend on the PTCGO , username: HAYDENtheGREAT

    I aslo have over 21,000 cards for trade ranging from HGSS-B&W Plasma Freeze
  2. PokemonTrader

    PokemonTrader Active Member

    Hello & welcome to Pokegym!

    Sadly trading of online cards is prohibited in the Trading Post, as this post is only for physical cards.
    THIS would be a better place to trade PTCGO cards.
  3. secretsof2113

    secretsof2113 Moderator Trader Feedback Mod

    I have moved your post to the correct area, for trading PTCGO cards.

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