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Discussion in 'League Challenges' started by kbs021, May 31, 2015.

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  1. kbs021

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    Hello Pokegym, I have a question for those with experience or knowledge of running a league/league challenge. The league I attend is one of the very few in my state that can run league challenges. The league owner is moving states and is looking to transfer ownership. I am going to be interested in collecting CP next season, so my question is.. Can I take over ownership of the league and still participate in league challenges? Can I delegate someone else to act as the TO for the LC?
  2. You can play in a League Challenge where you are the League Owner, but it would need to be sanctioned by a League Leader who is also a TO. If you are the only TO for the league, then you have to sanction it and log-in to the tournament software - and it will not let you be logged as a player for an event when you are logged into the Tournament Software.

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