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Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by Dark_Platypus, Aug 17, 2003.

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    Any card names with no number to their left means i only have 1 of them.

    Might be getting:
    Obelisk the Tormentor (JPN)
    Obelisk the Tormentor (CHN)
    2x Winged Dragon of Ra (CHN)
    Slifer the Sky Dragon (CHN)


    Ruby/Sapphire Cards
    RH Energy Switch
    10x Kyogre ex
    Groudon ex
    Mightyena (Shakedown)
    MIghtyena (Ambush)
    all 3 Poochyena
    (3x Bite, 2x Shadow Bind, 1x Rear Kick RH)
    2x Swellow
    8x Taillow
    RH Weezing
    1x Treecko (Poison Breath)**
    1x Grovyle (Swift)**
    1x Sceptile (Solarbeam)**
    **=must be traded together
    10x Torchic (Peck)
    4x Combusken (Flare)
    2x Blaziken (Flamethrower)
    2x Ralts (Confuse Ray)
    Kirlia (Life Drain)
    5x Switch
    5x Potion
    Oran Berry
    2x Delcatty (Cannonball)
    5x Skitty (Plus Energy)
    2x Pokeball
    2x Energy Search
    Rainbow Energy
    1x Hariyama (Shove)
    3x Makuhita (Slap Push)
    Makuhita (Low Kick)
    Wurmple (Poison Barb)
    Carvahna (Big Bite)
    Aron (Gnaw)*
    Aron (Teary Eyes)*
    Lairon (Metal Claw)*
    Lairon (Magnitude)*
    2x Aggron (Double Lariat)*

    *= These will be harder to get from me

    VS Cards
    Jenine's Shuckle
    erika's Bellosom
    Erika's Jumpluff
    Koga's Forretress
    Bugsy's Yanma
    Jasmine's Jolteon
    Jasmine's Raichu
    Lance's Ampharos
    Whitney's Lickitung
    Whitney's Clefable
    Bruno's Steelix (Holo)
    Lance's Dragonite
    Super Scoop Up
    Warp Point
    Full Heal
    Grass Cube 02 (?)
    Colorless Cube 02 (?)
    6 Grass Energy
    5 Lightning Energy
    Metal Energy

    Also have
    3x Metal Energy (Genesis)(2x 1/e)
    RH Elm (Best Promo)
    RH Dual Ball
    Wizards Stamped Kabuto
    4x Darkness Energy (2 EX, 1 AQ, 1 Genesis 1/e)
    Magmar (Promo 44)
    Houndoom (Burn Up) (AQ)
    Dark Magcargo
    Forest Guardian (AQ)
    2x Magcargo (REV)

    2x Acid Trap Hole (one JPN)
    2x Serpent Night Dragon
    2x Red Eyes Black Dragon (SDJ, LOB 1/e)
    2x Dark Magician (SDY)
    Ririoku Field
    Relinquished (ritual too)(SDP)(trading)
    Card Destruction
    Black Pendant (2 non holo too)
    Scapegoat (trading)
    2x Fiend Megacyber
    Penguin Soldier
    Raigeki (VERY VERY hard to get from me)
    Dark Spirit of the Silent
    Horn of Heaven
    Twin-Headed Behemoth
    Ryu Senshi
    Claymore Mine (JPN)

    WANT *
    2x Ho-oh Rev
    1-3x Charizard (EX #39 or #40)
    1-4x Gold Berry

    Obelisk the Tormentor (ENG or JPN)
    Slifer the Sky Dragon (ENG or JPN)
    Winged Dragon of Ra (ENG or JPN)
    Masked Beast
    2x Trihorn Dragon
    Mystical Knight of Jackal
    3x Gemini Elf

    *= I mainly want these cards. If you like something from my list, you can offer other stuff from Pokémon (Holos/Rares) and/or Yu-Gi-Oh! (Super/Ultra/Secret Rares)

    I also take money! (Anything you want to buy, ask me for a price)
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