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    ok, ima make a set list, you know how it goes, make the card, finish the set, show some originality. I'll referee some cards that may be under/overpowered.

    Black=not done yet
    Red= Reserved
    Green=Done and will have person's name next to it.

    Holo Rares

    Andrew's Alakazam
    Andrew's Blastoise
    Andrew's Tangrowth
    Andrew's Magmortar
    Andrew's Salamence
    Andrew's Steelix
    Daniel's Blaziken
    Daniel's Crobat
    Daniel's Gardevoir
    Daniel's Lucario
    Daniel's Mismagius
    Daniel's Rhyperior
    Eric's Dewgong
    Eric's Dragonite
    Eric's Golem
    Eric's Jumpluff
    Eric's Metagross
    Eric's Mightyena
    Robbie's Flygon
    Robbie's Houndoom- SuicidalPikachu
    Robbie's Machamp
    Robbie's Raichu
    Robbie's Scizor
    Robbie's Swampert


    Andrew's Rapidash
    Andrew's Electrode
    Andrew's Hitmonchan
    Andrew's Hitmonlee
    Andrew's Hitmontop
    Andrew's Exploud
    Andrew's Beedrill
    Daniel's Arcanine
    Daniel's Luxray
    Daniel's Gallade
    Daniel's Gorebyss
    Daniel's Huntail
    Daniel's Snorlax
    Daniel's Honchkrow
    Eric's Forretress
    Eric's Gastrodon West
    Eric's Gastrodon East
    Eric's Ditto
    Eric's Floatzel
    Eric's Kingdra
    Eric's Blissey
    Robbie's Hariyama
    Robbie's Flareon
    Robbie's Jolteon
    Robbie's Vaporeon
    Robbie's Umbreon
    Robbie's Espeon
    Robbie's Leafeon
    Robbie's Glaceon
    Uncommons/Commons (lower stages)


    Andrew's Assent-supporter
    Andrew's Trump Card
    Daniel's Draw-Supporter
    Daniel's Delivery
    Eric's Vigor
    Eric's Plan-supporter
    Robbie's Reward-supporter
    Robbie's Rivalry- SuicidalPikachu


    Andrew's Alakazam lvX
    Andrew's Tangrowth lvX
    Daniel's Gardevoir lvX
    Daniel's Rhyperior lvX
    Eric's Dragonite lvX
    Eric's Jumpluff lvX
    Robbie's Houndoom LvX- SuicidalPikachu
    Robbie's Scizor lvX


    Robbie's Houndour {R} 60hp

    Pokepower: Enveloping Darkness: Once during your turn, before you attack, if you attach a {D} energy to Robbie's Houndour, flip a coin, if heads search your deck for a card that evolves from Robbie's Houndour and put it on top of it, this counts as evolving. shuffle your deck afterwards.

    {.} Burning Gaze: The defending Pokemon is now burned.

    {RR} Flaming Tackle: 40: Flip a coin, if tails discard all energy attached to Robbie's Houndour.

    Weakness: {W}+10
    Resistance: N/A
    Retreat Cost: 1

    Robbie's Houndoom {D} 90hp
    Stage 1: Evolves from Robbie's Houndour

    {RC} Flamethrower: 40+: flip a coin, if heads this attack does 40 damage plus 20 more damage and discard a {R} energy attached to Robbie's Houndoom

    {DDC} Shadow Ball: Flip a coin, if heads this attack does 70 damage, if tails put 7 damage counters on the defending pokemon.

    Weakness: {W}+20
    Resistance: {P}-20
    Retreat Cost: 1

    Robbie's Houndoom lvX {D} 120hp

    Pokebody: Malicious Intent: Whenever Robbie's Houndoom attacks, after the attack, put 1 Malice counter on Robbie's Houndoom, If Robbie's Houndoom is no longer your active pokemon, remove all Malice Counters from Robbie's Houndoom.

    {DD} Pure Malice: 20+: Count the number of Malice Counters attached to Robbie's Houndoom, this attack does 20 damage plus 20 more damage for each Malice Counter attached to Robbie's Houndoom. then, remove all malice counters from robbie's Houndoom.

    {DDRR) Shadow Blaze: 90: If your opponent has any pokemon with Andrew's, Daniel's, or Eric's in their name, choose one of them, then you may discard 2 energy attached to Robbie's Houndoom. If you do, this attack also does 60 damage to that pokemon.

    Weakness: {W}+20
    Resistance: {P}-20
    Retreat Cost: 0

    Robbie's Rivalry

    Search your deck for a pokemon with Robbie's in its name, show it to your opponent, and put it into your hand. Shuffle your deck afterwards. If your opponent has any pokemon with Andrew's, Daniel's, or Eric's in its name, discard a card from your opponent's hand. If you discarded a Pokemon card, draw a card.

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