Rants about these who complains about the format and archtypes...

Discussion in 'Random Topic Center' started by Jason, Dec 4, 2007.

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  1. Jason

    Jason New Member

    No comment.

    Does any of you complains about the metagame/format/archtypes? I dont really think so - Many of you just want the premier events to be more legitimately. So yeh, have a look at these guys ranting on these cards...Most of them will not be big for Nationals but what...the...hay...

    Jeez... I cant realy say more about these four guys opinions....

  2. I think that there are more different style decks today then every before. It does suck that ex's have almost gone away. I play a Ray ex in my deck and once I go down in prizes but get ready to take control of the game time is called. I try not to throw to much support to jason but I am willing to bet he knew most of the list before he paid the $18 and given that day he would have won without The list. Have fun with the game.
  3. Jason

    Jason New Member

    I was 2 cards off before I give th $18 as thanks for assistance :p

    Ever since, the $18 thingy is still a popular gag joke on various things from time to time.... Especially on Omarchats :>

    SPARTA New Member

    ...Is Lionheart joking, or is he really that foolish?
  5. ROFL!!!!

    Lionheart wins life with that paragraph

    *wonders who he is talking about?* /sarcasim
  6. SuperWooper

    SuperWooper New Member

    I love that word: "Rubbish." SUCH a cool word.
  7. hitmonchan93

    hitmonchan93 New Member

    I didn't know Kricketune was a deck??? But Lionheart needs to go with the flow, really.
  8. Vegeta ss4

    Vegeta ss4 Iron Chef Leader

    So what if people are using t-2 decks, it is w/e wins the games. If you take away the whole points in general and bring back the Gym challenge for world invites then you will see more creative decks. 2 years ago there was a vast number of creative decks...Mynx, Mewtric, LBS, Suns and Moons but, now that the game is turned into a major ocmpetition, you will see decks that are much better and much more devastating, even though theu need no strategy at all. It is sad in a way but then again, IDC, I play to win the game!!!
  9. Mynx now that was a creative deck.
  10. SPARTA

    SPARTA New Member

    A deck with no energy that basically says "try to win and I win"... gawd....
  11. Articjedi

    Articjedi Active Member

    Eh, I have a feeling those guys won't be happy until everyone is playing at nats with a modified theme deck. "Wait I should play blissey in this deck to improve it, no wait, my friend at league already uses that card, that would be copying. I should play magmortar, no wait, my other friend is going to use that, that also would be copying. I should play ummm, spinda and um, the banette no one uses, and I should use the non-evolving shuppet because my friend is already using that and it would be copying."
  12. ToysRUsKid

    ToysRUsKid Active Member

    lol, Kricketune is horrible.

    It'll be an open format when DP4 hits.
  13. ryanvergel

    ryanvergel New Member

    It may be an open format, but it'll still be a TRUK format ;) lol
  14. Krucifier

    Krucifier New Member

    Wow. Considering Lionheart is a netdeck/archetyper I have NO FREAKING CLUE as to why he is ranting. He made Absolutions a week before Nats and said he did not know it was an archetype...Pa-Leeze.

    Kricketune is easy to counter. Oh and NOBODY IN AUSTRALIA USES IT. Stop going all doom and gloom because it can do T2 80. Just throw a heap of speed cards in your deck and YOU can do a T2 80 as well.

    To be honest that thread is a big joke. These guys are going crazy off of their biased one sided opinions and expecting everybody to be listening and backing them up because they are supposedly "Australia's 1337". They have not played a game competitively in YEARS and they gladly sit back and think they are GODS?

    The issue SHOULD be when people are using Archetypes/Netdecks against complete noobs. In such a make or break area like Australia, Archetypes/Netdecks should really only be used in Premier Events.

    And also for the whole Kricketune should be banned from Australian OP events. I LOL in your face. Not only is that not going to happen, NOBODY WOULD EVEN USE KRICKETUNE ANYWAY. (And surely, seeing as how you guys are the self proclaimed 'aussie 1337s' then SURELY you could use your supposed popularity to stop people from doing it).

    Another classic case of 'OMG END OF WORLD!11!11!!" from your friendly neighborhood Oceanic continent, Australia.
  15. Jason

    Jason New Member

    Everything what Kruc said is QFT.
    Last edited: Dec 5, 2007
  16. Khion

    Khion New Member

    Jason & Krucifier,

    There are quite a few people in Australia that use Kricketune.

    And excuse me for voicing my opinion Krucifier. FYI, I was kidding. Kricketune annoys me, but I wouldn't and couldn't ban the card anyway. However, OP in Australia is on the move.

    Jason, you have no right in saying anything. I'm not getting involved into -why- you have no right, but you know why.

    As for the Australian rant, there was no need for it to be linked here. The rant was addressed to Australian players, not the whole community. Jason, I would suggest that you remove it. If not, that's ok. Again, I don't care.

    Stop bothering the whole community with information that is only related to the Australian comminity!
  17. Krucifier

    Krucifier New Member

    I guess I came across very angrily in my post. To my knowledge nobody here in Brisbane uses Kricketune (And to be honest I used it once then ripped it apart. The deck is too...Good...For a place like Australia.) And if anyone else uses Kricketune (I am aware of one other player in Australia that did for a while) I, for what it is worth, sincerely encourage them to rip it apart.

    In actuality I would vote yes for Kricketune to get banned from OP events here. Not a bad idea. I would vote yes for Flygon Ex d to get banned as well. But unfortunatly that will never happen. From what I was told by Dave at Nats about that SneaselKing deck (Lol. I don't need to say who used that) for the side event - It was printed, it is playable - end of discussion.

    But yes, there are more appropriate ways to handle such a situation like this. And to be honest Jason...Bringing something like this into the worldwide community is not going to do us any better. And this is really just a bash Australia thread. (I get enough of that from...Certain...Webmaster...Of a certain forum I like to frequent. :lol:)

    OP in Australia is non existent. The only reason the game has been held together is from the severe dedication set forth by League Leaders and Tournament Organizers alike. And the hope that it might get resolved. (We have had to recently import straight from America and get the tick of approval from POP to host an official Secret Wonders release.) Cards like Kricketune and Flygon being used by 80%+ of players is surely not doing us any good. Especially when it is a whoever flips over first wins situation. Flygon is not much of a problem anymore, needless to say. But Kricketune...I cannot say whether 80%+ of our player base shall abuse the card, but if happened with Flygon...Surely it can happen with Kricketune. And with our player base hanging on by a thread, such a deck would make everyone quit for sure...
  18. Ardoptres

    Ardoptres New Member

    Lol @ Kriketune getting banned. The card is not broken in any way. It's an OK card, but not as good as either Banette SW (Ascension Shuppet anyone?) and Blissey, also Absol.

    Use the thing you have inside you head. Why do you think Kriketune hasn't seen much play in the US, and only won, what.. 1-2 tournaments? Because it's not good.
  19. Krucifier

    Krucifier New Member

    Lol. USA is 99% Archetype. Australia is 99%...How should I put it...99% of us think that...Dialga and Speed Stadium is an effective drawing engine? :S
  20. Ardoptres

    Ardoptres New Member

    Umm, i hope you take it to your advantage. :s

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