READ BEFORE POSTING-Pokegyms Final Word on Cheating/Hacking

Discussion in 'Electronic Games' started by ultimatedra, Mar 7, 2009.

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  1. ultimatedra

    ultimatedra New Member

    There has been some confusion regarding Cheating and Hacking here on the Pokegym.

    Any sort of discussion or talk of cheating or hacking in any way is not alowed here on the Pokegym. Period.

    This includes hacking devices (R4,Flashcard,Etc.), roms, cheating devices (Action Replay,Gameshark,etc.)
    An Exapmle of what is NOT ok to post:
    Some people say "ROM's are legal if i own the game". This is false. It has been illegal to have a back-up of a video game of any kind sence 1983:

    "in the U.S. it has been illegal since 1983 for a user to create their own backups of video game ROMs onto other cartridges. This was decided in the court case of Atari v. JS&A. JS&A manufactured a "game backup" device that allowed users to dump their Atari ROMs onto a blank cartridge. JS&A argued that the archival rule allowed for this. The court disagreed, noting that ROM media was not subject to the same volatility as magnetic media (for which the law was created). Thus, not being so relatively vulnerable, ROMs were not applicable under section 17 USC 117(a)(2).

    Some games companies, such as Nintendo, print warnings inside their game manuals that they do not allow users to make backup or archival copies."

    We here on the Pokegym also suggest that anyone who sees these devices being sold either online or in stores should contact Nintendo Anti-Piracy division to report it.
    You can report Piracy to these web sites:
    Nintendo Anti-Piracy site:
    Entertainment Software Association:

    This does NOT include features already programed into the game (RNG's,In-game passwords,Etc.)
    An example of what is OK to post:
    As such, we do not see anything as "legal" hacks. All hacks are considered "illegal".

    Also, if you do cheat and/or hack and you wish to trade pokemon with others, play an online game with cheats/hacks, we do ask that you give notice via PM to the person in that trade.
    do not post it here, keep it via PM.
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  2. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    Note: Discussion of how to stop or identify hacks IS allowed.
  3. EeveeLover

    EeveeLover Member Services Administrator

    The PokeGym takes a ZERO tolerance stand on Hacking, ROMS, and other illegal activity regarding electronic, audio, visual, or other medias. Most electronics, applications, movies, games, music, etc. are protected by US Federal and International Copyright and Piracy laws.

    For those reasons, we (the PokeGym Staff) are not willing to open this site to possible legal actions by allowing said discussions.

    I don't think I can make that any clearer.
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