Sable/Gar: Game Changing?

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by hey its kenz, Feb 25, 2011.

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  1. hey its kenz

    hey its kenz New Member

    Pokemon (25):

    4 Sableye SF :dark:

    4 Gastly SF :psychic:
    4 Haunter SF :psychic:
    4 Gengar SF :psychic:

    2 Oddish LA :grass:
    2 Gloom UD :grass:
    2 Vileplume UD :grass:

    2 Uxie LA :psychic:
    1 Unown Q :psychic:


    4 Bebes
    3 Pokemon Collector
    3 Judge
    3 Cyrus’s Initiative
    3 Professor Elms Training Method
    1 Luxury Ball
    3 Broken Time Space
    3 Proffessor Oak’s New Theory
    1 Palmer’s Contribution


    10 Psy Energy :psychic:
    2 Rescue Energy :colorless:

    The Strategy is to kind of Combine Sablelock And VileGar… if I’m correct. You Start with sableye, Use judge 1st turn, cyrus’s initiative 2nd turn to kill whats left of their hand, then set up Vileplume and Gengar using searched supporters.

    Help? Comments?
    More Help? Thanks!
  2. TheKing

    TheKing New Member

    But if you give them a tiny hand, they won't have any any trainer for poltergeist...
  3. hey its kenz

    hey its kenz New Member

    good point, this seems to be a flaw lol.

    well give them a hard time setting up then once they start to get on a roll switch out for gengar who will destroy. gengar doesnt have to use poltier geist to win remember.
  4. Happiny13

    Happiny13 Active Member

    I'd consider Uxie X. It helps immensly in my vilegar. And I think T1 inititative is the way to go usually. 10 psychic is too many. Take out 3 imo for a third rescue, a 4th BTS, and a 4th collector. 3 Judge is overkill and so is initiative probably. Sablelock and Chenlock decks don't even play that many. I'd do 1 judge and 2 lookers(always better with gengar). Gengar X needs to be in here too imo.

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