Sad news for Ad-Aware users.

Discussion in 'Random Topic Center' started by deckmaster, Jan 13, 2008.

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  1. deckmaster

    deckmaster Active Member

    Microsoft Windows users who rely on Ad-Aware SE Personal (the free version) to protect their machines from spyware and adware should be aware that Lavasoft, the company that makes the popular program, stopped shipping updates for the software after Dec. 31.

    Read More Here!

    Hope this helps anyone using ad-aware, I was wondering why my old version was not able to get updates.

    IMO, anyone who might want to download the 2007 version of Ad-aware; it's really not worth it. Use spybot search and destroy and you should be fine.

    I feel sad now...
  2. SD PokeMom

    SD PokeMom Mod Supervisor Staff Member

    GAH. i was afraid of this, after seeing the 'your definitions are now 17 days old, do you want to update?' window on startup this afternoon, and then being told that there *aren't* any updates available :(

    *sigh* i use both spybot AND ad-aware, as one seems to pick up things that the other misses...


  3. Regis_Neo

    Regis_Neo Moderator

    Well, this sucks...
  4. Mew*

    Mew* Active Member

    AVG has a free Spyware thing. I use that, and it seems to work.
  5. Vegeta ss4

    Vegeta ss4 Iron Chef Leader

    I use Spy-bot and Ad-Aware...the 2007 one is horrendous...downloaded it for my mom and it sucks. I was wondering....I scan once a week but I still have 100+ crit. viruses. I don't know why either. and also...I updated by Ad-Aware SE Personal showed that it updated and such!!!
  6. deckmaster

    deckmaster Active Member

    Yup, same thing here. I thought it had somthing to do with my firewall, but then I did some research and found that article. What a shame.
  7. Bullet

    Bullet New Member

    not the best spyware program on the internet thats free anyway.

    use Spyware Doctor.
  8. bullados

    bullados <a href="

    Windows Defender is something that my PC technician recommended over both Ad-Aware and Spybot, and it seems to have done a pretty decent job so far. It runs in the background, performs its updates around midnight automatically, and performs a full scan every night at 3:00 am for me. Of course, I augmented it with Spyware Blaster, which I would put on any and all computers that can access the internet.

    Haven't tried Spyware Doctor yet. How professional is the website for them?
  9. Rambo1000

    Rambo1000 New Member

    my antivirus is a mac.
  10. deckmaster

    deckmaster Active Member

    Really?Was it an auto update or did you have to download from a thrid party site? Some people were saying, they can download updates from third part sites. please let me know!
  11. Bullet

    Bullet New Member

    its pretty good, it runs and protects while browsing even, another handy tool to use is McAfee SiteAdvisor, its also free and it runs checks on websites checking for bad files and links to bad sites also, this is a function mostly used when you use search engines.

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