Salemnce or Flygon? Who do I choose?

Discussion in 'Electronic Games' started by ilc, Aug 7, 2003.

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  1. ilc

    ilc New Member

    Here is my team for the R/S thingy:

    Body SLAM

    Calm Mind
    Shadow Ball

    Now who do you think would be better? Salemence or Flygon?

    Giga Drain

    Dragon Claw
    Brick Break
    Aerial Ace
    Fire Blast

    Flygon is better defensively, but Salemence has a good attack. Each Poke is useful in it's own way, but I don't think having both of them on the same team is a good idea. Thanks ahead of time.

  2. Carrington388

    Carrington388 New Member

    Depends on who you're facing. If you're facing tons of Electric Pokémon, go Flygon. If Water dominates where you are, go Salamence. If you're facing a lot of fast Ice Pokémon, go with neither of them (they're both double-weak to Ice) and get yourself a Fire-type.
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  3. ilc

    ilc New Member

    hmm thanks, I guess I atta figure out what the majority of people will be playing at my challenge ^_^
  4. Red5bv06

    Red5bv06 <a href="

    Walrein and Gardevoir are standard all the way. I'm assuming Chesto on Walrein.

    I'd go with Salamence, but put Earthquake on there instead of Fire Blast. As you said, he has awesome attack stat.

    Good Team :thumb:
  5. vincent0906

    vincent0906 New Member

    Salamence I choose.

    There are too many Special Moves on Flydon...
    which weaken Flydon.
  6. ilc

    ilc New Member

    Thanks a lot guys, yeah I have been thinking to go Salamence also ^_^
  7. BPM

    BPM New Member

    Well, personally, I won't be using either. Honestly, I don't care much for Dragon-types. Meh.

    But of the two, I'd go with Flygon. Just because it'd be different.

    And one more thing...
    Just a small suggestion: get rid of Shadow Ball on your Gardevoir. Gardevoir (plural sense) have a low Attack base stat. And unless it has a good Attack IV and a Attack +10% Nature, it would be worthless on a Pokémon like Gardevoir. I'd recommend either Double Team or Will-O-Wisp (Egg Move) instead. But, hey. That's just my opinion. Do as you wish.
  8. Android17a

    Android17a New Member

    My party is...

    -Whatever I decide to put in ;)
  9. ilc

    ilc New Member

    Hmm ya I realized in the Battle Tower that Gardevoir's Shadow Ball was... pretty bad. I was thinking lately to replace Gardevoir with an Alakazam, good idea?
  10. BPM

    BPM New Member

    The only thing better about Alakazam, base stat wise, is its Speed and SP.ATK. Both of its base stats are slightly better than Gardevoir's. But everything is lower than Gardevoir.

    Of course, base stat isn't the only thing that factors into a Pokémon's strengths and weaknesses. You might get a Gardevoir with a high Speed IV (highest being 31) and an Alakazam with a low Speed IV (lowest being 0). In which case, you might even have a Gardevoir that's faster than an Alakazam.

    Both have good movepools, but I like Gardevoir better. Thunderbolt makes better for a second Special attack than Alakazam's Thunderpunch (Egg move. Both are 100% accurate, but Thunderbolt has a higher base power).

    I wrote out a long winded debate between Gardevoir and Alakazam here (And if you're registered over there, it'd be a good idea not to post in the topic. Since it's rather old)
    Might be for a good read. Or not. Your decision.
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  11. The Dark Llama

    The Dark Llama New Member

    Flygon -

    Flamethrower/Fire Blast

    kicks butt!

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