San Diego Leagues and tournaments?

Discussion in 'Archive' started by Flare Starfire, Mar 7, 2004.

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  1. Flare Starfire

    Flare Starfire New Member

    Hey there...more of a search for events, than announcing one or what not.

    I will be moving to California's San Diego area in mid april. I've looked around in the league locator and such, and come up with one location. A few things I was hoping somebody would know...

    Does San Diego have a large draw for Pokemon players? I noticed that the state championship was scheduled for the 17th. I might be there by then, would I be allowed to participate if I hadn't won the Massachusetts one before I move?

    Second, is there anybody here on the boards that would have further contact info, where to go, who to see, etc. that I could speak with so that I don't have to drop from the scene just cause I'm moving all the way across the country? ^^;

    Lastly, how big do championship events get in CA? Milford gets 50+ people, and I think thats a ton...

    I'll miss my pokemon friends from MA....but I hope to make a few new ones in CA when I get there! I just have to know where everyone goes..*Chuckles* Thank you to any help anyone can give in this upcoming adjustment for me.
  2. SD PokeMom

    SD PokeMom Mod Supervisor Staff Member

    There are three San Diego county leagues that I know of: mine, held Wednesday evenings from 5 to 7 pm in Poway (north inland SD county, off of I-15); Game Empire, held Sundays from about 11 am in Kearny Mesa/Claremont (just west of the 805 freeway at Claremont Mesa Blvd.); and Pair a Dice Games, in Vista (Friday afternoons from 3:30 to 5:30?) in north SD county, off of Hwy 78.

    As far as I know you'd be allowed to play in the CA State event, which will be held in Costa Mesa (Orange County, about an hour and a half drive from SD.

    Hope this helps :)

  3. Flare Starfire

    Flare Starfire New Member

    Bit by bit...the place I'm moving to is near La Mesa (Spring Valley) but I don't know the geography no idea which one of those is closer, or which one is the largest. *hmm* It's a beginning! Thank you SD Pokemom =)
  4. WeileMom

    WeileMom New Member

    Welcome (in advance) to Southern California! There's a pretty large, thriving Pokemon community here that I think you'll enjoy. We're East Coasters too and though its going to be a HUGE culture shock I think you'll love it here.
    It looks like the Game Empire league will be your closest location. The Fountain Valley City Championship held two weekends ago had 50+ in attendance and the Costa Mesa Prerelease this past weekend had 67! Both of those locations are closer to LA but quite a few people will travel back and forth from San Diego to LA for the tournaments. It gives you a lot of choices!
    Your next closest league location will be SDPokeMom's in Poway. I'm sure you'll find a place in one of those two leagues.
    Good luck in your move!
  5. Flare Starfire

    Flare Starfire New Member

    Thank you very much Weilemom ^^ *starts taking notes* Looks like it'll be around the same size crowd that I'm used to, that'll be a good thing. =)

    Culture shock, most definatly...I've been to Diego a few times for the STSs, and I did like it out there! Now I get to try living there, which is an entirely different ballgame..XD

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