San Jose (Cupertino) CA CC Report - 2nd Place

Discussion in 'City Championships' started by Scizor, Mar 29, 2004.

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  1. Scizor

    Scizor New Member

    This is the first time i've really done one of these reports lol. I'm usually too lazy or just bomb out :p Anyways let's start with Friday:

    I get up at my normal 6:30 a.m. for school =/ I'm beat tired after chatting with TRUK for like hours the night before lol. I blew off an essay for english, and i planned to ditch history to do it. So i go to the computer lab at school and pump out like one of the worst essays i've ever written =/ I know it was bad :p After school was over, i go home and do a bunch of random things, play some Madden and sit around. Ryan and Doug ( a couple of my random friends who play ) were supposed to come over like at 4 right after school, but I get no phone call so i have no idea what the heck is going on. They FINALLY call and i'm like dude :p For one Doug hasn't played in like 1 and a half years, so obviously he was a bit rusty but decided to play in the cc. We built him the most RANDOM deck ever, so random i don't even remember what it is lol. Anyway more about how they did later in the report...... They finally get over here via Doug's Honda Civic, i could tell they were coming down my street when their music was heard from like a quarter mile away. They had the freaking windows down and were blaring it soooo loud. They finally come inside my house and we sit around and crack stupid jokes about each other while we play some random games. We end up staying up till like 2 am and we have to get up at around 8 to get on the road in time, since the CC is 2 and a half hours away.

    Saturday: We wake up at 8 and we are all pretty much dead lol. I slept terrible, but i was ready to go anyway. I mentioned something about getting Doug to drink like 10 red bulls and see what happens, but we didn't buy any :p If anyone wants a story about one of my friends taking red bull IM me i got a good one..... We FINALLY get on the road at around 9:10 and we have to still gas up and doug and ryan were fools and didnt eat cereal at my house so the INSIST we stop at McDonald's. That took like 10 min which is way too long for Mickey D's. Fast food? RIGHT. I drove the whole way up their at about 75-80 lol. Doug is constantly bothering me to go faster -_- This one camaro was really freaking us out too, she passed us like 5 times and vice versa and we thought she was stalking us. Anyways we get to the CC location at 12 and we meet up with TRUK who loans me 3 boosts and 2/2 furret line (YES I AM THAT POOR SO SUE ME) When i asked to borrow the cards from TRUK like on Thursday he assumes i'm playing aggron, but right before i turn my decklist in (which i finished like right when we were supposed to start) i tell him that i'm playing kingdra. I end up messing around with the decklist like a ton and come up with some random kingdra list that i thought would do good cuz there was some aggron and amphy at the tourney......

    * Randomized Last Minute Kingdra ex *
    4 Horsea (2 Reverse Thrust, 2 Retaliate)
    4 Seadra (Water Arrow)
    3 Kingdra ex
    1 Kingdra AQ
    2 Makuhita
    2 Hariyama
    2 Sentret
    2 Furret
    4 Dunsparce
    24 Pokes

    4 Professor Birch
    3 PETM
    2 POR
    2 Shaman
    2 Oracle
    2 Switch
    2 Nurse
    1 Town Volunteers
    1 Crystal Shard
    19 Trainers

    4 Multi
    4 Boost
    9 Water
    17 Energy

    I have no idea why i played Multi energy lol. I guess i could have played Rainbow or just fighing energy, but yeah i was in a rush. Typical me, uprepared :p Ok on to the important part of the report, the matches and the tourney itself. There were 49 players i beleive btw. I am really really bad with names so i will just put the deck type.

    Round 1 vs Swampert/Magneton/Wailord
    I get a decent start and he starts with like a mite and gets a second turn ton but not a lot of other things. I maim his ton with a hari in the early part of the game and take a few quick prizes. He does get a swampert in play mid game and wailords which are a pain in the butt to kill. I end up winning on prizes, and I end the game with 2 nurse in my hand, a fully powered kingdra ex and 2 on the bench along with furret on the bench :p
    1-0 3 Points

    Round 2 vs ?????
    I don't really remember a whole lot about this game other than i got a turn 3 kingdra and added a bunch of energy and OHKO'd things for like 5 straight turns.
    2-0 6 Points

    Round 3 vs Amphy
    This game was really uncool and is another reason why i think there should be 2/3 matches in EVERY tourney. I start with a lone horsea, shaman TWICE IN TWO TURNS and get NO BASICS OR ANY OTHER DRAW =/ I lose to a 2nd turn Flaafy of all things after i shamaned her her LAST CARD she drew was an energy =/ I called a bad hand b4 this match too, TRUk can confirm that......
    2-1 6 Points

    By this time TRUK is 3-0 and so is JJ, both which are playing Blaziken.

    Round 4 vs Aggron/Wailord
    We both start with a Sparce and get decent setups. I get seadra hosed for a turn, but decide to KO sparce with a makuhita to make him use boosts randomly. That actually would come up big lol. I take a few prizes vs Wailords, as he uses ALL of his boosts to hold off kingdra, but i Nurse it and by this time he has an aggron built. I have a Hari on the bench which gets beat up by that STUPID bench damage. He gets 4 metals on that stupid thing. I waste some boosts on kingdra to deal 40-50 a few times, but he potions some and yah =/ I have like 3 prizes left and i go for basically the win, as i had a Kingdra with 110 damage on it and i risk it, trying to hit retaliate, and i if i did get heads i would have won right there basically, but of course i flip and TAILS. =/ He Ko's my kingdra, but luckily i have another on the bench. By now my bench is pretty much beat up by bench damage, and i only have like 3 turns to win because he has 2 prizes left and i also have 2, but i have furret with 20 on it and sparce with 30 on it. I bring up Kingdra with one energy on it and try and stall long enough to get my lone switch back and my boosts were all gone. I hit his lord on his bench for 30 leaving it one turn from being ko'd. He goes, metal surges for 50 and KO's sparce leaving him with ONE prize and me two turns to win..... I TD shaman, play it and hope for the switch..... I don't get it, but i did have a hari with 60 on it and 3 energy but kingdra with just 2. He has Aggron with 40 on it, so basically if he plays A POTION i lose =/ He doesn't and starts his turn with 1 min left, but he was REALLY cool and just Metal Surges quickly and gives me my turn. I start my turn with like NO TIME, play energy retreat for hari and KO him for the win! That game was FREAKIN NUTS and he could have easily stalled an won, but that was soo cool of him MAD PROPS.
    3-1 9 Points

    TRUK loses round 4 to a FREAKING GRUMPIG OF ALL THINGS WITH BLAZIKEN. He had the most horrid start ever though. =/ So both of us being 3-1 i figured we might get matched up, but luckily i played someone else.

    Round 5 vs Blaziken/Rayquaza
    We roll and he decides to play 2nd???!? THIS REALLY SUCKS FOR ME THOUGH CUZ i have a sparce, furret and other stuff with NO ENERGY LOL. I go play some stuff down and pass =/ He starts with a lone quaza and nothing else =/ He plays an energy and lets me go or something. I draw an energy, SAR. Next turn he does like nothing and i hit for 20 with sparce and paralyze. He goes, plays reporter or something gets a torchic or something. I bring up furret, boost it and do 60 putting his quaza at 20 left. He switches for Torchic and plays wobbs down. I go, retreat for kingdra boost it and maim the torchic. He brings up wobbs attaches an energy. I then arrow his quaza for 2 prizes. It then takes me a few turns to kill his his wobbs. I win pretty easily, athough he did get a bad start, but hey :p
    4-1 12 Points

    With one round left I am in 3rd place, TRUK is in 2nd and JJ is in 1st =/ BECAUSE some kid under 15 is undefeated, JJ gets him, so basically TRUK and i have to hope he loses, as we are matched up the last round for either 1st/2nd.

    Round 6 vs TRUK (Chris Silver) Blaziken/Ninetales/Rayquaza
    I start off pretty good, while he doens't get a very good start in blaziken terms. I get a kingdra up like turn 4, smite his Sparce and just start killing a couple random things. He finally gets a quaza up, but is getting energy screwed. I sac a Kingdra to his Quaza since i have another on the way with boosts. I smite through some things and he never really gets going =/ Too bad it wasn't for 1st though because in the middle of our game, Chris looked back at JJ's Hand cuz he was sitting behind us and saw his GODLIKE setup. So i endup 2nd..... TRUK gets 4th. We were begging for a TOP 8 though, because it wasn't cool that JJ played NOBODY and NEVER PLAYED ME OR TRUK and still won =/

    After i collect my 18 packs and get my pic taken we head home. On the way home Doug drives and decides to go over a 100 lol. We get up to 115 MPH on the freeway for a few min :p Anyways i open the first 3 packs and they had jack squat in them so yeah. We get to my house and draft the other 15, and in the 1st one i pull a Rayquaza! MIZE. I draft it OBVIOUSLY. I endup PWNING THE DRAFT with a Magneton/Ninjask deck :p That was fun um yeah. Time for Props and Slops......

    To Truk for letting me borrow cards :p
    Jermy for suggesting Furret in here 10X BETTER THAN CATTY IN HERE.
    To me getting 2nd place
    To Doug for going 3-3 with RANDOM.DEC after not playing for almost 2 years

    No top 8 or me and TRUK not getting to play JJ for First
    To me for getting 2nd and not playing FLYGOD cuz im poor =/

    Um yeah that's it for my reports, sorry it was kinda long :p Also i couldn't make it to the LA CC cuz for 1 i didnt want to drive there and 2 this one was closer. I also was beat tired and there was no way i was gonna do back to back CC's. I will see all you Cali players at States though! L8r peeps.
  2. ToysRUsKid

    ToysRUsKid Active Member

    Eehh, Yea .. good tourney i suppose xept no t8 =\ ...
    Only good thing out of this is, no trip was awarded. ;x
  3. ToysRUsKid

    ToysRUsKid Active Member

    A) He didn't play Flygod
    b) Pairings Were Lame.
  4. Tyranitar666

    Tyranitar666 New Member

    Yeah, had he used Flygod he would have won. Im not even joking either ;) I agree though, t8 is NECISSARY. We didn't get one either, and all it takes is one bad hand to be screwed out of the win. I don't think its very fair personally. Way to find a varient of Kingdra that WORKS though ;)

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