San Jose Regional Championships - Dec 17-18, San Jose Convention Center

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    Attention all TCG/VG Players!

    Announcing the San Jose Regional Championships on Dec 17th and 18th at the San Jose Convention Center.

    Full details and registration information can be found here:

    Basic Onsite Registration is open until Monday Dec. 12, 2016 (10pm mst)

    Late/Onsite Registration begins on Tuesday Dec. 13, 2016 (while seats are available)

    Important information:
    Be prepared! Print out your decklist before you arrive! Please print your name, player ID and date of birth CLEARLY on the decklist. Decklists will be collected at the player meeting. An optional deck check area will be provided during registration only.

    Saturday Dec. 17, 2016

    Main Event Check in and Late/Onsite Registration: 8am till 9am
    VIP Players must be in the VIP room by 8:45am
    **If you are not a VIP player your Deck List will be collected at the Player meeting**
    Open at 8am
    Side Events
    Pokemon GO

    Please note: MASTERS there will be NO LUNCH BREAK on Saturday/Sunday. Please plan accordingly. Seniors and Juniors will have a lunch break. This year there will be a Food Vendor at our event, with many options close by. I would also highly recommend everyone bringing their own lunch bag. These locations around our event could get crowded and have long lines.

    Please make sure you receive your information for Day 2 from your Head Judge before leaving the venue

    RAFFLES: Saturday (between 3pm -4pm, subject to change): You can check back on Sunday to see if you won! ~Sponsored by Cradilicioius and Innova Games~

    Sunday Dec. 18, 2016

    Top Cut:
    Master Division: Top 32 Swiss rounds and Top Cut: 8am
    Senior & Junior Division Top Cut: 9am

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