Sanctioned Tournaments for Chicago Area

Discussion in 'Archive' started by Pokedok, Apr 2, 2004.

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  1. Pokedok

    Pokedok New Member

    Anybody interested in coming down to Windy City Comics for sanctioned pokemon tournaments every saturday? Since Im the other TO in the area and would like to help out people with their standings so you can get a chance to get invites to Worlds. LMK who's interested must have at least 8 people in order to be sanctioned.

    Windy City Comics
    4051 N Milwaukee Avenue
    Chicago, IL 60641

    (773) 481-0717

    Cost $6.00

    It will start on Saturday, April 10th.
  2. bullados

    bullados <a href="


    Only time that I can really come weekly is after the AP exams, which end on May 12 (might be 13, not sure there)
  3. Ice'Cold

    Ice'Cold Active Member

    You know id come if they were sanctioned.
  4. dld4a

    dld4a Feature Writer

    Well I usally start work at 6:00 pm so if you can get me out by 5:00 pm I'm a regular.
  5. Dek

    Dek New Member

    aw heck. why not? Thing is I wont be able to start doing a lot more tourneys probably until the beginning of June. I go SO MUCH stuff to do in my upcoming 4th term, especially the ACTs *shivers*

    So if they are every Saturday, I'll talk to my parents about it, and maybe i'll come a few times.
  6. Postdog2Gengar

    Postdog2Gengar New Member

    I'll be able to come at least once. What kind of format will you use?
  7. Pokedok

    Pokedok New Member

    Well I can start the tournaments at noon or 1 pm, each round is about 30 minutes, format will be EX - Up But I will still need at least 8 people to show up in order for it to be sanctioned. Want to make sure that at least 8 people will be there
  8. bullados

    bullados <a href="

    this weekend, probably. Beyond that until the APs are over, not a chance, especially with States just around the corner...
  9. dld4a

    dld4a Feature Writer

    As long as Dave III keeps his nose clean we both should be able to make it on a fairly regular basis. Dave II
    Last edited: Apr 5, 2004
  10. Shdwchu

    Shdwchu New Member

    BAD DAVID!!! * snickers* kids these days.... LOL
  11. Pokedok

    Pokedok New Member

    So how many can I expect for this saturday so I can start the sanctioning process... Roll Call
  12. meganium45

    meganium45 Active Member


    If you have not been to one of Dok's events, you HAVE to go!!!!

    He runs them in a fun, orderly manner , unfortunately I cannot be at the next one....

    His bonus support, and all the rest is second to none (OK, maybe second to mine (TRAINER DECK B BONUS for STATES)

    Dok, here's to another great event!!!


    This has not been a compensated endorsement (although it would be welcome)
  13. bullados

    bullados <a href="

    I know, I know.

    The problem is that the APs are in about a month, and my parents are starting to get on my case about them. Once the APs are done, you can expect me there as a regular unless there's a Gym or Stadium @ Pastimes or elsewhere in North Chicago.
  14. dld4a

    dld4a Feature Writer

    Dave II & Dave III :thumb: I'll ask others and get back as soon as possible.
    Last edited: Apr 5, 2004
  15. TheDeuce

    TheDeuce New Member

    I'll be there.

    If everyone that says they'll come actually shows up, there'll be at least 8-9 people. This is going to be modified, right?
  16. dld4a

    dld4a Feature Writer

    Richard and Brad have said they will be there. I'm going to try to get two others not including David and I (that will be all 4 members of team Haunt This [sub-part of Team Chicago], that's right I said 4) introductions hopefully to be made on Saturday.

    BANGINBOX New Member

    Count me in! Just not in person ;)

    It would be nice to make fun of Bullados all day though. He's way too negative. Could someone slap him for me? lol!

  18. Shdwchu

    Shdwchu New Member

    I did Already... twice last weekend...he deserved it though... really he did...
  19. dld4a

    dld4a Feature Writer

    Update Team Haunt This: Dave III will not be able to attend this Sat. he has a track meet. I will be able to. Other two members probable.
  20. Postdog2Gengar

    Postdog2Gengar New Member

    Well, sorry, but I'm out for now at least if it's EX-on. Sorry.

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