Sandfluff or Jumpslash

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Otaku, Oct 3, 2003.

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  1. Otaku

    Otaku Active Member

    Eh, one of those or maybe neither. :p

    Here's the deck, which I am basically listing off the top of my head while I ahve a few minutes:

    Savage Garden
    Pokemon x 20
    Hoppip (E2) x 4
    Jumpluff (E2) x 3
    Skiploom (E2) x 2
    Sandshrew (SS) x 4
    Sandslash (SS) x 3
    Wobbuffet (SS) x 2
    Wynuat (SS) x 2

    Trainers x 20
    Copycat x 3
    Desert Shaman x 2
    Juggler x 3
    Pokemon Nurse x 3
    PokeNax x 2
    Rare Candy x 2
    Town Volunteers x 2
    Warp Point x 3

    Energy x 20
    Fighting Energy x 5
    Grass Energy x 5
    Psychic Energy x 5
    Rainbow Energy x 4
    Warp Energy x 1

    Strategy: The infamous "Fluff" version of Jumpluff is incredibly annoying, and pretty powerful. For this deck, I gave it Sandstorm Sandslash as a dancing buddy. Why? It's an Stage 1 free retreater that can do a solid 60 for FCC. Since Warp point may be our best bench manipulating Trainer now... so we have a pseudo-Slashtap* thing going. The basic idea is to use these two while making your opponent Switch out their Pokemon a bit. Sandslash's Earthqauke really can hurt (too bad LC Dodrio is gone), but the point of Fluff 'Pluff is that our opponent has a hard time landing a hit. It also needs to be damaged for the Poke-BODY to trigger, so in a sense Sandslash helps it. Please note, I already know that Fluff will not block Earthquakes damage, sadly. Still, I think their may be potential in this deck. Can you tell I am out of time to type more? :p

    Appreciate any serious help or comments.

  2. dkates

    dkates New Member

    It's a nice deck. Cheap attack costs, good HP, great focus. The only cards I can suggest that aren't in there are Lady Outing and Energy Switch. You also might want to experiment with dropping 1 each of your Basic Energies, and possibly a single Sandshrew, for Trainers.
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