Discussion in 'TCG News & Gossip Discussion' started by Pokemonboy2003, Aug 8, 2003.

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  1. Pokemonboy2003

    Pokemonboy2003 New Member

    Well, with EX: Sandstorm on the Harrison, What do you think about these new sets? I think including Mysteries Fossile along with the other fossils is a pretty good thing to do, but Sanstorm doesnt have anything to use it on, does it? Also, does anyone know if the energy cards will be remade into the set?

    Also, what do YOU think about this new set? Talk about it here!
  2. PokemonCardSell

    PokemonCardSell New Member

    Jeeze can they quit making pokemon for a while so we can get 1 collection done lol I just started EX: R/S. Oh well lol
  3. Pokemonboy2003

    Pokemonboy2003 New Member

    Heh, I agree with you, They make too many, and I dont like how nintendo took over the tcg... messing up the ADV styles like that... they could of atleaset kept the same style.
  4. PokemonCardSell

    PokemonCardSell New Member

    I have a feeling pokemon will start looking mroe like videogames rather then pokemon ;/ Next thing you know the pokemon will be only for video games or something >:-(
  5. Pokemonboy2003

    Pokemonboy2003 New Member

    Yeah, and that is very sad too...
  6. PokemonCardSell

    PokemonCardSell New Member

    And I wish they would stop making new pokemon it's getting WAY to out of hand we first had 150 now we have what? over 300 >:-(
  7. Pokemonboy2003

    Pokemonboy2003 New Member

    Exactly 381 pokemon, I doubt they will make more for a year or so.
  8. BPM

    BPM New Member

    386, Pokéboy.

    Why so many monsters? Simple. They gotta do SOMETHING with each true Game Boy sequel.

    Let's not forget, folks, that the Trading Card Game IS BASED OFF OF the Game Boy game that started it all.

    I have a feeling pokemon will start looking mroe like videogames rather then pokemon ;/ Next thing you know the pokemon will be only for video games or something >:-(
    That makes no sense. How can a TCG look like a video game? It just isn't logical.
    And for the Pokémon TCG to be more like the Pokémon GB games would make it look MORE like Pokémon. Not less.
    And besides a new layout design (which comes with pretty much EVERY block), it's still the same old card game. I mean, the backs are still the same!

    Heh, I agree with you, They make too many, and I dont like how nintendo took over the tcg... messing up the ADV styles like that... they could of atleaset kept the same style.
    Messed it up? PLEASE. Changing the silver border to the gold border is hardly something that could be MESSING UP the TCG. And honestly, I think it was an IMPROVEMENT.
    Gold > Silver
    EX > ADV

    Now, let's stop all the moaning and get back to the topic at hand:
    EX: Sandstorm

    Pokémonboy, EX: Sandstorm DOES have Pokémon that'll evolve from fossils. Lileep and Anorith. Seeing as how they're resurrected from fossils in the GBA game, it only makes sense that the would in the TCG.
    Last edited: Aug 8, 2003
  9. ShadowCard

    ShadowCard Active Member

    too much money, costs of Skyridge and R&S rising, amount of capital depleating :(.
    they had better not *moans*. the majority (not all) of the new ones lack creativity, in design and names, a definate lack of effort. Compared to the first 150 (or even the Neo expansion) these new ones should have been thought over more.
    Last edited: Aug 8, 2003
  10. Nintenfreak

    Nintenfreak New Member

    What are you saying? That your opinion is better than mine? I personally think the new Pokémon are Marvelous. The first batch were too simplistic.
  11. Pokemonboy2003

    Pokemonboy2003 New Member

    I mean it doesnt have any pokemon that uses mysteries fossil...
  12. soslowpoke

    soslowpoke New Member

    Time to steer this back on track.

    I think if they were to have added Mysterious Fossil to the set they would have added some other things to go along with it, no?
  13. BPM

    BPM New Member

    Like SSP said, they might be bringing back other cards, as well.

    Or, perhaps, reword Mysterious Fossil so that it counts as Claw and Root Fossil.... nah. That's a stupid idea.
  14. PokemonCardSell

    PokemonCardSell New Member

    I smell a debate ;/
  15. GymLeaderPhil

    GymLeaderPhil New Member

    Nothing much to debate.

    EX: Sandstorm will contain some cards not released with the original ADV2 in Japan. Which ones? Well Mysterious Fossil is back. What else? Who knows! Just cards from the original Fossil expansion? Or some previously unreleased cards? Perhaps a few trainer cards we need in the Modified Format. Any addition is better than nothing...

    And folks, there are two reason why the EX cards added yellow to the borders:

    1. The same reason we didnt change card backs with Expedition. Keeping the borders the same gives cheaters one less way to abuse the system.

    2. Japanese ADV cards do not have e-reader strips.

    Trust me, it adds more value for judges and for those with a e-card reader.
    Last edited: Aug 8, 2003
  16. marril2k

    marril2k Member

    Just to add my thoughts in on the gold boarder... Personally when I first saw the american advance card layout, the gold boarders shocked me, I wasn't overly pleased about it... But as time went on, I got to like them more and more... But one main thing I noticed about the Japanese advance trainer cards and colourless Pokemon, the entire card seemed to be grayscale (minus the artwork). I think the gold boarder helps these two types of cards by giving them just some more colour than shades of gray/brown.

  17. ShadowCard

    ShadowCard Active Member

    that was random :confused:.

    You know i don't mean the card design? just the drawings of most of the pokemon and their names.
    interesting. i've got to see what the japanese cards look like.
    could happen. wouldn't be surprised if they did that.
    Last edited: Aug 8, 2003
  18. ToysRUsKid

    ToysRUsKid Active Member

    This is all I want rereleased

    [FS] Muk
    [N1] Cleffa
    [N3] Non-Holo Suicune
    [N3] Non-Holo Entei
    [N3] Non-Holo Raikou
    [N1] Pichu
    [N1] Murkrow

    Thats all i ask for.

    EX Muk Is Nice, But, I want it now. Not ADV3, Too Many "Too Good" powers out right now.
  19. The Dark Llama

    The Dark Llama New Member

    well, this next set is gonna change the game in a BIG way. I've seen nick15's translations and the next couple of EX Pokemon are majorly powerful, example, Wailord EX and Rayquazza EX are great! Not to mention Anorith and Cradilly and their evolutions, we're gonna see some good new decks come around soon!
  20. 0bserver

    0bserver New Member

    I concluded some time ago that this is the worst of the three ADV sets released. But I'm sure that there are those that love it, so it is really a matter of my personal opinion, and not a flame on others.

    The cards I'm eyeing when it is released:

    Most of them for the artwork (my wife and I scrapbook Pokemon cards for the illustrations). But I can see a use for Kecleon or Azurill in my, or my wife's, deck.
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