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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Magnechu, Aug 28, 2003.

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  1. Magnechu

    Magnechu Active Member

    Here's my new deck, Scepedo. I've tried Seaking with Sceptile, but Sharpedo is SO much better. Here it is:

    4 Treeko(2 of each)
    4 Grovyle(70 HP)
    4 Sceptile(3 Lizard Poison/1 Energy Trans)
    3 Carvanha
    3 Sharpedo
    2 Scyther EX

    4 Birch
    4 Potion
    4 ER2
    3 Poke Ball
    2 PokeNav
    2 Switch
    2 Energy Search/Lady Outing
    2 Energy Restore

    14 Grass Energy
    3 Water Energy

    The strategy is to basically get Sceptile out ASAP so he can Lizard Poison and stall until he can Solar Beam. I also like to get Energy Trans Sceptile on my bench so I can manipulate Energy. Sharpedo is for Fire Pokemon (Like Blaziken) and it's Pokemon Power is just totally awesome. My trainers are pretty solid for this format and my Energy's are good. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!! :thumb:
  2. dkates

    dkates New Member

    If you're trying to decide on Lady Outing vs. Energy Search, I would lean towards Energy Search in this case. Lady Outing can get you at most 2 Energy cards, and has a pretty high probability of only being able to get you one. Either way, it's a Supporter. Energy Search is not. However, I don't tend to use Energy Search at all, so I would drop those 2 for another Switch and (Am I really saying this?) a fourth Pokeball. BTW, I might change 2-3 Water Energy to Grass Energy.
  3. Ron13

    Ron13 New Member

    You can use Energy Trans to move Rainbow Energy. This allows you to do 70 with Sharpedo by discarding the Rainbow, if you need to. With that in mind, replace the Water Energy with Rainbow, and change one Lizard Poison Sceptile to Energy Trans. Then you can drop the Energy Search/Lady Outing for one more Rainbow and a PokeNav or Pokeball. I'd also suggest adding some Oran Berries - you want as much healing as you can get. Maybe -1 Grass, -1 Potion, and -1 ER2 for 3 Oran Berry.
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