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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Ez1, Sep 20, 2003.

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    Pokemon 17

    2 x Dunsparce(Sandstorm)
    3 x Electrabuzz(best promo)
    2 x Staryu(50 hp)
    2 x Starmie(core blast)
    4 x Eevee(sandstorm)
    3 x Espeon(sandstorm)
    1 x Flareon(sandstorm)

    Energy 19

    4 x Boost
    3 x Multi energy
    4 x Electric
    4 x Water
    2 x Psychic
    2 x Fire

    Trainers 24

    4 x Professor Elms
    3 x Copycat
    2 x Professor Oaks Research
    3 x Switch
    2 x Lanettes Net Search
    2 x Fisherman
    3 x Potion
    2 x Pokemon Nurse
    3 x Lady Outing

    Dunsparce is there to jumpstart bench.
    Electrabuzz is fast hitter that does big damage to water pokies.
    Starmie can do major damage to Scizor and fire decks.
    Espeon is main attacker and can do big, big damage.
    Flareon is a tech to help with Scizor and can really hurt grass decks.
    Boost makes for second turn knockouts and big surprise attacks.
    Lady outing draws 3 basic energies.

    The idea is to attack opponents weakness as much as possible with
    massive damage.

    Any thoughts or suggestions????
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