Selling COMPLETE GOLD STAR SET, Crystals, Shinings, Sealed Items! Come Look!

Discussion in 'Auction & Sales House' started by GengarsNitemare, Oct 5, 2015.

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  1. GengarsNitemare

    GengarsNitemare New Member

    Hey everyone!

    I just put all my items on Ebay and figured i'd put them on here too if anyone is looking to purchase some cards/packs. The more you buy, the better I can do on the prices! All items will be shipped USPS with tracking, only shipping to US. Add 3$ to final price for shipping of singles. Paypal gift or concealed cash WITH tracking only. Please comment with questions or concerns. Thanks!

    Complete Neo Destiny Shining Set NM (Mewtwo and Kabutops have some edge wear on back, would say in EX condition) - 300$
    Coro Coro Mew, NM condition - 30$
    Dialga EX Secret Rare PF, NM condition - 20$

    Legendary Collection Mint Blister Packs (eeveeloution artwork, Original starter artwork, Machamp/alakazam/mewtwo art) 125$ each/135$ for starter artwork
    5$ added for shipping of blisters.

    Have a COMPLETE Gold star set (27 card Set) that is in NM/EX condition. I am asking 3,000$ but will entertain fair offers! Let me know if you're interested, not really trying to sell the set but will if offered good deal :)

    Please comment if interested! Thanks, these are also on eBay so items may come off at anytime.
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  2. zaeden906

    zaeden906 New Member

    hi there ill take these if you can do $100 shipped?

    Crystal Celebi RH, NM condition - 34$
    Crystal Crobat RH, NM condition - 27$
    Crystal Lugia Holo, EX+ condition - 40$
  3. GengarsNitemare

    GengarsNitemare New Member

    I can do that, would you like pictures before I ship? I can send them or you can look on my ebay at the pictures? Let me know! Thanks
  4. zaeden906

    zaeden906 New Member

    I trust you on condition :3 before we confirm, does the lugia have minor damage? or is it bad?
  5. pacman213

    pacman213 New Member

    I am interested in the 27 gold stars, but cant come close to $3,000 for them. Could you do around $1,800?
  6. GengarsNitemare

    GengarsNitemare New Member

    I could do a little less but I think 2,500$ would have to be my minimum, let me know!:)
  7. GengarsNitemare

    GengarsNitemare New Member

    Lowered prices, you can offer as well!:D
  8. soleosnip3rv2

    soleosnip3rv2 New Member

    Could I get pictures of the Shining Mew. Also, as far as the Neo Destiny set is concerned, are the rest of them in NM condition? Anything I buy I would plan on getting graded, so condition is really important :thumb:
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