Semi-rogue Unlimited deck

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by dkates, Aug 26, 2003.

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  1. dkates

    dkates New Member

    This deck is still theoretical -- I don't have the cards for it currently.

    Pokemon (21):
    3 Oddish (Jungle)
    2 Dark Gloom
    3 Dark Vileplume
    2 Aerodactyl (Fossil)
    2 Mew (Promo #8)
    3 Mewtwo EX
    2 Cleffa (Genesis)
    2 Tyrogue (Discovery)
    2 Scyther (Jungle)

    Trainers (15):
    2 Pokemon Breeder
    3 Mysterious Fossil
    3 Computer Search
    2 Erika
    2 Pokemon Trader
    3 Lass

    Energy (24):
    4 Cyclone Energy
    4 Warp Energy
    4 Recycle Energy
    8 Psychic Energy
    4 Potion Energy

    Strategy: At first glance, this one looks like it breaks all the rules for a good Unlimited deck -- and it probably does. It's based on the combo of Dark Vileplume and Aerodactyl. The premise is to stop Trainers and Evolutions completely. All the Trainers except Lass are there only to get the combo going. Since, if this deck works right, nobody can play Trainers, any necessary Trainer effects have to come from either Energy or Pokemon. This explains the high number of Special Energies. Potion Energy may be weak healing, but it is healing. Cyclone Energy might not quite be a Gust of Wind effect, but it is Pokemon disruption. The Lasses are for damage control if Magby comes out -- use a Lass and kill that Magby before the opponent can use the Trainers he's probably had in his hand forever. LMK what you think!
  2. After looking this over, I have decided you are my new best friend. :lol:

    This is very interesting. The only problem I can really see is that Mewtwo EX is Sneasel food. I would actually advise dropping it, and concentrating more on Scyther/Tyrogue. they both do a solid thirty (Which sneaks RIGHT under those blasted Gold Berries), and Scyther even has the chance to take out Sneasel in a single clean shot.

    SO, if this were my deck, I'd get rid of the Mewtwo, and get me some Grass and DCE, also cutting down on the psychic. This way, you could use a mixture of Grass/Psychic/Rainbow to take care of your Mew/Scyther, and some DCE for a quick 'danced slash.

    Something you also may wish to consider, is Drowzee with the power "Long Distance Hypnosis". Those Warp Energy could come in handy with that. But that's just an idea.

    Very interesting deck. You've got test this!
  3. dkates

    dkates New Member

    Thanks for the tip, Zero. I'll have to use Apprentice, but I'll definitely give it a shot. One question, though. Why add Drowzee when I already have Dark Gloom? Its power is the same as Drowzee's, just substituting Confusion for Sleep.
    Last edited: Aug 27, 2003
  4. That's very true. But who says you can't use both? ;)

    I can see several advantages to having it in here. First off, these fellows are basics. Slap down two, and you already have something that could help you stall for a bit. (Not to mention these things are frustrating beyond reason when comboed with Rogue) That and the fact that you only have 2 Dark Gloom.

    The only real reason I bring that up is because I've been testing that a bit lately, and I tell you it's a lethal and frustrating combo. It can even count as a counter in certain desperate situations. If you've confused your active Pokemon, and have used up your retreat attempt, you can try and put your active to sleep. (Or your opponent's, it's win/win) The idea with that is Sleep is easier to get rid of between turns. Back on your turn, if you haven't awaken, confuse 'em (Or confuse your opponent's active), and try for that retreat if you were just confused. It's just something that could work in an emergency type situation.

    Once again, just an interesting idea if you're feeling reckless. But the deck can most certainly stand as it is.
  5. dkates

    dkates New Member

    Good points. Would you like to post a decklist with your suggested changes?
  6. Hm. Ok, let's give it a shot then.

    Pokemon: 22
    3x Oddish (Rocket)
    2x Dark Gloom
    3x Dark Vileplume
    2x Aerodactyl (Fossil)
    2x Mew (Promo #8)
    2x Cleffa
    3x Tyrogue
    2x Scyther (jungle)
    3x Drowzee (LDH)

    Trainers: 15
    2x Pokemon Breeder
    3x Mysterious Fossil
    3x Computer Search
    2x Erika
    2x Pokemon Trader
    3x Lass

    Energy: 23
    4x Warp Energy
    3x Full Heal Energy
    2x Psychic Energy
    4x Rainbow Energy
    3x Grass Energy
    4x Double Colorless Energy
    3x Potion Energy

    Hm. I'm not sure which would be more frustrating. Playing this, or playing against this. But one way or another, your opponent would have to EARN that win. ;)
    Last edited: Aug 27, 2003
  7. Pokeplayer

    Pokeplayer New Member

    Add it a snorlax or two.......

    With Snorlax active, use dark gloom and Drowzee to put your opponent asleep or confused.... Snorlax can not become asleep or confused
  8. dkates

    dkates New Member

    Could be good tech, you're right pokeplayer, but the super-high retreat cost concerns me a little, and it's not very good other than the Power. Still, I see where I could tech some in from MHZ's list (which, BTW, looks very good)
  9. See, the only problem with that is then you'd have to shift your focus more heavily on Snorlax. Since I didn't want to change the deck too radically, I just went with something closer to what you have. But teching in Snorlax would mean you'd need healing somehow, you'd drop the scythers, and change things a bit more radically.

    ALTHOUGH, that is something worth trying. Pulled off successfully, you'll have Paralysis, Sleep, Confusion, Trainer Denial, and Evo Denial.

    And Snorlax does a solid 30, with paralysis, that might be just enough to combat Pichu. (And Pichu IS your mortal enemy with this deck.)
  10. dkates

    dkates New Member

    Sounds like Dark Vileplume is still plenty viable for Unlimited. Now that I think about it, Snorlax might not be such a good idea, although it does add some to the restriction theme -- now your opponent can't even use Special Conditions! In case you're wondering, when I said I saw where Snorlax could be teched in, I was thinking along the lines of taking out one each of Tyrogue and Drowzee for two Snorlax. The Warp Energies should cover the Retreat Cost issue -- the operative word being should. I am curious, though, MHZ -- why Full Heal Energies? We have Warp Energies.
    Last edited: Aug 28, 2003
  11. dkates

    dkates New Member

    Any other suggestions? Please work from the decklist Maverick Hunter Zero posted -- I think it's an improvement over my original list.
  12. Well, while Warp Energy is fine and well, what should happen if you don't have a free retreater on the bench? I just think general healing of any kind would be good in this case. Besides, now you have more options open, more ways to heal that active.

    Besides, you want to be able to take cheap advantage of those drowzee, don't ya? ;)
    Last edited: Aug 29, 2003
  13. dkates

    dkates New Member

    Of course. One more thing that could possibly fit into this deck: Murkrow! Aerodactyl + Mew forms the old anti-Evolution AeroMew combo, and Dark Vileplume + Murkrow makes retreats almost impossible -- the only way out is Cyclone Energy (unlikely) or Warp Energy (which could show up). Just Mean Look a Cleffa, and you're practically guaranteed the win unless your opponent pulls Warp Energy or you run out of cards. Speaking of which, this one would be a tight fit, but AQ Furret could be a good play for this one.
  14. Mori

    Mori New Member

    Hi, dkates! I've got a few suggestions about your DkV deck.

    Think about Magby- in some point you'll have to use
    trainers. Cleffa is a very good (only?) way to get
    some cards, while no trainers are played. Full Heals or
    Full Heal energies may be useful to heal DkV from
    special conditions (To make the PP work again).
    I thought exactly about such deck today, and discovered,
    that a good way to heal may be also Bellosom (Genesis),
    or Meganium (?), but You have to waste place for earlier

    These are only my ideas.
  15. dkates

    dkates New Member

    Here's a new idea for the decklist.

    Pokemon (23):
    3 Oddish (Rocket)
    2 Dark Gloom
    3 Dark Vileplume
    2 Aerodactyl (Fossil)
    2 Mew (Promo #8)
    2 Cleffa (Genesis)
    2 Tyrogue (Discovery)
    2 Scyther (Jungle)
    3 Drowzee (Rocket)
    2 Murkrow (Genesis)

    Trainers (14):
    3 Mysterious Fossil
    2 Pokemon Breeder
    3 Computer Search
    2 Erika
    2 Pokemon Trader
    2 Lass

    Energy (23):
    4 Warp Energy
    3 Full Heal Energy
    4 Rainbow Energy
    4 Double Colorless Energy
    3 Potion Energy
    3 Psychic Energy
    2 Grass Energy

    So what changed? Basically, I took MHZ's list and added Murkrow. Together, Dark Vileplume and Murkrow lock in the opponent's Active nearly flawlessly (only Cyclone or Warp Energy can break it). Other strategies remained intact.
  16. dkates

    dkates New Member

    If anyone has actually playtested this deck (or a similar version), please let us know how it works! I've been (figuratively) dying to know, and I can't playtest it myself.
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