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    This is the start of some writing I was doing, so I thoght I'd post it here. This whole series I'm working on is called The Prophecy of New. Book 1 is called shadow strike. (I know the start is long winded, it's meant to be a book)


    The nothingness of the universe swirled. Chaos ruled. Then, in the heart of it all, a vortex formed. And from that vortex came Arceus. The chaos was instantly calm. The nothingness was at peace. Arceus drifted through the calm nothingness for eons.

    Arceus had been thinking, for it had little else to do. It wanted to see the outside world. In fact, it simply wanted to see. It wanted a clear path through the nothingness. Arceus imagined a place it could be, a place filled with light, not infinite darkness. It imagined shaping such a place out of nothingness, shaping something out of nothing. But something happened. Arceus was not only imagining it, Arceus was shaping it. A shadowy room twisted into shape. The whole thing looked like an abandoned great hall, except for a few twists. There was no roof, the walls simply faded to nothing. There was a slightly raised platform in the middle with a pool, where the sourceless light almost appeared to be flowing from. The pool was something special. It had been created by Arceus's new power. It would show the outside world. Arceus eagerly stepped up to the pool. It wanted to see outside.
    Arceus stared at the pool for a very long time. But something was wrong! It wouldn't, it couldn't accept the fact staring it in the face. But it had to. The only thing that Arceus could see in the pool was it's intense gaze staring back. There was no outside world! Arceus went into brain lock. It could not possibly comprehend that the only thing to exist was itself in that silly empty room that wasn't physically there! Arceus slowly calmed down. It had the possibly the biggest challenge before it. Arceus planed to create life.

    Arceus created the two, Dialga and Palkia, to begin time and space. Then the world was formed. Arceus created Groudon, Kyogre and Rayquaza, to raise the land, sea and sky. Then Arceus created the three, Mesprit, Azelf and Uxie, for emotion, willpower and knowledge. Last, Arceus created the other legendary Pokemon, each with a role.
    Dialga and Palkia summed up their power, and began time and space... KABOOM!!! The beginning dimension, the place that was not physically there shuddered from the force of the explosion, as time and space swept over the nothingness. The physical dimension exploded into being, expanding faster than the speed of light, exploding outwards faster than possible... The earth was formed, with all the input for the desired creatures to one day form. Other planets were formed to, but without resources. But for some reason the design split. There were now two separate solar systems, but the split one would change. Evolution would take a different path there; the creatures would become different then planed. It would become Second Earth, or Earth as the inhabitants would call it, blissfully unaware of First Earth. For a while, anyway. Arceus discovered all this at the pool. All the other legendary Pokemon were on First Earth, as the planet had cooled enough for them to begin their work. But Arceus was troubled. It had foreseen grave danger in the future, and a dark, troubling shadow. It set in motion for two more legendary Pokemon, Manaphy and Phione to arrive one day. But that would not be enough. It needed more. But the problem was, every legendary had a side. In times of trouble, they all had a side to fight on. They all had their own beliefs and quarrels. Then Arceus thought of a brilliant idea, a way have new legendary Pokemon, no sides. They would have no side to fight on. Only then would they be of help in those troubled times. The fate of everything rested on that. And there were no guarantees...

    While Second Earth was still molten, a meteor hit the liquid ball and sent a large lump that would become the moon into space. But one tiny little speck, as small as a droplet of water landed on a passing crystalline meteor headed away. But there was something in the speck. The meteor was headed past the sun. As it would pass it would receive extreme radiation. The DNA cell on the meteor in the speck would receive the radiation too.

    Chapter 1

    “Pikachu, thunderbolt!” Vallery Linwood shouted.
    “C'mon Sceptile!” called Ash Ketchum. “Aerial ace on Tangroth!'
    Pikachu sent a blast of electricity at the opposing Dragonite, but it took to the air. Sceptile lunged as if it was going to chase Dragonite instead, but then flung itself blindingly fast towards Tangroth, inflicting damage with a quick swipe.
    “Tangroth, use vine whip!” one of the other trainers called.
    Tangroth lashed out with vines and hit Sceptile. Sceptile flinched and backed up. Pikachu had stopped watching, and attempting to zap Dragonite, and ran towards Sceptile. But Dragonite swooped and was in a dive towards Pikachu.
    “Pikachu dodge and use discharge!” Vallery yelled franticly.
    Pikachu leaped to one side and used discharge, letting loose a spheres and tendrils of energy that Dragonite collided with. There were many sparks as Dragonite was zapped. Dragonite began to stumble away, clearly unable to fly because it had been paralyzed. Pikachu tried to quick attack Dragonite. Dragonite's trainer yelled for Dragonite to use twister. The rushing and spinning air knocked Pikachu aside. Sceptile jumped forwards to use slash on Tangroth, but Tangroth leaped aside and dashed towards Dragonite, going right under Sceptile's arm.
    “Pikachu, volt tackle Tangroth!” Vallery called. “And Sceptile, try razor leaf on Dragonite!” She added.
    Pikachu charged at Tangroth, sparking. Tangroth swerved and hit Pikachu with body slam. Pikachu was knocked over backwards, but landed on her feet. Tangroth was also hit with the electricity. Sceptile charged at Tangroth and used leaf blade. Tangroth was knocked backwards, and Sceptile advanced. Dragonite was recovering from paralysis, as it's trainer saw.
    “Dragonite, use hyper beam!” he commanded.
    Dragonite's mouth began to glow, as a ball of light formed.
    “Pika pi!” shouted Pikachu, as Sceptile had not noticed.
    Dragonite let loose the beam of energy. At the last second Sceptile turned around and leaped away, but it was still hit by the tail. But now Dragonite needed to recharge from the hyper beam attack, and Sceptile was also weakened. Pikachu hit Dragonite with slam, but Dragonite did not retaliate. Sceptile suddenly flung himself at Tangroth and used giga drain. Much of Tangroth's energy was drawn towards Sceptile, recharging Sceptile's energy. Sceptile then hit Tangroth with leaf blade. Tangroth skidded across the floor ad was still. A loud “No!” came from Tangroth's trainer.
    “Tangroth is knocked out, and unable to battle!” the Battle Dome's announcer shouted out to the crowed.
    However, Dragonite's sudden energy lack was gone, and it took to the air once more. Sceptile used leaf storm at Dragonite. The flurry of leaves bombarded Dragonite.
    “Use twister, Dragonite!”
    Dragonite's twister blew the leaves away, and knocked Pikachu and Sceptile backward. Pikachu dodged the fading twister, while Sceptile used razor leaf at Dragonite.
    Vallery looked up. She heard her friends yelling encouragement. Ash's Pikachu was the loudest. The lights were to bright to see them.
    Far overhead, Dragonite used dragon breath, sending a fiery spurt at Sceptile. Sceptile dodged and aimed bullet seed at the roof, hitting Dragonite with some of the seeds, while the others continued until they hit the roof with many pings. Dragonite used flamethrower. Sceptile dodged the scorching flames.
    Pikachu dashed to the other side of the battlefield, and sent a thunderbolt up at Dragonite. Dragonite sped through the crackling tendrils of electricity, but then was hit by Sceptile's razor leaf. Dragonite dove and used flamethrower at Sceptile, but it was no longer paying attention to Pikachu. Pikachu began to spark with charged electricity.
    “Zap cannon, now!” yelled Vallery.
    Pikachu's zap cannon, a crackling, pulsating ball of electricity whizzed towards Dragonite and hit with a shower of sparks. Dragonite, with no energy left, tumbled to the floor.
    “And Dragonite is down! Vallery Linwood and Ash Ketchum have won the battle!” The announcer shouted to the cheering crowed. “Congratulations to these trainers and their Pokemon-” (as he spoke, Vallery's Espeon and Ash's Torterra entered the stadium) “-for winning the Battle Dome's consecutive round two double battle partnership tournament! You are now qualified to enter the consecutive round three double battle partnership tournament!”
    Ash leaned closer to Vallery. “Let's check the Dragonite's level when we get back, I'd say it was about seventy.” He said.
    Ash and Vallery waved to the cheering crowd and left through the doorway, then entered their team waiting room.

    The rules for the Battle Dome are simple. Enter with a three Pokemon party (Party is the term for a group of two or more Pokemon. Most trainers never take more then six Pokemon with them.), or two Pokemon each in a partnership tournament. It is a thirty two bracket elimination tournament, meaning that thirty two people (or teams) battle, and every round the losers are disqualified. The Battle Dome has another rule to it, one that shapes the strategy. Each person gets to find out on the computer in their waiting room about their next opponent and that person's Pokemon party. The person then selects two of their Pokemon that will compete in that battle. The tournaments were based on a win system. Open level and second to ten and up were all category's of tournament wins in a row.

    “A level seventy three Dragonite!” Ash said, as the group walked out of the Battle Dome. “And you beat it, Pikachu.” Pikachu blushed and thanked Ash.

    There are many things on First Earth that are not how they would seem to someone from elsewhere. The largest probably being Pokemon/human communication. Pokemon communicated using segments of their name, expression and tone are part of clarification to the segments. Pokemon themselves understand human speech at a very young age, and understand Pokemon speech even earlier. Also, a human or any species of Pokemon can tell what another species is saying, in their mind it would understand it like their own language, but they would hear it in another. Pokemon also understand humans the same way. Now humans understand differently. Starting at about two years old, toddlers begin to understand both individual words, and the gist of the sentence. Later on, they learn at the same rate as they learn their own language. However, they understand them all together. If a child only learned from a Chansey, they could still understand a Budew. As far as written language is concerned, after testing long ago it was decided that English was to be the written language. This bond of understanding helped shape the many links between humans and Pokemon.

    Vallery, Brenden, Emily, Ash, Brock, and both Ash's and Vallery's Pikachus walked down the steps of the Battle Dome. Torterra, Sceptile and Espeon were in their Poke balls.
    Vallery looked around. It was so nice being on First Earth, where the Pokemon were! “I wonder,” she thought to herself, “why we live on Second Earth, where the Pokemon must never be seen. Surly there's a reason...”
    “That was a really good battle.” Brock said. “Both of your Pokemon worked together. It was looking really close though, because it was a standstill setup. They were all playing cautious. Overall, good work!”
    “Wasn't that an amazing opener battle?” asked Emily. “I didn't think much of the Altaria and the Walrein, but the Blaziken and Gardevoir were very skilled.”
    “Where should we train?” Brenden cut in. Vallery and Emily glared at Brenden, then both looked to Ash.
    “Well,” says Ash. “for training, the Battle dome and Battle tower, along with Pyrite Colosseum would be best. Basically anything but a gym circuit at this point.” They walked in silence up to the Pokemon center, enjoying the victory. A small flock of Murkrow flew overhead, calling into the approaching night. As they reached the door, Ash spoke again. “How long until your birthday, Vallery?”
    “Three weeks from tomorrow, New year's day.” They walked up to one of the teleporter. “We'll be seeing you then.” said Vallery, as she hit in the coordinates on the teleporter.
    With a quick bye, and one last “Pi” between Pikachus, Vallery pressed enter, and the group disappeared , leaving Ash, Brock and Pikachu standing alone.
    “How come you suddenly went quiet back there?” Pikachu asked Brock.
    “Yeah,” said Ash, “I thought for sure you would rate every battle facility there is, but you never said a word.”
    “I just felt that funny feeling again,” said Brock. “Like some sort of destiny is going to happen that we can't stop. But it was stronger than ever then.”
    “How serious do you think it will be?” Ash knew that Brock's sense of impending trouble had forewarned them of many situations.
    “I can't say,” Brock replied wearily. “But it didn't seem like a here and now sort of thing. It felt like it may happen us, to the others, or it may be something more general.” Brock entered Palate town's main Pokemon center's coordinates. Ash gazed out the window, into the night.
    “I sure hope nothing happens to them” said Ash.

    No sooner had Vallery, Brenden, Emily and Pikachu arrived, they were pounced upon by Vallery's younger sister, Lauren.
    “You won! You won! You won!” Lauren bounced around with increasing energy. “You were on TV! Does that mean it was an important tournament? Are you famous like Ash now?”
    “Calm down,” said Vallery, rolling her eyes. “It was an ordinary tournament that just happened to get media coverage, and no, I am not famous.
    “Oh.” said Lauren, looking slightly disappointed. “And everyone else was convinced you were...
    Vallery highly doubted that. If they had even bothered to pretend to believe Lauren, it would but just to shut her up.
    Vallery, Pikachu, Espeon, Brenden, Umbreon, Emily, Gardevoir, Lauren, Mr. Linwood (Dan) and Mrs. Linwood (Amy), Meowth, Blaziken, Rapidash, Flygon, the Weavile twins, Susan (Brenden's mom and Emily's adoptive mom), Infernape and Blissey all lived together in a three story house. It was fine accommodating so many, but hiding the Pokemon from Second Earth's population was a handful.
    They only had to round the corner to bump into Meowth.
    “She's sure something isn't she?” Meowth commented. “Almost seven, and she still behaves like that. She drove me bonkers in the first battle, she couldn't stop yelling advice at the screen.”
    “She does seem a little... primary,” mused Emily. “But then again, we are used to dealing with people and Pokemon older and more intelligent than her.”
    Vallery yawned.
    “Well,” said Vallery through another yawn, “I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm turning in for the night.”
    “Now?” asked Brenden. “The sun just set not even ten minutes ago! And it's winter! It's only just after four!” Brenden received four exasperated looks.
    “I've lost track of how many times in our whole lives we have teleported from here and all around First Earth and then came back to Second Earth! How long does it take to learn about the concept of time zones?
    Brenden looked sheepish. “It was a mistake,” he mumbled.
    “I think that's proof we all need sleep,” said Pikachu, stifling a giggle.

    It was almost the middle of the night on Southern island, main home of the legendary Pokemon Latias and Latios. Latias was lying back, watching the stars, when Latios entered the clearing.
    “I have news from Mew,” he said.
    Latias hovered over. “It's been ages since I've seen Mew,” she said. “So what did Mew have to say?”
    “Mew has deciphered more of the prophecy of the new powers,” Latios explained. “Before we new that seven beings with strong powers like us will come into existence one day and play a major part in events that will determine the future, for better or for worse. Mew has now determined that they are already alive, and were all born in the year 10000. Mew doesn't know what important event is going to happen, and that is BAD. We need to be prepared, for whatever happens. Mew also found a line stating more or less that the seven will have ninety one years of wisdom, which hints that things will start around when their combined ages reach ninety one. Now since they were all born in the year 10000, they are all twelve years old now. Next year, three weeks from now, it will be 10013, and they will all be thirteen sometime during the year. Seven times thirteen equals ninety one, so whatever will happen is going to start this year.”
    “Goodness,” said Latias, sounding nervous. “You mean to say Mew has no idea if they will be working towards the common good or not? Who's side will they be on? Wait a minute, what if... no, it couldn't... if Giratina got loose...”
    “Mew has just found the basics out, and doesn't think the prophecy will elaborate. Thing seem to be on pretty shaky ground right now. We can only hope.”

    Chapter 2

    Vallery awoke with a blistering headache. She rolled over and tried to get comfortable, but her head was pounding to hard. She sat up and looked at the clock. It was four fifty two. Vallery sighed and moved to get up. Moving slowly and carefully, as not to wake Espeon or Pikachu, she pulled her feet from under Espeon and slid the pillow over with Pikachu sleeping on it. Vallery slid out of bed, and sat on the side. She looked slightly imposing at her age, at five foot two, with vivid brown hair and light brown eyes. Her brown hair was currently fluffed out. She started to move, when something on the bedside table glinted with moonlight. “That's odd,” Vallery groggily thought, headache increasing. “There's an alarm clock and two Poke` balls. That shouldn't glint.” Vallery moved to climb back over to check, but thought of Pikachu, and went around the bed. A curious glass like flute sat on the table. It seemed to be too short, with not enough keys. She reached to take it, and several things happened. Vallery's head gave an intense throb, then instantaneously relaxed, and the flute flew towards Vallery's outstretched hand. Valley dove backwards, stifling a scream. She landed on the bed, limbs spread in a perfect ready position. The landing bounced Espeon and Pikachu, who both reacted similarly to Vallery. They stayed for a moment, hearts pounding, in a wary triangle around the flute. Vallery broke the silence.
    “It moved,” she said in a hoarse whisper. “And I think I was the one who caused it.” She slowly started to relax and sat down on the bed, and started to straighten her hair. Pikachu and Espeon moved onto Vallery's lap.
    “Do you think I could have done that in my sleep?” Espeon asked.
    “I doubt it,” said Vallery, struggling with some hair. “Abra, Kadabra, Alakazam, and supposedly Jirachi are the only Pokemon that can use their powers while sleeping. And I did have a brutal headache that went away the instant it happened.” She sighed. “I don't know what it was.”
    “Well, it can't stay a mystery forever,” reasoned Pikachu. “Let's tell the others at breakfast. They may have some ideas.” They each paused to think.
    Espeon looked at the time wistfully. “There's no way I can get to sleep now,” she said.

    “How could that happen?” asked Brendan, with wonder. Espeon and Pikachu shushed him at the same time, glancing furtively at the kitchen door.
    “I told you,” said Vallery, “I have no idea.”
    “Where did you put the flute? asked Gardevoir.
    “It's right here,” answered Vallery. She gave another glance and pulled out the flute.
    “What's it made out of?” asked Umbreon.
    “Could you keep in mind I don't know any more than you, so would you stop asking questions like that?” Vallery shot back, her voice dripping with sarcasm.
    “Let's just work together on this, ok?” Emily had decided to be peace keeper.
    “You're right,” said Vallery, “but it is very frustrating.”
    They examined the flute, each looking for a something that could explain everything, a sign that everything was fine.
    “It looks like it's missing a key,” Gardevoir noted.
    “And only two keys have colour, too,” added Brendan.
    They stopped in hopelessness.
    “Let's try a systematic observation,” said Pikachu.
    “Good idea,” agreed Vallery.
    “Let's see,” said Brendan, “it's a forward facing flute, so it must be old. It has a small funny carving, a circle with two lines of different lengths coming from the center, the long one almost reaching the end.” Then started on the keys. “There's a tone key. It has a plain key, space, blue and red marbled key, plain key, key, key, key with a little bit of some pink or purple colour. Then, key, key, key, key.
    “Look at the end!” yelled Emily. “There's a groove on the inside! It looks like there could be another piece.”
    Vallery shrugged helplessly. “There was only that piece.”
    Brendan closely scrutinized the flute. “I can't tell what it's made of,” he said while tapping it. “It looks like slightly opaque glass, though I can't be-OOPS!”
    The flute slipped out of his grip, and fell to the floor, and hit with a ping sound. It didn't shatter.
    Emily gingerly picked it up and checked for damage. “Nothing,” she said. “Not a scratch.”
    Everyone was stunned. A flute, much less a glass one, can't just hit the floor and have no mark, except for a tiny dent in the floor. There was suddenly a whole lot of respect for the mysterious flute.
    “I'll try playing it,” Vallery said. She picked it up and randomly made a few melodious sounds. She gave up and sat it back on the table. “Well,” Vallery said sarcastically, “I don't think this will do much.” She sighed. Vallery was absolutely wrong.
    “How were the pancakes?” asked Susan, bustling in. Vallery quickly hid the flute under the table.
    “Great,” said Brendan. “It's a new recipe, right?”
    She nodded. “And new strawberry syrup.” Susan did the household cooking, and was excellent at it.
    Espeon, who was interested in cooking added her opinion. “The syrup could be used for desserts.”
    “I was just thinking of that,” said Susan. “I should find the best pairs for it.” She left, looking thoughtful.
    “Let's just let our day proceed as normal,” Espeon suggested. “I think we should let the mystery rest for awhile.”
    “Fair enough,” said Vallery. “I'll put the flute away for now. We can deal with that later.”

    After breakfast, they were approached by Mrs. Linwood.
    “Do you think you guys could help with the Christmas stuff? We left it till a bit later than normal this year.”
    “I don't see why not.” Emily answered. She shot a look to Vallery. Vallery nodded slightly. Mrs. Linwood was unaware of the transaction.
    “Great!” she said happily. “I'll let Susan know you'll be on that. She'll probably join in for the tree, though.” She left, looking pleased.
    Brendan immediately gave Vallery an inquisitive look. Emily caught him and stamped on his foot. Brendan got the message.
    “Let's get to work, then,” said Vallery in a cheery voice. It almost sounded sarcastic, but she enjoyed Christmas setup. “Emily, you get the extension cords. Brendan and Gardevoir, you two get the lights. Pikachu, Umbreon and Espeon, you get the garlands. They're in the laundry closet, under the towels. I'll find out where the tree is.”

    “Dad!” Vallery hollered.
    “Good morning to you too, Vallery,” he answered, from the second landing.
    “We need to know where you put the tree.”
    He thought for a moment. “It's in the storage closet.” he said. “Back left, I think.”
    “Thanks,” Vallery said as she took off again.

    Emily made her way through the 'workshop', the old garage that had been insulated, then taken over by Brendan. “Where did Brendan put them?” she muttered, sweeping through the room. She shifted aside multiple diagrams and prototypes that were cluttering the room. She finally found them on a hook behind some sort of large white ball. She picked up the bundle and left, giving the mystery sphere one last glance.

    Emily turned the corner to find Brendan and Gardevoir waiting with the lights, and Vallery, puffing and panting from the tree. Abruptly, with a loud 'Pika!', Pikachu, Espeon, and Umbreon came crashing down the stairs, riding the garland box. The threesome came tumbling out of the box as it spilled on the landing. They scurried down to join the others.
    “First off,” said Espeon, “I'll go with Gardevoir on the roof, since we can use protect.”
    “I'll do the trees,” offered Pikachu.
    “I'm a good climber, so I can help,” said Umbreon.
    Brendan took charge of the other arrangements. “I can wire up a remote to use,” he said, “ so I think I may as well deal with the connections. Vallery and Emily; you two deal with the rest. You should use that light pole I made for reaching stuff.”
    “Let's start,” said Vallery.

    Half an hour later, Abbey, Peep and Weavile came to check on progress.
    Abbey and Weavile admired the lights, while Peep started nibbling at some mud.
    “How much more can you do on the roof?” called Abbey.
    “We're almost done!” Gardevoir hollered back. “We just have to get the net lights on the chimney!” As she spoke, Gardevoir clambered onto the third floor roof. She wrapped the lights around the chimney, securing the edges together.
    “Get us a cord, Brendan!,” Espeon shouted. “Unless you want to connect that yourself.”
    “I've got it!” called Weavile. He picked up a cord, and swung it like a lasso and let go. The cord flew out at an angle and wrapped around Weavile. Weavile tried to stand, but tripped on the cord.
    “For crying out loud,” said Brendan. “I'll do that.” He untangled Weavile and managed a perfect toss to the second floor overhang.
    Espeon dashed across the roof and jumped to the overhang. She grabbed the cord in her mouth and, after a moment's thought, she made a running jump to a drain pipe fixture. Espeon shimmied up the pipe to the roof and pulled the rest of the cord up. She attached one end to a light string on the gutters, and Gardevoir plugged the other end into the net lights. “Done!” Espeon called. She slid down a drain pipe, then jumped the rest of the way.
    Gardevoir surveyed the yard from her vantage point. Peep was still eating mud, Abbey and Weavile had retreated inside, Vallery was using the pole to help Pikachu with the maple tree and Umbreon was directly beneath her, setting up the mini trees by the door. Gardevoir turned to the driveway and spotted Emily and Brendan, squabbling about some aspect of how something should go. Emily appeared to have won, for Brendan went to get another light set. She felt a sudden rush of affection for them all. Such good caring friends.
    “Gardevoir!” called Brendan. “I need you to get some stuff from the workshop!”
    Gardevoir jumped off the roof, and landed with one leg forward, arms outstretched.
    “Impressive,” said Brendan, smiling. “It takes a powerful reflect to pull that off.”
    While Brendan told Gardevoir what he needed, Vallery was helping Pikachu get the lights up.
    “Put it a bit farther back so we have enough-WHOOPS!”
    The pole telescoped and dragged some of the lights off the branch. Vallery squeezed the switch in and moved it upwards.
    “How does this thing work, anyway?” asked Vallery, once Pikachu had replaced the lights.
    Pikachu thought for a moment. “It's just a telescoping pole-” (“No kidding,” interrupted Vallery.) “-with some sort of gear system that makes the whole thing go up and down about twenty times more so than the switch, and it locks when you aren't adjusting it. I remember him doing the pincers on the end, the button turns an internal column and turns some gears at the top.”
    “Wow,” said Vallery. “Brendan is so good at making things.”
    “I agree,” said Pikachu. “Now, if you can hold that up there, I can get started on the next layer of branches.
    “What is that?” asked Umbreon, as Gardevoir and Brendan carried out a coil of thin wire and some boxes and bags of stuff.
    “Disaster,” answered Gardevoir, keeping a straight face.
    “Very funny,” said Brendan. “It's basically what I need to make a remote and transistor boxes for the main set, plus any lights that have different functions.
    “How long should it take to make them?”
    “It's actually all done except for the main remote, which I can do anytime,” Brendan said. “I can install the ones on the ground, but Gardevoir will have to do that set on the roof. The others should finish about then.”

    “So how's the remote going?” asked Emily, some ten minutes later.
    “Good. I've put the transistors in the lights, so now I'm just finishing wiring the receiver.” He turned the box over. “Since we'll do different stuff each year, I made little plugs in the back, so you can rearrange what switch does what. I've labeled this year's switches, so it will be simple.
    “All I understood was 'so it will be simple', which I highly doubt,” remarked Emily. She looked up at the roof. “Hey!” she exclaimed. “It's starting to snow! I hope we have lots of snow for tomorrow.” She looked around again. “Say, do you know where Gardevoir is?”
    “I think I do,” said Brendan. “GARDEVOIR! For heaven's sake GET OFF THE ROOF!
    Gardevoir made an over dramatic leap off the side of the roof.
    “Great,” muttered Brendan. “I hope Umbreon won't do this sort of thing when he masters using moonlight, or some other cool attack.”

    “Well, we're all ready for this year,” stated Susan. “The tree's up, the house is decorated, and the outside lights are taken care of. Now all we have to do is finish our hot chocolate, and we'll be done for today.”
    Everyone was gathered in the living room. Susan, Dan and Amy, Emily, Brendan, Vallery, Gardevoir, the Weaviles, Blaziken, Blissey, Meowth and Lauren lounged on the four couches. Umbreon, Espeon, Pikachu and the cats were nestled in various laps, while Harry sat on an armrest. Peep and Abbey lay against Amy's feet, and Rapidash sat next to the couch.
    Blissey looked up at the mantelpiece. “It's so lovely in here, watching the snow out there,” she said.
    The mantelpiece had a plasma screen mounted like a painting, and indeed normally showed a painting or family photo. Currently the display was set to a live view of the Christmas lights.
    Rapidash craned his neck to look outside. “It's going to be epic tomorrow,” he said. “Almost a foot of snow, and still going at it.”
    “We have to do do a snowball fight tomorrow,” agreed Vallery. “Is the illusion shield working, Brendan? Last year the snow made it cut out.”
    “It is,” said Brendan. “So long as nobody is observing too carefully, no passers by will be able to see the Pokemon.”

    The next day, the snowball fight happened in full force. Blaziken's throw, Gardevoir's powers, and Vallery's reflexes made them the top competitors. Eventually, only Blaziken, the Weaviles, Blissey, Vallery, Brendan, Emily, Pikachu, Gardevoir and Umbreon continued.
    Blaziken whipped a snow ball at Gardevoir, who smashed it with a reflect just in time. Gardevoir lunged for a fistful of snow, only to be hit from behind by Emily.
    Right beside them, the Weaviles were in their element, and had ganged up on Vallery. Vallery was trying to keep them both in her sight. One used icy wind, and one tossed a snowball. Vallery flung herself to the ground, and the Weaviles were hit by each other's fire.
    Vallery dove up as Umbreon vaulted past. She grabbed some snow, but just then, a snowball fell and hit Umbreon. Both looked up, and saw a flying device with a six sided base hanging below. Vallery and Umbreon whipped around to see Brendan, holding a remote. Brendan returned to facing Blissey, while Umbreon rolled a snowball, and Vallery scooped two. Each threw one at Brendan, and Vallery threw her spare sideways at Umbreon and ran the other way, right into one of Blaziken's tosses.
    Everything escalated, until it became mayhem. The Weavile twins had started using blizzard, and Gardevoir was using all of her powers.
    One Weavile used blizzard, and was forced back by Blaziken. Brendan was chasing Gardevoir, until Gardevoir vaulted onto the roof.
    “HEY!” shouted Brendan.
    Gardevoir pulled herself the rest of the way up, and threw a snowball at Brendan.
    Both Weaviles saw what Gardevoir was doing, and they used blizzard, sending ice and snow gusting at her. Gardevoir shielded, the retaliated. All the snow near Gardevoir flung itself into the yard below. She peered over the edge. The snow on the ground was two feet higher, and everyone had comical snow peaks. She laughed at the ludicrous scene, then was hit by Blaziken's throw.
    Afterwards, Vallery approached Brendan
    “I swear that gets crazier every year,” Vallery said to Brendan. “Nice touch with your device there.”
    “It's an elevium flier, right?”
    “Right,” said Brendan. “Just imagine how shocked Second Earth would be if they saw it. It's amazing how the crystal can become light or heavy with electricity flowing through it. And it's almost as efficient as propeller flight, too.”
    “It is amazing,” Vallery agreed.

    Two weeks passed, and the flute incident was almost forgotten. Almost.
    Vallery was asleep, and dreaming. She was in some sort of ruined temple with broken pillars. There was a dark shadow that always seemed to be lurking in the blackness.
    “Hello?” called Vallery. The shadow swooped to behind her. Vallery spun around. Whatever the shadow was, she couldn't see it. Vallery looked up at the sky. It was pitch black, with no moon.
    The shadow darted again. Whenever Vallery tried to face it, it would be somewhere behind her.
    Vallery was becoming quite nervous. Just then the shadow swooped, this time towards her. Before it was close enough to see, there was a burst of moonlight, and a loud trilling sound. A floating figure appeared in the bright moonlight. Vallery squinted at it, but she couldn't see it properly.
    Vallery suddenly woke up. She slowly sat up, feeling woozy. Vallery glanced at Pikachu's poke` ball, and got an idea. She stretched out her arm, and concentrated on the poke` ball lifting and coming towards her. The poke` ball made a delicate arc to her hand.
    Vallery quickly woke Pikachu and Espeon. “Get the others up,” she said. “There's something I need to show you.”

    Moments later, they were all assembled in Vallery's room.
    “What was it we needed to see?” Brendan asked, yawning. “In case you haven't noticed, it's the middle of the night.”
    “Actually,” said Umbreon, “technically it's morning.”
    “Once you two are finished clowning around,” said Vallery, “I can show you half of the flute mystery.”
    The other six immediately perked up at the statement.
    Vallery continued. “This morning when I woke up, I found out I could do this.” She repeated levitating the Poke` ball.
    “How?” asked Emily in a shaky voice. “That can't be done, can it?”
    Brendan thought for a moment. “Do you remember the word delta from at school?” he asked.
    “I think so,” answered Gardevoir. “It's from an old language. It means something to do with change.”
    “Delta,” said Pikachu, “translates as 'to be changed'.”
    “Like delta species Pokemon,” said Vallery. She was starting to understand. “Delta species Pokemon have different abilities and elemental powers than their type normally has, yet they are still their type and species. Maybe... it isn't only Pokemon who can be delta species. Maybe... humans can be, too.”

    Chapter 3

    Later that day, Emily approached Vallery.
    “Are you felling all right?” she asked.
    Vallery struggled to find the right words. “It's just so difficult to accept, or even understand. I shouldn't be able to do that, but yet I can.” Vallery gazed out into the garden, unable to make eye contact.
    “I can understand what you mean.”
    They sat in silence for a while.
    “I know you're there, Pikachu,” Vallery said. “You can come here if you want.”
    Pikachu jumped up on the bench with them. She glanced up at Emily. Emily just shrugged.
    After another moment of silence, Vallery produced the mystery flute. She was startled to hear the crackling of electricity, but it was not Pikachu sparking, it was Emily.
    Emily looked down at her hands in amazement as small sparks danced over them. Then, suddenly as it had started, Emily returned to normal.
    Vallery gave Emily an inquiring look, eyebrows arched.
    “Don't give me that look,” Emily said. “I wasn't expecting that.”
    Vallery looked exasperated. “What do you suppose this means?” She asked.
    “Well, either we have some wacky localized static charges, or I'm in the same boat as you.”
    In spite of herself, Vallery laughed. “I doubt it's static charges,” she said.
    The three sat together in silence again.
    Vallery picked up the flute, and began to play it. She started off with different notes and tones, then started to play little tunes. Soon, a piece of music formed in her head. As she played, it felt as if tension was building. When Vallery reached the final few notes, Pikachu's cheeks began to spark.
    At the final note, the air in front of the bench swirled towards a center point. With a final ripple of distortion, Latias and Latios appeared before them.
    With a scream, Vallery and Emily dove backwards. Pikachu raised her tail and began sparking in warning. Emily sparked one or twice too, but no one noticed.
    Latias and Latios looked no less startled. Latias relaxed when she noticed the flute in Vallery's hands.
    “It has begun,” she said sadly to Latios. “The war may not have started yet, but the dominoes are now falling.”
    Vallery raised the courage to speak to them. It was not every day some of the legendary Pokemon appear in one's back yard.
    “What are you talking about, Latias?” she asked. We didn't mean to bring you here, and I don't know what did.”
    “Well, we do,” Latios informed her. “That flute was what brought us, and it can do a lot more than that.”
    Emily gave Latios a sharp look. “And how do you know that?” she questioned, more icily than necessary.
    Latios faced her. “I bet you haven't had the flute for a long time, and it appeared mysteriously. I know more than you do.”
    Emily calmed down. “Sorry about that,” she said.
    “No offense taken,” Latios replied. “Now, from your possession of the flute, there a few things you need to know about. First off, are there four more of you?”
    “We need to talk to all of you,” said Latios. “Somewhere private.”

    Shortly, the entire group had gathered in Vallery's room to hear what Latias and Latios had to say. Latias started with an expected inquiry.
    “Have any of you found that recently you could do something odd? Any abnormal elemental control?”
    “Yes” said both Vallery and Emily.
    “I found I could move objects, like a psychic Pokemon,” Vallery said.
    “And just starting today, I sometimes to spark when I'm tense,” said Emily.
    Latios looked thoughtful. “I think there isn't as much time as we thought,” he muttered. Latios looked back at the group. “But I suppose I'd better tell you about that, too. Now, you are all aware of how Arceus created everything. He didn't directly create humans or Pokemon, but Arceus had arranged everything so bacteria would form, and evolve, and so it would all snowball from there. But the legendary Pokemon, except for Mewtwo and possibly the mystery species, if it is a legendary, were directly created.”
    Latias looked apprehensive, then started to speak in Latios' place. “For some unknown reason, Arceus set in motion for seven beings, who are part legendary Pokemon to exist. Well, the reason is partially known. You are all aware of history. Think of the great events legendary Pokemon have caused in the past, and now eight of them are locked away because they rampaged. Regigigas, Regirock, Regice and Registeel went a bit crazy, and now they're sealed off. Groudon and Kyogre had their fight, and the almost destroyed First Earth's life. With Dialga and Palkia, THEY ALMOST DESTROYED ALL EXISTENCE, for crying out loud! It is a very serious problem if there is a clash, and it appears that a first class one is on the way. The new legends, as they can be referred, share DNA and powers from multiple legendary Pokemon each, but their other DNA all come from an individual species. It is obvious that they are meant to work against such an event.”
    Pikachu and Vallery hung on to one another in apprehension. They had figured out the main point.
    “A good description,” said Latios, “would be delta species legendary Pokemon.”
    Brendan twitched. He had guessed, too.
    Concern showed itself in Latias' eyes. “You are the new legendary Pokemon,” she said softly.
    It took a moment for Latias' words to sink in. When they did, everyone started to speak at once.
    “We can't be!”
    Latios waved his arms for quiet. “We are very sure on the matter. You have the flute. You summoned us. It couldn't be plainer.” He paused. “Incidentally, which one of you did the flute appear to?”
    “One of us,” said Pikachu, gesturing with her arms. “We think it appeared to Vallery, though.”
    “Let's see it,” said Latias. “It will be a very useful tool for you.”
    Vallery offered the flute. “Hey!” she said. “There was a space on there before, with no key.”
    “Things like that will happen,” said Latias. “After you do important things, different markings will show up on the keys. They seem to be what gives it power for it's effects.”
    “How can we figure out the songs?” asked Umbreon. “I mean, there's so many things we can do, how do we know what will make something happen?”
    “They'll just come to you,” replied Latios. “I expect Vallery will have the greatest bond, however you should all be able to work it.”
    Now that the most pressing questions were answered, they were all thinking about the next problem. Emily voiced it.
    “What are we supposed to tell our family? I have no clue how to tell them this!”
    Latias thought. “I don't think you should tell them yet. Let them know when the time comes. In the meantime, we should be going. Call us back here if something happens. We'll let you know if we need you.”
    “How will we know?” asked Brendan.
    “You'll know it if it happens,” said Latios, and with that, Vallery sent them back.
    As soon as they disappeared, Emily started ranting and raving.
    “Why are we responsible for all this? We're kids! None of us are even teenagers yet! Why? Why?” She started crying. “I can't do this.” she sniffed.
    Vallery slid down beside her. “We have to do this,” she said softly. “We don't have a choice. We've got time. It'll be alright.”
    Emily slowly calmed down. “OK,” she said weakly. “We can handle this.” She bit her lip upon thinking how ridiculous that seemed.
    Gardevoir slumped down with them.
    “We'll do what we can, but we can't do anything if we don't know what to do.”
    Vallery thought for a moment.
    “Why don't we go down to Phenec City?” she suggested. “It would at least take our minds off this.” With full agreements, they grabbed their things and got ready to leave.
    Just as Vallery set the teleporter, she heard voices, echoing inside her head, along with a vision of three piercing red gems, too bright to see...
    “It has started.”
    “It has.”
    “We have little power from here. Thing we never expected have been set in motion. I hope for every thing's sake that Arceus was right.”
    Vallery pressed enter on the teleporter. Nothing would ever be the same again.
    A red glare...
    “And so it begins.”
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    Just read the prologue, looks good, with the creation myth.
  3. ashinto

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    OMG THIS IS GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this story is good. when u r finished, u should publish it. i think a lot of pokemon fans would by a story like this.
  4. Muscovy Level X

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    Thanks. :biggrin:
    It's part of a HUGE epic story about someone who has something major against Arceus, and someone trying to overthrow... Well, I can't tell you that. I have the WHOLE THING in my head, but I am SO slow at typing.

    Back to back posts merged. The following information has been added:

    Chapter 3 now posted!
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    LOVE IT!!!!
    One thing though, I don't get the two world thing. I thought they didn't know about each other.
  6. Muscovy Level X

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    Second Earth, which is basicly plain old Earth is the one that doesn't know. First earth only found out when the teleporter was invented.
  7. charmander rox

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    The entire, "You are all legendary" thing is weird.
  8. Xenoz Blaid

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    oh, okay. I don't get the time thing either, was that in the show?
  9. charmander rox

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    Oh, the other wierd thing is the genetically-modified animals and such. I mean, who wants a talking gerbil when you can get a talking Pikachu? Pokemon and animals don't mix.
  10. Muscovy Level X

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    The whole (or at least most of it) focus of the story is kind of the two worlds mixing. What do you think would happen if Pokemon and revolutionary technologies just appeared?
  11. Xenoz Blaid

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    Why do they have to hide the pokemon?
  12. Muscovy Level X

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    No one knows about Pokemon there. Didn't you read that?

    And to all: I admit the animal thing was silly. I'll redo that when I've got time.
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    They were at a Battle Dome yet no one knows about Pokemon.... What am I missing?
  14. Muscovy Level X

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    I'll hve to make it clearer in the story, when I have time to edit it. There is First Earth, where it's kindof the Pokemon world, and there is SECOND EARTH, which is plain, no Pokemon, and they don;t know about First Earth (basicly here).
  15. Xenoz Blaid

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    Yeah, got it but which are they on?
  16. Muscovy Level X

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    They are in First Earth at the start, then they go to Second Earth. I can't edit this for a while, because I'm so busy with the set I'm running.
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    This is still being edited, so don't be surprised if chapters don't mach up.
    So far, Chapter 1 is as far as I've gotten.
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