Shifty-eye(Dark Lock for states)

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Tankgrowth, Mar 9, 2011.

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  1. Tankgrowth

    Tankgrowth New Member

    I just love locking my oponent, getting revenge ko's, and running rogue decks. So I give you my Shifty-eye dark lock deck.

    Pokemon- 17
    2-1-2 Shiftry RR
    2-2 Sharpedo TR
    2-2 Umbreon UD
    3 Sableye SF
    1 Unown DARK
    1 Azelf LA

    T/S/S- 32
    1 POV
    2 Prof ELm's
    4 Judge
    3 Poke Collector
    3 Bebe's
    2 Copycat
    2 Team rocket's trickery
    3 Seeker
    3 Poke Communication
    3 Expert Belt
    2 Warp point
    3 Rare Candy
    1 lux Ball

    Energy- 10
    4 Sp. Darkness
    5 Darkness
    1 Warp
    Strategy: The strategy greatly depends on who you are facing and that is what I like about the deck. You will preferably want to start with Sableye but certain locks work better against different decks. umbreon and Sharpedo are affective vs. SP decks. In theory, the Shiftry locks up Gyarados nicely. Shiftry locks with judge and his attack: Conform, which does 40 base and confuses the active but you have to have the same amount of cards in your hand as your opponent (ala Judge or Copycat). This may seem annoying but his pokebody, unlucky wind, makes all of my opponents coin flips tails. It renders the active useless. Sharpedo is inconsistent but very good when his Strip Bare attack hits. It discards my opponents whole hand. I'm sure most of you are familiar with Umbreon so no need to explain. It is fairly fast but I need help defending and locking any weaknesses Ive overlooked. This is my first year competitive and I'm already in masters. Help me out with advice and how to play certain BDIF's with this deck. Also any other suggestions would help. Thank you soooo much in advance.
  2. Tankgrowth

    Tankgrowth New Member

    Hey. I;m still seeking help. Thanks.
  3. Tankgrowth

    Tankgrowth New Member

    Does anyone have any comments or help? please post if you do
  4. Baroness Meena

    Baroness Meena New Member

    I've considered a variant of this deck for next format (if its RR-on)
    I would lose the sharpedo as it is not consistent. I would add the the confusion annoyance by putting in a vileplume line to trainer lock. Your current build has few trainers so it would be easily modified. they would require warp energy to get out of it. I'd use spiritomb AR to combine trainer lock to replace sableye.
    I would take out the unown dark as I never see this useful, it might as well be another dark energy. I'd add in an uxie for draw power and maybe a blaziken fb lv. X to drag up and kill any unwanted dialga g lv.X thsat will stop your bodies from working.
    Replace rare candy with BTS and remove 2 expert belts. these are risky at the best of times and 3 belts means 3 pokemon giving 6 prizes.
    maximise hand refresh like copycat and remove warp points to up the warp energy count.
    Also consider putting in recovery card such as palmers contribution or flower shop girl.

    Hope this helps
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