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Discussion in 'State/Province/Territory Championships' started by Squirtle, Mar 26, 2011.

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    So I'll start by saying that if anyone wants my oppinion of the game, just go ahead and read This.

    Anyone FL states. I know the metagame, so I play what I believe is the BDIF, Gyarados. Obviously, it's not standard GDos, it's tech'd to the Max, but it's solid none the less.

    I went 4-1 the week before, my only loss being a T1 donk (*sigh*)

    Round 1 vs Eugene with Machamp:
    I open unown Q and he mulligans so I grab regice of the muligan card. I toss is down knowing he's going to open with Uxie because I have the worst luck. We do the toss and he "wins" the flip and gets to go first. He flips his card and wouldn't you know it, Uxie. He T1's my Q, I promote regice, luckily I have a warp energy in my hand. I do my standard Gdos thing and warp into sableye, get the train going. Before too long it's machamp vs gdos. he judges me and we both draw garbage, but his trash was worse than mine.


    Round 2 vs ??Pokedad??:

    I don't know what he was playing, or who he was, but I got t2 Gdos swinging and took 6 prizes no sweat.


    Round 3 vs Charizard guy:

    It's a relatively close game, it's weird cause charizard still has to get 2 hit unless you're belted or have ton's of crobats. Fortunately for me, I was able to do both. In the end it would have been closer, but seeker is a broken card and he never kills a Gdos(warped for a few prizes though)


    Round 4 vs Cory with Gyarados Mirror:

    I open sableye, he doesn't. that says it all in Gdos mirror. His hand is slow, I win it easily.


    Round 5 vs Ryan Luu with Luxchomp:

    A sign of things to come, he t1's me.. Don't get a turn.


    Round 6 vs Jose w/ Vilegar.

    This was the dumbest game I've ever played, EVER. I open with Mew, he opens spiritomb(ofc), I'm able to uxie for 4 cards twice in the first turn(regiced the tomb out of the active). I am forced to draw pass for 5 turns while he is getting set up. He see's my mew and is a little intimidated so he grabs mewtwo, but leaves it benched the entire game. This would be a huge error on his part, as it would only allow him to get out 1 gengar at a time. In the end, he would throw 4 tails on fainting spell and lose the game 6-5. It was very unlucky on his part... But I did draw pass for 5 turns before doing anything at all.


    Round 7 vs Jason "Ness" Klaczynski w/ Vilegar

    I get a hand like I should against Vilegar and win 6-3.


    Round 8 vs Justin Masotti(eventual winner), w/ Sabelock

    Gyarados is the best deck in the format and easily handles this SP deck... All joking aside he waited 1 turn to long to judge me and I had a gyarados doing 90 when he did.


    I see that I'm in at 4th seed, meaning that if all things go right, I'll be playing Aaron in the finals.

    Top 16 vs Kevin Kobayashi

    Before the match even starts, I'm informed that someone has stolen Kevin's deck and there might not even be a game.

    When I finally catch up to him, he tells me that the only card they need is a snover. I don't have one, and I think to myself what a dumb card that is in regigigas..(karma is a *****)

    Game 1:
    He opens with snover, my hand is a little weak, but I think I opened with sableye. Either way, I have to put 3 guys down t1, and he evolves to Obama and spreads like a mother on my field. The game ends up being super close, and I win it 6-5.

    Game 2: I open smeargle, he opens something bad(mespirit?) he goes first and t1 I use two collectors, virtually assuring myself of a t2 gyarados doing 90. A crucial play in this game, was me going the entire game without a BTS. The turn after he KOs my Gdos I don't have a way to return the KO. I use seeker of my own to get my combee back, then I regimove, and portrait his seeker forcing his Gigas back into his hand. After that it was all downhill.

    Top 8 vs Sean w/ Gdos mirror:

    Game 1:

    we play for 2-3 turns, and he doesn't get a second Gdos out, so I use warp point 5 times to win the game.

    Game 2:

    Same strategy as game 1, only this time he does something that catches me off guard. He belts his Gdos, and poisons me with Toxicroak. He one hits my gdos every single turn and it sucks.. It wouldn't have been an issue if I remembered that toxicroak poisoned him too, but I never put a single counter on his Gdos. In the end I sac a mew prime to LZ a gyarados, then next turn flash bite him 3 times ftw.


    Top 4:

    Just as expected, Aaron and I are both in. Surely his 2-1-2 Machamp line will force him past the SP deck he's playing against. And then I'm playing Luxchomp, which really isn't a hard game considering the tech's I run for it...

    Game 1:

    See round 5 please.

    Game 2:

    Game extends past one turn, his hand is slow(He doesn't start chaining cyrus till turn 3), I win handily.

    Game 3:

    See round 5/game 1 please.


    Yep, that's how states weekend ends for me. I end up with a combined 13-3 record, all three losses coming on t1.

    Gyarados is bdif, had I gotten to play game 3 I would have dominated, as I had a great hand... Oh well, luck is luck I guess (good or bad).

    tl;dr, I got donked 3 times

    *Insert props/slops in your head* *Sour grapes, etc*
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  2. Akimbo

    Akimbo New Member

    lol yeah this is Jose our game was ridiculous....
  3. metalbird

    metalbird New Member

    Sorry about that :(. Well better luck at Regionals, they can't turn 1 you that many times again can they??????? (At least I really hope not.....)
  4. patthemanvan

    patthemanvan New Member

    I think you mean Skuntank in your match against Sean.
  5. TheDarkTwins

    TheDarkTwins Active Member

    I heart Gyarados. Nicely done with it Steve. Sorry both you and Aaron couldn't have better luck, but sometimes that's how it is. 13-3 isn't too shabby however. Good Luck at Regionals. :thumb:

  6. Chiapet

    Chiapet New Member

    ~Alex here ~

    You played freaking awesome man heck of a run in your 2 states , your only loses on t1 donks is crazy. Easily could have been 16-0. because one you get setup looks like your deck is insane. Stinkin Luxchomps. I bet the badkid plays Luxchomp (inside joke). CU at Regs!
  7. jeffrey123

    jeffrey123 New Member

    Hey Steve, great games!! Look forward to seeing you at regionals.


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