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  1. SnorlaxDude

    SnorlaxDude New Member

    1) I am located in the United States.(Maryland)
    1) I only will do trades in the US, anywhere else I won't do.
    2) Don't try to rip me off, you will be reported.
    3) Once we exchange addresses backing out IS NOT possible.
    4) You can try to make me an offer if I have the card you need.
    5) I will let you know when I'm mailing off the cards and when you should mail yours to me.
    6) No spammers.

    7) UPDATED: I will send all cards in a padded folder. I had a problem with a trader about the card I sent him which got bent (when it was sent). I did send cards in paddle folders (if I was sending more then one). Now, I'm sending ALL cards in padded folders. Also, PLEASE put the card in a sleeve and a topholder. I do that to all the cards I sent, so I'm expecting you to do the same.

    8)If there's a card that you though you had but realized you don't have it, you can make changes, just let me know what you're mailing before you send the cards.

    9)This is not a buying thread so I will not sell cards.

    10) Please let me know about the status of your cards if your trading, I would like the cards mint but I can accept slightly scratched cards or cards with minor damages (NO RIPS & NO BENTS except if the bent isn't that bad.)

    11) The cards that I have are IN MINT CONDITION, unless noted.

    12)If I feel like I can trust you or if we have traded before, I will send first. However, I will go by the pokebeach ref if I haven't traded with you before.

    13)I do not accept japanese/world championship cards unless noticed.

    Uxie LvX(LA)
    x2 Poke Turn

    Collection Wants
    Shining Charizard-Neo Destiny
    Crystal Charizard from Skyridge
    Nidoqueen Skyridge H21
    Crobat EX Deoxys
    Gyarados Star EX Holon Phantoms
    Charizard Star EX Dragon Frontiers
    Espeon EX Unseen Forces
    Mew Star Dragon Frontiers
    Venusaur EX Fire Red & Leaf Green
    Charizard EX Fire Red & Leaf Green
    Blastoise EX Fire Red & Leaf Green
    Crystal Celebi Skyridge
    Shining Gyarados Neo Revelation
    Shining Celebi Neo Destiny
    Shining Tyranitar Neo Destiny
    Raikou Skyridge HOLO


    (RH means reverse holo, if you didn't know.)
    LvX,Primes, Others
    Ursaring Prime
    Houndoom Prime
    x1 Shaymin Sky Forme LvX (non-promo)
    Garchomp C LvX(non-promo)
    Crobat Prime

    Armaldo EX (has a slight dent at the bottom left corner)(POP 1 Version)
    Aggron EX (Crystal Guardians Set, slight dent on the right side of the card)
    Shiftry EX (not mint, Power Keepers Set)
    Jolteon EX(Delta Species)
    Magcargo EX(Dragon)
    Blissey EX (near mint, Unseen Forces)
    Groudon EX (near mint, #38 Promo)
    Kingdra EX(EX Dragon)

    (some of these cards might not be in good condition, just ask for which one you want and I'll check)

    Past Sets(many of these aren't mint.)
    x1 Dugtrio (Base Set)
    x1 Chansey (Base Set, HOLO, 85% Mint)
    x2 Gyarados (Base Set, HOLO)
    x1 Poliwrath (Base Set 2, HOLO)
    x1 Muk (Fossil, HOLO, #13 and Non-Holo version)
    x1 Mewtwo (Base Set, HOLO, 95% Mint)
    Magneton (Base Set, #9 HOLO) x1
    Alakazam (Base Set, HOLO, #1) x1
    Magneton (Neo 3 Revelation, #10, HOLO) x1
    Blissey (Neo 3 Revelation, #2, HOLO) x1
    Kingdra (Neo 1 Genesis, HOLO) x1
    Ampharos (Neo 3 Revelation, #1, HOLO) x1
    Delibird (Neo 3 Revelation, #5, HOLO) x1
    Brock's Rhydon (HOLO) x1
    Erika's Vileplume (HOLO) x1
    Lt. Surge's Magneton (HOLO) x1
    Koga's Beedrill (HOLO) x1
    Sabrina's Alakazam (HOLO) x1
    Jumpluff (Neo 1 Genesis, HOLO, #7) x1
    Alakazam (Expedition, #33) x1
    Kabutops (Fossil, #24) x1 (Non-HOLO)
    Venusaur (Base Set, HOLO, #15) x1 (A little scratched)
    Dark Dugtrio (Team Rocket, NON HOLO) x1
    Nidoking (Aquapolis, 34, RH) x1
    Fearow (Expedition, HOLO) x1
    Feraligatr(Expedition, RH, #46) x1
    Dark Gyrados (Team Rocket, HOLO,Prerelease) x3
    Feraligatr (Neo 1 Genesis, HOLO, #4) x1
    Aggron (R&S, HOLO, #1) x1
    Mr.Mime(HOLO, Jungle)x1
    Dragonite(HOLO, Jungle)x1

    I have plenty more from the classic sets, just ask me what you need and I may have it.

    Pre Diamond & Pearl
    Blastoise (Crystal Guardians) x1
    Groudon (Emerald) x1
    Donphan (Ruby & Sapphire) x1
    Cacturne (Crystal Guardians) x1
    Blaziken (R&S #15) x1
    Ludicolo (#19, HOLO, EX Deoxys) x1
    Nosepass (Ruby & Sapphire) x1
    Gyarados (EX Deoxys , HOLO, #8) x1(not mint)
    Medicham(EX Hidden Legends, HOLO)x1 (not mint)
    Poliwrath(Firered & Leafgreen HOLO) x2
    Heracross(EX Hidden Legends HOLO)x1
    Venusaur(EX Crystal Guardians)x1
    Feraligatr(EX Unseen Forces HOLO)x1

    I have plenty more HOLO/Rare cards from the Pre-D&P sets (EX series). Just ask what you need, and I'll let you know.

    Majestic Dawn
    Leafeon (Non Bind Down)x2
    Infernape x3
    Flareon (RH) x1
    Plusle (MD, RH) x1
    Empoleon (MD) x1 (x1 RH not mint)
    Glaceon (MD) x2 (HOLO)

    Legends Awakened
    Heatran(LA) x2(Fire both HOLO)
    Regice(LA)x1 (near mint)
    Politoed(LA)x1 (HOLO)
    Forretress(LA) x1
    Delcatty(LA) x2
    Yanmega(LA) x1 (RH)
    Probopass(LA)x3 (x1 HOLO, x2 RH)

    x2 Raichu (HOLO)
    x3 Rapidash(#22)
    x1 Staraptor(#27)
    x1 Steelix
    x1 Skuntank(#26)
    x1 Empoleon(#2, HOLO)

    x1 Dialga(#5, RH)(not mint)
    x2 Giratina (x2 #28)
    x1 Golduck (#29, x1 Normal )
    x1 Gyarados G(not mint)
    x1 Dialga G (League Promo)
    x1 Ramparados (RH)
    Shining Lotad
    Shining Swablu

    Rising Rivals
    x1 Beedrill(x1 RH)
    x3 Arcanine (x1 HOLO x2 RH)
    x2 Vespiquen 4
    x2 Bronzong 4
    x3 Yanmega 4
    x1 Walrein
    x2 Bastiodon GL (HOLO)
    x2 Mr.Mime 4 (x1 RH x1 Normal)
    x1 Gastrodon West Sea
    x4 Snorlax #33 (x2 League x2 Normal)
    x3 Rhyperior 4 (x1 RH x2 Normal)
    x3 Rampardos GL (x2 HOLO x1 RH)
    x1 Golem 4 (RH)
    x1 Flareon (RH, not mint)
    x2 Gallade 4

    Supreme Victors
    x1 Swampert (RH)(not mint)
    x1 Electivire FB (HOLO)
    x1 Drifblim FB (RH)
    x1 Lickilicky C (RH)
    x1 Dusknoir FB (league promo)
    x1 Zapdos (non-Secret x1 RH)
    x1 Crawdaunt G (RH)
    x4 Arcanine G(league promo)
    x1 Milotic(Prerelease)
    x1 Claydol(x1 RH)

    x2 Pichu
    x1 Salamance (RH)
    x1 Kabutops(HOLO)
    x1 Sceptile(Leaf Supply not mint)
    x2 Gengar(Sharpshooting)
    x1 Zapdos G (RH)
    x3 Golem
    x1 Porygon-Z G
    x1 Raichu (Prerelease)
    x2 Swalot (x1 HOLO, x1 RH)
    x1 Lopunny
    x2 Heatran (HOLO)
    x1 Cherrim
    x1 Bronzong(RH)
    x3 Rapidash(Wild Guard)(one is not mint)
    x2 Lighting Arceus
    x1 Grass Arceus

    HeartGold SoulSilver
    x1 Clefable (HOLO)
    x1 Furret (RH)
    x1 Ariados
    x1 Ampharos
    x1 Weezing
    x1 Persian
    x2 Smoochum (x1 RH x1 Normal)
    x1 Ledian
    x2 Farfetch'd

    HGSS Unleashed
    x1 Magmortar(RH)
    x1 Kingdra
    x1 Lanturn
    x1 Sudowoodo(HOLO)
    x2 Steelix
    x1 Torkoal
    x1 Ursaring
    x1 Politoed(RH)
    x1 Manaphy (RH)
    x1 Fearow
    x1 Roserade
    x1 Octillery(HOLO)

    HGSS Undaunted
    x1 Bellossom(HOLO)
    x1 Skarmory #21
    x1 Forretress #13
    x2 Togekiss(x1 HOLO X1 RH)
    x1 Togetic
    x2 Togepi
    x1 Defender(RH)
    x2 Burned Tower
    x1 Sage's Training
    x5 Flower Shop Lady

    Also, I do have various trainers, supporters, and stadiums. If there's something particular you may need, just ask away.
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  2. Politoed666

    Politoed666 New Member

    You said you had some old stuff. Do you have any first edition cards from the Base Set and/or Neo sets?
  3. Cardkeeper

    Cardkeeper <a href="

    I have prof. oak's visit. do you have any conmons from the Gym Challenge set we could trade for?
  4. Dudeman1993

    Dudeman1993 New Member

    What would you like for the Shining Raichu? i can trade:

    Electrode SW RH
    Garchomp MT
    Raichu MT
    Voltorb SW
  5. SuperStar

    SuperStar New Member

    Check my List for Charizard expedition and 2 Machamp DP.
  6. The Don

    The Don New Member

    I have Unown P MD and 2 Professor Rowan. Would you trade all of them for your Kricketune and a common?
  7. Nanashii

    Nanashii New Member

    Please cml for these:

    Aerodactyl (MD) x2
    Shining Raichu (Neo 4 Destiny) x2 (Are these Japanese or English?)
  8. dragonfire

    dragonfire New Member

    i replied on my thread
  9. yuyuman345

    yuyuman345 New Member

    md jolteon for md espion?
    i also liked the aerodatylx2 md
  10. Kyogou

    Kyogou New Member

    Very interested in the following cards:

    Dark Charizard (HOLO, #4) x1
    Kingdra (Neo 1 Genesis, HOLO) x1
    Bellossom (Neo 1 Genesis, HOLO, #3) x1
    Shining Raichu (Neo 4 Destiny) x1 (This is a little scratched)

    You can check my thread for anything you like; I also have a Palkia X and a Darkrai X I might be willing to part with if you can trade me.
  11. SnorlaxDude

    SnorlaxDude New Member

    *bump* added tons of new stuff!
  12. RandyDragon

    RandyDragon New Member

    please CML for stuff from LA
  13. SnorlaxDude

    SnorlaxDude New Member

    Sorry, didn't see anything that I needed.
  14. yuyuman345

    yuyuman345 New Member

    hey i have
    Jigglypuff (GE) x2
    Igglybuff (GE) x4
    Porygon (GE) x1
    Porygon2 (GE) x1
    i might have an incoming porygon lv x possibly
    i want the ryperior lv x and the rh bliiseey (rh ) which i value low
    [RH] Starmie - LA
    [RH] Dusk Ball
    Cradily - LA
    could u make the first offer
    Last edited: Aug 17, 2008
  15. Taylor45

    Taylor45 New Member

    i have a few of your wants

    please cml for your
    [RH] Starmie - LA
    [RH] Dusk Ball
    Cradily - LA
  16. drugenalmighty

    drugenalmighty New Member

    hi snorlaxdude im very interested in your rhyperior lv.x please cml.
  17. SnorlaxDude

    SnorlaxDude New Member

    Yuyuman345- I could trade you the RH Blissey for the cards you offered, was there anything else you wanted?

    Taylor45- I would like to trade those cards for 2x Claydol (or 3x if you can) do you happen to have any Baltoy, I just need x2.

    drugenalmighty-I can trade you my Rhyperior LvX for your Porygon-Z LvX? It's in mint condition, right?
  18. xchasex

    xchasex New Member

    cml for:
    Shinx LA (RH)
    Darkrai Lv.X Tin Promo

    Jigglypuff (GE) x2
    Porygon2 (GE) x1
  19. yuyuman345

    yuyuman345 New Member

    well could i get any of the la stuff?
  20. SnorlaxDude

    SnorlaxDude New Member

    What exactly didja want?
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