South Jersey Pokemon Steam Siege Prereleases

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    Prereleases for Steam Siege will be held on the last two Weekends of July.

    Entry is $30.
    Registration runs from 11am to Noon.
    We'll hand out prereease packages to players at Noon.
    Use your Steam Siege Prerelease pack to create a 40 card deck.
    Play with it in the prerelease tournament.
    Winners of Rounds 2 and 3 will each earn a bonus pack!
    Afterward, each player will get 2 bonus packs of Steam Siege.
    You will also get a promo card in your package that you can use in your deck.
    Bonus random prizes!
    A Draft will also be offered following the Prerelease

    We will have a new location for this series. We are back in South South Jersey, at Nerdvana in Egg Harbor Township. Help us regrow the game down there!

    Saturday July 23rd - Family Fun Hobbies Hamilton NJ
    731 New Jersey 33, Hamilton Township, NJ 08619

    Sunday July 24th - Nerdvana Games and Comics, Egg Harbor Township NJ
    3003 English Creek Ave, Egg Harbor Township, NJ 08234

    Saturday July 30th - Burlington Center Mall, Burlington NJ
    2501 Mount Holly Rd, Burlington Township, NJ 08016

    If you can't see the event yet on the tournament locator, it's awaiting approval. Check back later.
    In the meanwhile, mark your calendars!

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