SS's 3rd consecutive states win

Discussion in 'State/Province/Territory Championships' started by silent swordsman LV3, Mar 17, 2008.

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  1. i was deciding what to run the night before the states day (15/03/08)
    and i didn't have the confidence to play a rogue deck like adam did lol
    so i just used Gardy/Gallade/Claydol/Furret

    Rd1 Me (0-0) VS Kim (0-0) [venomoth +something..forgot lol)
    This was an easy win for me, i warp'd her venomoth and avoided her moth's effect a few times, but had to cop the effect sometime soon lol, killed it with Gallade, and killed the rest of her pokemon

    Rd2 Me (1-0) VS Ben (0-1) (Sceptile + Togekiss + Venusaur)
    I was matched down in this match.
    He got me with a T2 Sceptile, doing 50 to my pachirisu after i CFF'd (for sentret, baltoy and ralts)
    my tur, i switched, celios for a furret and evolved the sentret to furret and keen eye'd for Gallade and Candy, he hit me for 50 Again..., i attached DRE to Furret, and batton passed for 30, and attached the DRE to Gallade. he did 50 :p and i finished him with Psychic cut
    forgot the other game lol

    Rd3 Me (2-0) VS Rob (1-1) (Sandslash + Machamp)
    i was matched down AGAIN lolol (T.O.M hates me)
    he got a T2 Sandslash and spike armor for a bit, and then i killed it with Gallade, and took 40 and set up a gardy lol, he Revenges, i kill the machamp with gardy + lake B, and finished it with more gallades and gardys

    Rd4 Me (3-0) VS Marcus (3-0) (Blissvire)
    G1: he starts with chansey, electabuzz, and has Boost, blissey and others but no energy, so he folds
    G2: he starts with Elekid, and nothing else to help in his hand, i T2 Baton pass him with Furret

    <<<TOP CUT>>>​
    1) Me (SS) VS QC (Jedi_amara)
    2) Marcus (neo-lionheart) VS Louis (sephiroh555 [idk spelling]

    TOP CUT Me VS JA (magmotar + togekiss)
    G1: She killed my 2 ralts T3, and i knew i was screwed from that point, cant win with only 2 gardy/gallades...and i only have 1 TSD in the deck...forgot to put 1 more NM in lolol
    she beat me down slowly, but quickly lol, and i thought i had her but i forgot magmotar removes 2 counters when you attach from your i'm such a noob....
    G2: i got a T2 Gallade and a T3 Gardy...Easy win
    Sudden Death: I start with the worst starter, baltoy, and she Mulligans, i drew a ralts, and played it, she starts with a togepi, and i had 1 fighting and 1 psychic energy and a claydol, i could beat her T2 ifshe didn't candy to Togekiss lol....
    so she candied to "kiss" and only got one energy from serene grace (thank god.... lol) and she attached a scamble and ended, i drew, evolved baltoy to claydol and used TGW, and i won the RPS and then abused my hand, and then cosmic power to draw till i have 6 more cards in my hand, this gave me the advantage (a bit)
    i played carefully so she doesn't get too many cards in her hand and have options to do kool stuff lol...
    i ended my turn, she attaches another scramble and uses air scroll, if she got heads, i lose, if she got tails, i'm still in the game.
    ..................................she got tails ^^
    my next turn,i setted up a gardy, i used retreat, attach DRE to Gallade i setted up when i abused my hand with cosmic power, and used sonic blade to reduce togekiss's HP to 50 and put it on the bench, she bought a magmar out, evolved, attached an energy to it, and flame blast'd me for 20, (i think i missed a turn, lol i was on 10-20 left)
    i used Gardy's Telepass to use her Celio's network (the one she used T1 for her T1 kiss) and i searched the Gardy lvX, i retreated the Gallade, to gardy, lv'd it up and bring down the kiss FTW ^^

    yaay i won my 3rd states in a row

    Me coming undefeated (10-1)
    Aaron winning
    Andrew winning
    Dialga lvX and 3 pachis in my packs
    Yugioh during lunch break with aaron lol

    Sam H (lol jks)
    hot day/no air conditioning
    getting calls from my mum and jared during matches lol
    hate coin flips
    Jason's Lalalalallalalalas
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  2. Jason

    Jason New Member

    no lalalalala's in slops? lol, gj on 3-peat buddy, you deserved it mate.
  3. pikachu*

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    GJ Seano ;).
  4. FriedBlaziken

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  5. thanks aaron
  6. Jason

    Jason New Member

    no love for my lalala's? awww....

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