Stormslash Decklist (RE-EDITED)

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by SandshrewClaw, Jul 18, 2008.

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  1. SandshrewClaw

    SandshrewClaw New Member


    :fighting:Sandslash (DP MT) X1
    :fighting:Sandslash (EX Sandstorm) X1
    :fighting::dark:Dark Sandslash (EX Team Rocket Returns) X1
    :fighting:Sandshrew (DP MT) X2
    :fighting:Sandshrew (EX Sandstorm) X2
    :water:Empoleon (DP MD) X1
    :water:prinplup (DP MD) X2
    :water:piplup (DP MD) X4
    :lightningRaichu (DP MD) X1
    :lightningPikachu (DP MD) X2
    :lightningPikachu (DP MT)X2


    Pokeball X3
    Amulet Coin X3
    Energy Search X2
    Energy Restore X3
    Roseanne's Research X2
    Professor Oak's Visit X2
    Felicity's DrawingX2


    :fighting:Energy X8
    :lightningEnergy X8
    :water:Energy X8

    My Basic Strategy would be to use Weakness an Resistance against my opponent, because all of my pokemon types
    work together in a way that would be bad for my opponent. For Example,
    my :fighting: Pokemon are weak to :water: Pokemon But they would be weak to my :lightning
    Pokemon. You can keep mixing those types up but you'll usually be on top. There is also a bunch of other random strategies that could be used.

    Oh, and by the way I am the same guy as SandsrewClaw. I had to reload my account.:lol:
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