STP Stavanger Report(Norway)Of course I played G&G

Discussion in 'State/Province/Territory Championships' started by psy, Mar 9, 2008.

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  1. psy

    psy New Member

    A couple of weeks before the STP, I asked Arceus999 and DarthPika for help with the deck. Then I tried a little out and change a few things.
    The deck I used was G&G/Absol/Cresselia LV.X.

    I just start with the result of the matches :p. BTW there was 10 in Masters. 5 came from Stavanger and 5 from Oslo.

    Match 1 vs. Eldar(Magmortar/Typloshion) from Stavanger¨
    I made the deck to him, so I knows how he will play it(since we played many matches the day before).
    I won easily...

    Match2 vs. Joakim(Blissey/Darkrai/Weavile) from Stavanger
    I told him to not play that deck, I said to him everyone was going to use G&G. I said that to him the day before the tournament.
    I start with Absol, I discarded alle the Blissey he had, and won the match quite easily.

    Match3 vs. Axel(G&G/Claydol/Absol) from Oslo
    He got me in the start, I could have made a comeback(even won) the match, if I could have a Rare Candy in my hand. :(

    Match 4 vs. Kim(G&G/Palkia LV.X/ Cresselia/ and some other stuff :p) from Oslo
    I started good, by taking 3 priz cards. He made a comeback, and I didn't have any pokemon that was fully loaded, He took 4 prize, then I took a Gardevoir from PK as active, I killed his Gallade with Gardy from PK. Then he took a Gardy from SW as active, evolved it to Gardy X, killed my full loaded Cresselia LV. X at bench. I have 2 prize and he has 1, I used the power, Psy Shadow, and had enough psychic energy to use Bring Down, killed his Gallade, then we both was in 1-1 prize. I thought I won, but I forgot he could use Gardys attack(Psychic lock or something like that). He draw, he was thinking, then he said: Only 10 HP, Only 10 HP to win. I thought I lost, but ha had a DRE on Gardy X. Then he used a lot of time, I said: Come on, you're making me nervous. Hurry up. He used Psychic Lock, and I only had 10 HP left. I Drawed a card, and used Bring Down and won. The match was more detailed, but this was all I could remember.

    There is only top 2. We knew Axel was in the final 2(with 4-0). And there was me and Mikkel(Black_Jirachi) with 3-1. I Was thinking: Yeah, yeah, better luck next year. And thought I was third.
    But no, I was in the final 2. I laughed like crazy(or maybe not). Then there was a 30 minute break.
    I asked my little sister how she did, she was in the final 4 in Junior :).

    Then the final match starts:
    Match 5 vs. Axel(G&G/ Absol/ Claydol) from Oslo

    I didn't get any good hand in these two matches, couldn't get any setup, I only got one Gardy from PK in the first match. I ran out of luck.
    Axel won the STP in STavanger.

    2 place for me :p
    My littlesister won
    Got borrowed a Blissey to my littlesister.
    Mikkel looked emo as always
    Fries and hamburgers
    Top 2
    Joakims littlebrother, because he looked like a Piplup :p

    Rainy day
    I forgot my guitar, so Mikkel didn't sing :(
    I stood up early, because I was going to help them to set up chairs and tables.
    Bad air...

    That's all for this time....
  2. Black_jirachi

    Black_jirachi New Member

    I'll bring my guitar to nats, also, I will beat YOU by 2%
  3. psy

    psy New Member

    Next time, you would beat me in a match, not 2% xD.
    Btw I never lost 1 TGW that day :p.
  4. ilikegengar

    ilikegengar Member

    Congratulations on 2nd! Thank you for the report. It's fun to read about an event in Norway. I'd like to see the little brother that looks like Piplup!
  5. psy

    psy New Member

    If I get the permission, then I'm going to upload the pictuce ;)

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