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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by plaidlesspez, Aug 25, 2003.

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  1. plaidlesspez

    plaidlesspez New Member

    Umm, here is my latest deck. I have my strategy and analysis at the bottom.

    3 Poochyena (RS)
    3 Mightyena (RS)
    3 Slowpoke (Aq)
    3 Slowking (Aq)
    2 Nosepass (RS)
    2 Larvitar (Aq)
    1 Mewtwo ex (RS)
    1 Mew (Ex)

    4 Professor Elm (Promo)
    4 Potion (LC)
    3 Pokemon Trader (LC)
    3 Professor Oak’s Research (Ex)
    3 Desert Shaman (SR)
    2 Switch (LC)
    2 Warp Point (Ex)
    2 Strength Charm (Ex)
    2 Pokemon Fan Club (Aq)
    1 Town Volunteers (Aq)

    10 Psychic
    4 Dark
    2 Warp

    The strategy is to own your opponents hand. Doing and Shaman combined with discarding with Mightyena is devestating. Slowking with Larvitar lets you discard stuff they are about to draw, which could be vital. Anyway, the deck has gone 14-7 so far, which is pretty good, because I've been playing against some good decks. Here is an analysis of how everything has done:

    Mightyena - Murders psychic so bad it's not even funny. Gardevoir can still hurt it though. If it gets 8 energies on and I have 3 on, it can one hit it, but that doesn't happen too often. Against other stuff, it's good too, because it's a solid 50 every time, with a discard half the time. The discarding with him really adds up after a while, and can totally screw your opponent.

    Slowking - I've never been able to do the Shuffle Attack/Larvitar combo yet. Bursting hand is a nice one energy attack. Once I did it for 80 damage! He's still a good card though.

    Nosepass - Poo poo except against Scizor. If I can get Scizor to their hand with his second attack, I win.

    Larvitar - This guy is awesome. He's single handely won me about 4 games. I like to start him, discard as much as I can with him, and power up on the bench. I always discard good stuff with him, which can win me the game at the very beginning sometimes.

    Mewtwo ex - He's great, but I don't like giving my opponent 2 prizes. Use with caution.

    Mew - Didn't really use him at all.

    The problems with the deck so far are getting really bad draws the games I loose, and Desert Shaman backfiring on me really badly. I think I may take out one for a Copycat or another Oak's Research. Wells, thats all folks.
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