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  1. Absoltrainer

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    Is it against the rules to wear sunglasses during a tournament match?
  2. PokePop

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  3. bulbasnore

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    Best to check with your head judge & TO for the event.

    Players sometimes wear sunglasses indoors at tournaments to avoid having their eyes read by their opponent. For example, opponent says something he hopes will trigger a flick of the eyes that will tell him whether the opponent has a key card. Sunglasses conceal that involuntary flicker.

    There are situations when a player could be wearing sunglasses contrary to the rules, for example:
    • to conceal a stare that would attempt to read and change an RPS throw
    • reflective sunglasses used to reveal a card in hand to entice a play
    • part of an attempt to intimidate or distract the opponent
    A T.O. might announce that as part of operations certain items might not be permitted. For example, open drinks on tables, hoods that might conceal earphones, loose sleeve jackets long enough to conceal hands, etc.

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