Super Smash Bros. Battle Cards

Discussion in 'Create-A-Card' started by Shadowmaster, May 28, 2010.

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  1. Shadowmaster

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  2. Shadowmaster

    Shadowmaster New Member

    I am now holding the Superboss Event Matches on LackeyCCG, where you can win Promo cards and even Champion cards! Click here for more information.
  3. PokemonTrader

    PokemonTrader Active Member

    I'd like to mention, that positive encouragements are things people often forget.
    You are doing a wonderful job with these cards, I wish they were real D;
  4. Shadowmaster

    Shadowmaster New Member

    Thank you, even if I don't get much positive encouragement, I'll always keep making Smash cards because there's a certain thrill you get in making your own cards. XD

    Anyways because Photobucket is now forcing the urls of all uploads to be scrambled, I've moved my cards onto my website, meaning that every single link here had to be updated. X___x I've finally decided to get rid of the card spoilers and only keep the image links. I apologise for this.

    To make it up for you guys, here's 2 Promo cards.

    131 Volg Zangief
    132 Neifirst Ex
  5. Shadowmaster

    Shadowmaster New Member

  6. Nova9758

    Nova9758 New Member

    Can I request some cards?
    Matthew (Golden Sun)
    Crash Bandicoot
    Professor Layton
    White Bomberman
    Black Mage
  7. Shadowmaster

    Shadowmaster New Member

  8. Normal guy

    Normal guy New Member

    LOVE 149
    Ive been watching this one thread and you make very nice cards
  9. TrainerBZ

    TrainerBZ New Member

    These cards are super cool and I would love to be able to make my own.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Wow man these cards are amazing! Any chance you could help me out making cards like that?

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