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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Uchiha Sasuke, Jan 15, 2008.

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  1. Uchiha Sasuke

    Uchiha Sasuke New Member

    ~Final Version~

    General Strategy - Get the right Basic Energy cards for Garchomp, take full advantage of Rainbow Scale and do 110 damage with only 3 energies every turn.

    Deck List:

    Pokemon x 16
    Garchomp x 4 MT
    Gabite x 2 MT
    Gible x 4 MT
    Dodrio x 1 MT
    Duduo x 1 MT
    Kecleon x 1 SW
    Stantler x 2 SW
    Smeargle x 1 SW

    Trainers x 28
    Professor Oak's Visit x 4 SW
    Team Galactic's Mars x 4 SW
    Bebe's Search x 3 SW
    Roseanne's Research x 2 SW
    Energy Search x 3 DP
    Rare Candy x 3 HP
    Night Maintenance x 2 MT/SW
    Drake's Stadium x 3 PK
    Energy Recycle System x 1 PK
    Energy Switch x 1 DP
    Windstorm x 2 CG

    Energy Cards x 16
    Boost Energy x 2 PK
    Grass Energy x 1
    Fire Energy x 1
    Water Energy x 2
    Lightning Energy x 2
    Psychic Energy x 3
    Fighting Energy x 3
    Darkness Energy x 1
    Metal Energy x 1

    Cards and Combo explanations:
    Garchomp - I designed this deck to take full advantage of Rainbow Scale Pokebody. The trainer cards are designed in the way that you can get the right basic energy for your Dragon Fang to do 110 damage! Energy search, Roseanne's Research, Night Maintenance and Energy Recycle system does just that. Its free retreat cost is really a big bonus to this awesome card.

    Gabite - I'm not a fan o this card, I'd prefer to skip to Garchomp with Rare Candy. However, there are situations where Gather Up can be useful, but it is highly unlikely because the trainers in this deck do the job.

    Gible - Ok, not a good basic to start with but like Gabite these cards are the only one in the format. Push Down can be useful in some situations but its just OK.

    Dodrio - This is a tech that is added because 110 may not be enough to take down some stage 2s and LV. Xs. Tiple Pick will be able to knock-out the pokemon that Garchomp can't finish off. This card can draw you 3 prizes if your opponent likes to play retreat/Switch/Warp Point to save a pokemon hit with Dragon Fang.

    Duduo - Not a good card but I can't find any better one. Would be your worst starter if you're unlucky.

    Kecleon - This card is an interesting one, it has a bad attack which I wouldn't use unless I have no choice. But this deck caters for camouflage as it caters for Rainbow Scale. With Drake's Stadium in play Kecleon takes 50 damage less. Its a tank! Not the best starter but it lets you stall for time to set up Garchomp.

    Stantler - The best starter I put in this deck. Lead is the only energyless attack in this deck and it is awesome! Gets you the supporter you need to speed up your game and get the cards you need.

    Smeargle - A good starter, gets you the energy you need. However, this deck already has Roseanne's Research and Energy Search to get the energies, so maybe one Smeargle will do. (Thanks for suggesting this card, I find that it works very well. Perhaps later I will remake this deck with less energy getting trainers and more draw power subsituting energy searching trainers with more Smeargles.)

    Professor Oak's Visit - Good supporter generally, gets you 3 cards and returns one to the bottom of the deck.

    Team Galactic's Mars - 2 cards is not too bad, but the distruption can really cause big troubles to your opponent. I generally hate playing against players who use this card because it takes away a card I need very much too often.

    Roseanne's Research - Gets you the Basic Pokemon or Basic Energy Cards you need. Getting the right Basic Energy Card is the key to play well in this deck.

    Bebe's Search - Gets you the Pokemon you need.

    Energy Search - This card is essential in this deck, it gets you the right Basic Energy you need from your deck and the best thing is, it is not a supporter card.

    Rare Candy - Lets you skip from Gible to Garchomp, very important card to this deck.

    Night Maintenance - If the Basic Energy card you need gets into the discard pile, this card gets it back into the deck. Can be used with Energy Search on the same turn as a good combo to get the right Basic Energy card from discard pile to hand.

    Drake's Stadium - Having 10 damage less done to your Pokemon is sweet! Best used with Kecleon's Pokebody to block 50 damage.

    Energy Recycle System - An awesome card which could work with Energy Search to get Energy from discard pile to hand. Even if you do not have Energy Search, you can still get it straight to your hand. I like choice.

    Energy Switch - Got the Basic Energy card in the wrong Pokemon? This card will get it in the right place.

    Windstorm - To counter Cessation Crystal and Battle Frontier, this may not be too good for you when you have Drake's stadium in play and you need to get rid of Cessation Crystal. (I just realised Battle Frontier was reprinted in PK, looks like this is a neccessary addition now)

    Energy Cards - This deck generally depends on Basic Energy cards, the number of each Basic Energy cards should be modified based on the meta environment. I modified mine so that my deck matches the weakness of common decks I play against. For example, 3 Fighting Energy cards because BlissVire is very popular at the moment. 2 Lightning to counter Empoleon variations, 2 Water against Magmortars and Infernapes, 2 Psychic against Mario deck. One of each other type to make sure you at least have 1 energy against all weaknesses.
    *(If you know what deck you are playing against i.e playing against a friend, change the Basic Energy cards to the type/s which your opponent is weak against.)

    Boost Energy - Boost Energy is for the quick kill when you need it. Best used for Dodrio since you probably won't attack more than once with it. Also works perfectly on Garchomp which doesn't have any energies attached to it.

    Strengths - 110 Damage for 3 energy every turn if you play it right!

    Weaknesses - There are many counters to this deck, Cessation Crystal is still in this format which really kills this deck. Ouch, Battle Frontier is still in format.
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  2. KAZUTO!!!

    KAZUTO!!! New Member

    More Psychic Energy to counter Gardylade and more Stanlers if you want that to be your Starter.
  3. Uchiha Sasuke

    Uchiha Sasuke New Member

    Makes sense, Gallade will become more popular in time. I think I'll probably add a Psychic on next edit. I'll think about the Stantlers, I tested with 3 but it appears I get often Stantlers when I do not need them in the game, I'll try to test it further.
  4. Ultra Upaa

    Ultra Upaa New Member

    You may want to take out the drakes stadiums and put in some speed stadiums since garchomp is weak to blissy and you don't want to help it out. Also the kecleon is nice but there's better cards out there, with almost all the decks playing absol right now you may want to take out the stantlers and put in spinda.
  5. Uchiha Sasuke

    Uchiha Sasuke New Member

    Thanks for your advice, I will think about it.
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