T2B for Regionals

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Pokeric, Mar 16, 2008.

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  1. Pokeric

    Pokeric New Member

    Pokemon: 12
    4 Banette
    4 Shuppet
    2 Gorebyss
    2 Clampearl

    Trainers: 34
    4 TV Reporter
    4 Quick Ball
    3 Holon Mentor
    3 Plus Power
    3 Pokedex HANDY910is
    3 Night Maintenance
    3 Felicity’s Drawing
    2 Castaway
    2 Cessation Crystal
    2 Lake Boundary
    2 Pokenav
    1 Celio’s Network
    1 Crystal Beach
    1 Scott

    Energy: 14
    9 Psychic
    3 Multi
    2 DRE

    I just threw together a Banbyss deck at States when I found out that Magmortar was more popular in my area than I thought, and I got 5th with it after going 4-1 :biggrin: so I figured after 2 weeks of tweaking and perfecting it, it would be amazing, and it is (I think) lol. Anyways need help with it for Regionals
  2. Flygon999

    Flygon999 New Member

    You need some basic water energys, mabye 2-3 or so. and mabye a 2-2 or a 1-1 Lunaton/Solrock line.
  3. ~`Flygon`~

    ~`Flygon`~ New Member


    Oct snipes and can get rid of scramble and helps only more in the matchup against Gardylade or GardyLOCK. Tea gore does 50 and confusion,but snipping is what ure gonna want late game.

    No need to play 3 felicty if ure playing ure 4 tv reporter. add in a lunasol/warps and beaches
  4. Arcanine249

    Arcanine249 New Member

    -2 Gorebyss
    -2 Clampearl

    +1 Sableye
    +1 Minun
    +1 Lunatone
    +1 Solrock
  5. pokeking11

    pokeking11 New Member

    -2 clamperal
    -2 gorbyss

  6. Arcanine249

    Arcanine249 New Member

    thts the same thing i just said .... =//
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