T8 CT States w/ Lost World.

Discussion in 'State/Province/Territory Championships' started by Cirrus, Mar 15, 2011.

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  1. Cirrus

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    Hey guys, so after much deliberation and excruciating decisions, I went with a slightly teched version of Gengar Lost World deck. My matches:

    Round 1:
    Vs. Usaring, Donphan, Machamp.

    He got teh worst hand ever and could not draw out of energy, he Bebe's to get Usaring, and I curse dropped it for teh game since he drew 6 energies in a row and thats it, his hand was energy and a rare candy.

    Round 2:
    Vs. Beautifly/dustox/shaymin/Leafeon

    This was a Lost world win as even though she was able to do 60 + 2 special conditions pretty much every turn, I had teh engine going to seeker for a long time with 2 Gengars and LW 1-2 Pokes each turn till LW hit the table. In her defense her hand was pretty much all pokemon and no way to get rid of them.

    Round 3:
    Vs. Gyarados

    This loss was completely my misplay. When Seeker exists in a format if you can get more than 1 poke on your bench you do it, and I didn't like an idiot, he had only taken 2 prizes and I had 5 of his poke (2 of them being Magikarp) in the lost zone, and he belted an uxie, cycloned my uxie X up, flash bite seeker game. I felt liek an idiot, I had a collector in my hand and didn't use it a coupel turns earlier when I could have. damn.

    Round 4:
    Vs. Luxchomp

    It didnb't even matter if he had Dialga Teched or not, I was able to portrait and Spooky Whirlpool 3 times this game, gave him a prize or two through his trashbolt (his Lux X was lost zoned) and it was a 15 minute game and he scooped when I hit 6 in the LZ and had played twins the turn before to get teh LW.

    Round 5:
    Vs. Abomasnow

    Never tried this match up and it was scary close, very well played by my opponent. All 5 prizes he took were from my bench, and I was careful not to leave only one benched poke or let him KO a Gengar since3 I couldn't get any rescues this game for some reason. Ended up being him taking 5 prizes and my getting 6 LZed, hge though LW said 7 or 8, and didn;'t judge teh turn before, he used Bebe's for something instead I think. IU twins and called teh game, very good game.

    So I make top 8 and know ing teh strategy for Gengar Prime and Lost World, win teh first and try to win teh second without giving the opponent 4 prizes in case time calls. Well, luck doesn't always help you much.

    TOP 8:

    Vs. Gyarados

    Game 1:
    I start Unown Q, possibly the worst start ever in the whole world. We can guess how this game goes.

    Game 2:
    I don't start too bad, have him go first, he does some stuff. I do some stuff get a gengar up and not much else, forget to rebench one of my basics and get seeker benched again, what an idiot, but when I pick up my prizes I find it wouldnt have been a good game anyway, Gastly, gastly, gastly, haunter, Azelf, collector. WitW! lol. Not sure why I didn't notice all teh gastlys prized when I went through my deck but yea. Was probably POed still about teh first game. On a side note I was starting to get upset with this guy, nothing against him, he just had some issues calling the pokepowers correctly.

    so I lost, dunno what place I ended in, the last 4 places were 4 packs so just left with teh packs since I was starving.


    -My son got 3rd in juniors! very well done.
    -T8 I guess.
    -Time with family (have some in CT.)
    -Very well run and fun Tourney.


    -UNOWN Q!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    -Pizza sauce was NASTY!
    -People not announcing powers correctly! Say the dang Power and then let your opponent Acknowledge, then do it. lol.
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  2. JohnnyBlaze

    JohnnyBlaze New Member

    Hey Tim great job to both you and Anthony, it was great to see you guys could make it!!

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