Tangrowth AR Deck

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by wobbufet, Feb 28, 2011.

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  1. wobbufet

    wobbufet New Member

    ....Or Shaygrowth, if you want.
    I haven't made this deck yet, as I don't have all the necessary cards, and I want to see how good you'll think it will do before I spend money on them.
    Here's my decklist:

    So, I'll start off with the basics. Shaymin Lv. X gives Tangrowth a huge 150HP, and being weak to fire, doesn't have much to fear. Tangrowth's second attack, Swallow Up, is the big cornerstone of this deck. You see, with Expert Belt attached and Shaymin Lv. X in play, Tangrowth has 170HP, almost equaling the Swallow Up Wailord! Tropius is very situational, if Tangrowth's HP gets low, switch to Tropius, heal, retreat, and Big Growth. Switch and Warp Point are there so you don't have to waste a turn on Big Growth as often. Expert Belt, as I said, is there to give Tangrowth a double-sided bonus. Battle Tower provides great healing when Tangrowth levels up, and Bench Shield protects Shaymin & Tropius. MooMoo Milk and Life Herb contribute really well to keeping Tangrowth's HP high. Level Max has nice synergy with Tangrowth and Battle Tower, so that I can heal & level up Tangrowth. Junk Arm can get back PlusPowers or other trainers, and discarding Grass Energy is the best choice, with Big Growth. Palmer's Contribution can get back techs if they're bright looked or something. Finally, PlusPower is there to give Tangrowth that extra oomph when you need it. DCE charges Swallow Up pretty quick, and after the opponent KOs Tangrowth, a Rescue Energy can bring it back.

    Please post and be honest! I don't want to waste money on a horrid deck just because someone lied! However, if it's good, I won't mind spending a few bucks!
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  2. hey its kenz

    hey its kenz New Member

    Very good idea, when i looked at tangrowth AR first i though no one would use this but i see you have come up with a great idea.
    well on to the critisism.

    You Dont need 3 Shaymin if you are only going to have 1 Lv. X, especially if he is a bench sitter. try 2 shaymin. You want tangela for a start so try 4 tangela, BIG THING HERE: Use tangela from Call of Legends. Its first attack lets you search the deck for one grass energy and attach it to one of your pokemon, for only one energy (awesome ^.^)
    The Tropius are a good idea but will really decrease the consistency of the deck, you need some draw power or search power (which you really dont have much of)
    So take out both tropius for 2 uxies, if you have them. Another great tech for this deck is Sunflora HS, it lets you search for one grass pokemon a turn and that is a power (Another Awesome ^.^)
    Major Flaw Is.... No Luxury Ball..????
    And if you run the tangelas from CoL, you will only need 10-12 energy as they search them out for you
    Hope this helps!
  3. wobbufet

    wobbufet New Member

    Like this?

    Thanks for the suggestions! I chose the GS Sunkern because, well, its the only modified-legal sunkern :). The reason I chose Tangrowth AR for my deck is because I like using decks that no one's ever thought of, it's more fun than building a LuxChomp or Gyarados deck. There was that one time I used MighTank though, although not too many people know about it. Anyway, thanks for the revision!
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