[TCG: Standard] Greer, South Carolina (2019-12-28)

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    Tournament Information
    Play! Pokémon Tournament Details
    Format: TCG: Standard
    Date: Saturday, 28 December 2019
    On-Site Registration: 17:00 (5 PM) to 17:30 (5:30 PM)

    Location Information
    104 Middleton Way Suite E
    Greer, South Carolina 29650-1323
    Phone: 864-334-5393
    Website: http://www.platformfortytwo.com/

    Other Information

    Entry Fee: $5.00

    Prize Support: Each player will receive one Pokémon Trading Card Game booster pack for playing in the tournament. Additional booster packs will be awarded to the top players in each age division.

    Deck List: 2020 Pokémon TCG Tournament Season through Sun & Moon--Cosmic Eclipse

    Deck lists are required for the event. They may be completed onsite during registration, or they can be printed and completed before arriving at the location to allow for quicker processing during registration.

    TCG: Standard Format
    • Sun & Moon--Ultra Prism (UPR)
    • Sun & Moon--Forbidden Light (FLI)
    • Sun & Moon--Celestial Storm (CES)
    • Sun & Moon--Lost Thunder (LOT)
    • Sun & Moon--Team Up (TEU)
    • Sun & Moon--Unbroken Bonds (UNB)
    • Sun & Moon--Unified Minds (UNM)
    • Sun & Moon--Cosmic Eclipse (CEC)
    • Dragon Majesty (DRM)
    • Detective Pikachu (DET)
    • Hidden Fates (HIF)
    • Black Star Promos SM94 and higher (PR)

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