Team 2's Hoenn and Sinnoh Gym Leader cards

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  1. Charizardian

    Charizardian New Member

    Alright fakers, ready for your next challenge? You must create a final evolution (Meaning any stage, but the Pokémon cannot evolve any further) of a Hoenn or Sinnoh gym leader. Here is the rubirc.

    Name: 5 Points
    This needs no explanation.

    HP: 3 Points
    Don't make it too low or too high.

    Picture: 7 points
    Remember to be descriptive!

    Type: 5 points
    A note for this round: The Pokémon you make must be type oriented (i.e. Brawly must get a fighting Pokémon).

    Weakness/Resistance/Retreat Cost: 9 Points
    Be sure to give the cards a proper weakness, resistance, and retreat cost.

    Poké-Power/Body and Attacks: 50 Points
    Be sure to use é, originality, and good grammar.

    Rarity, Flavor Text, and Level: 5 Points
    Don't froget these!

    Explanations: 8 Points
    Tell me why you gave them attacks/powers/bodies like you did, and why you gave them the certain amount of HP, Retreat cost, and the weakness/resistance.

    Strategy:8 Points
    Don't make cards that can't combo with anything!

    Total: 100 Points

    And now, the restrictions for this round:
    No Pokémon ex or LV X Pokémon
    No fake card mehcanics (Such as Ultima Type)
    No dual types.

    Deadline is Thursday, September 27th, at 4:00 PM ET.
  2. Lucario EX

    Lucario EX Moderator<br>Fanfic Contest Host

    You mean like the Pokémon in the Gym Heroes and Gym Challenge sets, right?
    If so, here's my card.

    Gardenia's Leafeon Lv. 38
    Stage 1 [G] Pokémon
    Evolves from Gardenia's Eevee
    100 HP

    Leafeon is curled up asleep in a ray of sunlight,
    with berry trees and bushes surrounding it. All the trees are bent down slightly,
    so they look sort of dome-like.

    Poké-Power: Synthesis
    Once during your turn (before your attack) you may remove up to 2 damage counters from one of your [G] Pokémon. This power can't be used if Gardenia's Leafeon is affected by a Special Condition.

    [G][G] Solarbeam 20
    Put 4 damage counters on the Defending Pokémon at the end of your opponent's next turn.

    Weakness: [R]+20
    Resistance: [W]-20
    Retreat Cost: [C]

    Flavor text:
    Any plants that are around a Leafeon grow much faster than normal.
    Because of this, many farmers keep them.

    Explanation: 100 HP is a little high for a stage 1, but it's only 10 more than the DP4 Leafeon, and having high HP helps it take advantage of Synthesis.
    Solarbeam takes two turns to use, so I based it on Cradily d's Harsh Fluid attack, except less powerful, as Leafeon is only a stage 1.
    Leafeon learns Synthesis in the video games, so
    I gave it Synthesis as a Poké-Power, so it could combo with Torterra/Vespiquen.
    Fire weakness is common for Grass-types, and so is Water resistance, but not so much, and Leafeon doesn't seem powerful enough to need +30 weakness, and -20 Resistance is normal for DP-on Pokémon.

    Strategy: I think Gardenia's Leafeon would fit best in Torterra/Vespiquen, or it could be used as an attacker with Skarmory ex to keep the opponent from retreating when Solarbeam was used.
  3. shiftrymaster68

    shiftrymaster68 Active Member

    Calling Fantina's Drifblim or Fantina's Banette.
  4. ensignmerlin

    ensignmerlin New Member

    Flannery's Blaziken Lv.48 110HP [R]

    Stage 2 Pokémon(Evolves from Flannery's Combuskein, Put Flannery's Blaziken on the Stage 1 Pokémon.)

    (Source image Blaziken by Arkeis at

    PokéBody: Extra Flame.
    Whenever Flannery's Blaziken attacks, you may discard a Basic [R] Energy Card attached to it. If you do, Flannery's Blaziken's attacks do 20 more damage to the Defending Pokémon(Before applying weakness and resistance).

    [R][R][R] Critical Burnout 30+
    This attack does 50 more damage if you have more cards in your discard pile than your opponent.
    Retreat Cost:[C][C]

    Flavor Text: When it meets a powerful opponent the flames on its wrists blaze brighter in anticipation of the battle to come. Even if nearing defeat, its power still continues to grow.

    I thought 110 was a good amount of health to start off with. Still fairly durable for a modern stage 2, since in the past Blaziken cards have rarely had less that 100HP. With the new Pokémon out I thought it fair to have a slightly higher health than the 90 I would normally give. (Let me know on this if possible Shifty) The high health is also partly to make up for the somewhat weak body and situational attack.

    I've given this to multiple Blaziken cards of mine in the past. A simple effect that allows for a little extra damage at a small price for that extra oomph when you need to KO a Pokémon that would otherwise just barely survive. All around useful but nowhere near broken.

    The attack appears rather underpowered at first sight, doing only a meager 30 when Pokémon of similar stage and more powerful effects. Despite this, with a little help and some energy discard this attack can do up to 100 damage per turn. The attack works slightly with the body, allowing you to boost your graveyard a little while doing a half-decent 50 damage. When making this attack I tried to think of something suitably fire themed and powerful, yet could also take slight advantage of the Body like many other of my cards in the past. Making the attack do a respectable amount of damage while requiring a mildly chancy(Chansey?) condition to be fulfilled for best effect seemed rather reasonable to balence the health.

    Rather obvious actually, just a basic [W] type weakness suitable for every single other [R] Blaziken made. Most stage 2 Pokémon with weaknesses have a +30...

    No Resistance, also per every other Blaziken of the [R] type ever made.

    Retreat Cost-
    I know Blaziken is a relatively fast Pokémon, but I felt another way to balance its health would be to increase the standard retreat cost for Blaziken's by 1..

    This could combo well with those Infernape decks that were crawling around just before worlds. Using the Kitty's to feed Infernape's explosive attacks until the discard pile is suitably clogged. Then, swap out for a ready charged Blaziken and fire away. I suppose you could combo this well with several other cards, though few others come to mind at the present.(Could use some help from Shifty here as well.)
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  5. Blaziken 1111

    Blaziken 1111 Active Member

    Can we do elite four and champion. If so I call Drakes Salamence. If not then I call wakes empoleon
  6. Lucario EX

    Lucario EX Moderator<br>Fanfic Contest Host

    Quick grammar fix. My changes are in bold.
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  7. shiftrymaster68

    shiftrymaster68 Active Member

    Fantina's Drifblim
    Stage 1 [P] Pokémon
    Evolves from Fantina's Drifloon
    90 HP

    Picture: The camera views a Drifblim from a bottom-view. The background is a dark-violet/black color, with lavender lightning sparks in the clouds. The Drifblim is just looking off-screen, but is sinister-looking due to the lighting and mood of the picture. You can see the Drifblim's eyes shining bright red.

    (Poké-POWER) - Hot Air Shot
    Once during your turn (before your attack), when you play Fantina's Drifblim to evolve your Active Pokémon, you may choose 1 of your opponent's Benched Pokémon. Put 3 damage counters on that Pokémon.

    [P][C] Shadow Spread
    Put 2 damage counters on one of your opponent's Pokémon for each Energy attached to Fantina's Drifblim. You can't put more than 4 damage counters on any Pokémon in this way.

    These mysterious Pokémon seemingly travel infinitely across the Earth. Experienced researchers believe they may be searching for something.

    Weakness [D]+30
    Resistance [F]-20
    Retreat Cost [C]
    Rarity: Holo-Rare

    Explanation: Fantina's Drifblim has a good amount of HP due to its in-game stats, where it has a huger amount of HP. Weakness to Dark is expected since it's a Ghost, and Fighting Resistance is because it has immunity to Fighting and Ground. Its power is to blast hot air at any Benched Pokemon your opponent has once the Drifloon inflates and evolves. The Drifblim gets more power from each Energy attached to it, and can use the Energy to Shadow Spread your opponent's Pokemon.

    Swarms of itself: Basic strategy, and effective as well. If you only try to get Drifblims up, then you can consistantly have more waiting to be put down to Hot Air Shot.

    Nidoqueen d: Allows a steady stream of Fantina's Drifblims to come out. Inviting one every turn allows you to Hot Air Shot very consistantly, and not stop pummeling your opponent's bench.

    Absol ex PK: This can be dropped to override Hot Air Blast and Shadow Spread's limitations, and snatch unexpected KO's.

    Warp Point/Holon WP: These 2 allow you to drop multiple Drifblims in one turn to suddenly Hot Air Blast 6-9 damage counters on your opponent's Pokemon, grabbing easy KO's.

    Blastoise DP3: By sacrificing a turn, you can drop a surplus of Energy on your Drifblims, allowing them to Shadow Spread for a total of 8+ damage counters.

    Double Rainbow Energy/Scramble Energy: It's easy to use these in a Fantina's Drifblim deck, as you can fall behind without much penalty while you spread damage.

    Prinplup DP1/Empoleon DP1: These two make for nice sniping partners with Drifblim.

    I'll do the rest later.
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  8. ensignmerlin

    ensignmerlin New Member

    Thanks Luc, I'll get on that.

    -Card now finished.
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  9. Blaziken 1111

    Blaziken 1111 Active Member

    Maylene's Infernape Lv. 45
    Stage 2 [F] Pokémon
    100 HP

    Evolves from Maylene's Monferno

    Picture: There is and infernape standing on a gym battle field with a glowing fist. There is Maylene in the backround.

    Poké-Power: Fire Fist: You can use this Power once during your turn; using this Power ends your turn. Choose any number of Basic [R] energy in your hand and discard them. Then for each basic [R] energies you discarded you may search your deck and or hand for a basic [F] enegy from your hand and attach them to your Pokémonin any way you like. Shuffle you deck afterwards. This Power can’t be used if this pokémon is affected by a Special Condition.

    [F][F] Energy Fist 20x

    You may choose any amount of basic [F] energy attached to your pokémon and shuffle them into your deck. This attack does 20x the amount of basic [F] energy you shuffled.

    Flavor text: It can land 60 punches that can breke stone a minute and can run at the speed of 100 MPH.

    Weakness: [P] +30
    Retreat cost:



    HP: 100 HP is about average HP for the stage 2 fire starter pokémon.

    Poképower: It's power combos well with it's attack. You can search your deck for the price of a [R] energy. It ends you turn because if it didn't then it would be broken.

    Attack: Like I said it combos well with it's power. It's attack is kind of like crush and burn from metagross but it's only basic [F] energy. You shuffle it back into your deck so once all the energy are gone then you use it's power again.

    Weakness: +30 is average for a Stage 2 and I chose [P] Weakness because it's a [F] pokémon.

    Resistance: [R] and [F] types usually don't have any.

    Retreat: On all of the Apes printed so far, all of then have free retreat.

    Stratagy: You could use dellcatty and draw out you deck for [R] energy and then use apes power. You discard a lot of [R] energy to attach a lot of [F] energy and because of that you can level up and use ape Lv.'s attack because you discarded a lot of fire energy.
  10. Charizardian

    Charizardian New Member

    The Grades arre in!

    Lucario EX's Gardenia's Lefaeon

    Name: 5 Points

    HP: 3 Points

    Picture: 7 points

    Type: 5 points

    Weakness/Resistance/Retreat Cost: 9 Points
    I guess it's okay.

    Poké-Power/Body and Attacks: 35 Points
    It's power isn't that original. The attack is okay.

    Rarity, Flavor Text, and Level: 5 Points

    Explanations: 8 Points
    Nice job

    Strategy:6 Points
    Hmmm...could use a little more of this. But I like the ones you have.

    Total: 83/100

    ensignmerlin's Flannery's Blaziken

    Name: 5 Points

    HP: 3 Points

    Picture: 7 points
    How can you be any more discriptive?

    Type: 5 points

    Weakness/Resistance/Retreat Cost: 9 Points

    Poké-Power/Body and Attacks: 40 Points
    Melikes the originality, but I beleive the wording on the attack should be "If you have more cards in your discard pile than your opponent, this attack does 30 damage plus 50 more damage."

    Rarity, Flavor Text, and Level: 5 Points

    Explanations: 8 Points

    Strategy:5 Points
    I don't see your combo working that well and you could use some more.

    Total: 87/100

    shiftrymaster68's Fantina's Drifblim

    Name: 5 Points

    HP: 3 Points

    Picture: 7 points

    Type: 5 points

    Weakness/Resistance/Retreat Cost: 9 Points

    Poké-Power/Body and Attacks: 40 Points
    You lose some points for originality.

    Rarity, Flavor Text, and Level: 3 Points
    No level.

    Explanations: 8 Points

    Strategy:8 Points

    Total: 88/100

    Blaziken 1111's Maylene's Infernape:

    Name: 5 Points

    HP: 3 Points

    Picture: 5 points
    eh, could youse a little more descriptive

    Type: 5 points

    Weakness/Resistance/Retreat Cost: 7 Points
    No retreat cost at all sounds a tad low.

    Poké-Power/Body and Attacks: 32 Points
    You lose points here from grammar issues and some brokeness.

    Rarity, Flavor Text, and Level: 5 Points

    Explanations: 8 Points

    Strategy:6 Points
    could use some more.

    Total: 77/100

    Combined with the extra points you get for having the downside on players, you're average is 83.75 I'll do team PikaClan's grades a little later to see if you will pull through this round.

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