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Discussion in 'TCG News & Gossip Discussion' started by Professor Dav, Oct 16, 2003.

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  1. Professor Dav

    Professor Dav Master Trainer

    We've shut down the Professor test Q&A submission page due to such an awesome response.

    We received over 600 Question and Answer sets in just two days!

    We'll be going through these as soon as possible, and will repost the submission form in the case that we require more questions.

    Beyond that, we'll be working on getting these selected, and having the booster pack rewards sent out as soon as possible!

    Again, thanks for your dedication and assistance!

    Prof. Dav
  2. Sensei

    Sensei Team Compendium Emeritus Staff Member Trader Feedback Mod

    Thats what we are here for dave! :cool:

  3. GOROY

    GOROY New Member

    You are very welcome!
  4. RainbowRichards

    RainbowRichards Active Member

    Glad to do my bit - but I was surprised to see that the submissions form was closed already! I didn't get any Rules type questions in yet! (They're the hardest to come up with - well, the wordiest, at any rate!) Hopefully you got enough of that type!
  5. Professor Dav

    Professor Dav Master Trainer

    My next task (after compiling these into one document in the order received) is to sort these by question type, and then remove any duplicates.

    In the case that we need further questions, we'll specify exactly what kinds of questions we're looking for, and reopen the submission form.

    Thanks again for all your help!

    Prof. Dav
  6. yoshi1001

    yoshi1001 Active Member

    What, closed already? I still have many more sadistic ideas left! Oh well, I still got my evil cards-in-deck question in. :D
    Last edited: Oct 16, 2003
  7. ukpokemonpro

    ukpokemonpro New Member

    I am glad to have given as much back as PUI have given :)
  8. )v(ajin_ipg21

    )v(ajin_ipg21 New Member


    I get it...
  9. Marcello-Milord

    Marcello-Milord New Member

    I feel that they will need more Rulings questions... Maybe we all have sent a lot of TO/Floor Rules/Judging questions, and a few about rulings ^^;;; The most challenging part of the test is really challenging in writing the questions :)
  10. GreatFox

    GreatFox New Member

    Well... i don't know, most of the Questions I submitted were Ruling Questions (and mostly having to do with babies, I have no idea why :confused: ). I also managed a few wordy Rules questions as well.
  11. Pokeplayer

    Pokeplayer New Member

    Hey I submitted rules questions and Pokemon play questions..........

    Glad to do my help out.....
  12. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    Europeans probably weren't eligible to receive packs of cards anyway...
  13. SteveP

    SteveP Active Member

    Too bad LOTS of us Professors didn't get to participate due to not having POP IDs. :(
  14. Sensei

    Sensei Team Compendium Emeritus Staff Member Trader Feedback Mod

    Steve,yeah that bites.But do keep an eye out as Dave said they may open it again if they need certain questions.


  15. Tego

    Tego New Member

    I couldn't log in, even if I tried several times. Then suddenly it was shut down and my nice questions never got a chance. It doesn't matter if us Europeans didn't get any boosters, I still wanted my questions to be in the test.

    Well, well, At least I tried.
  16. Dek

    Dek New Member

    I hate to act or sound like a complete n00b right now, but what exactly are these question gonna be used for?
  17. Orange Soda

    Orange Soda New Member

    POP Professor test.
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