The Birth of a legend, Spectreon!!! -FIN-

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    I decided I would finally tell my tale. The tale of my favorite Pokemon, Spectreon. I have included a little on this Scary Ghost Pokemon in my sig for quite a while now, and now THE BIRTH OF SPECTREON....

    My story begins with a simple trainer named Mitch, from Rainbow City, Kanto. Mitch wasn’t your average trainer, he held a grudge. A grudge against what you ask, well basically everything… When he began his journey 5 years ago, his mother bestowed upon him her favorite Pokemon, Eevee. Now Mitch, who was forced to become a trainer, not because his mom made him, but because it was his only escape, his only release from his mothers home, took Eevee some what reluctantly. He didn’t want anything that belonged to his mother, and yet took the Eevee anyways so he could get away.

    As his training progressed, so did his hatred toward his mothers Eevee, whose name was Spectrum. He trained it so hard, that you would have thought he was battling against it, rather than with it. He wanted it to evolve into a nice evil Umbreon, but couldn’t bond with it, which is necessary for the evolution. He would force it into battles, battles he knew Spectrum couldn’t win. He would push it harder and harder. He force fed it bitter herbs and berries which the Spectrum hated. But for some reason, no matter how bad Mitch treated Spectrum, Spectrum still did its best, and worked as hard as he could to impress Mitch. Mitch also managed to catch a few Pokemon to accompany them as well. He was able to catch an annoyingly noisy Loudred which he named Silencer, an extremely quick Zubat named Bruce, and a particularly creepy marked Spinarak named Petey. He just recently caught a Seadra that he could use to cross the waters with. He named his newly captured Seadra Fin. After the battle, his Zubat also evolved to a Golbat.

    After trying unsuccessfully to acquire the 8 badges needed to participate in the Indigo Plateau League, he gave up. It wasn’t really what he wanted to do anyways…. So he tried other ventures. He was briefly a member of Team Rocket, but he didn’t quite agree with their goals of Pokemon theft and domination, he tried various other things before finally becoming a free-lance trainer. He would offer his services for a price, and upon agreement, perform any task he could with the aid of his Pokemon.

    Even though he didn’t care well for his Eevee, something inside of him forced him to keep it. He didn’t know what it was, or why he did it, he just did. One day his journeys took him near Celadon City. He had been here before, even challenged Erika to a gym match, but to no avail. While in the city he decided to stop by the Celadon Department Store. He figured, if he couldn’t get an Umbreon, he might as well force Spectrum to evolve into something more useful, maybe a Jolteon or Flareon, even a Vaporeon would be better. He bought a few new Pokeballs, after using his last one to catch Fin. He also bought an HM Surf, which he needed. When he got up to the 5th floor, and was looking over the different stones they had in stock, he realized he had spent almost all his money. He asked the lady behind the counter, and asked what he could get with his remaining cash. The only thing she had available was a Spell Tag, which was on sale. He decided to take it, saying he would return later once he had been paid for his latest quest. After stopping by the Pokemon Center to heal his Pokemon, he decided to give the Spell Tag to his Eevee. Since he had taught Spectrum Shadow Ball, he figured it would help power up the move a little.

    After leaving the Pokemon Center, he hopped on his bike, and traveled to Cycling Road. A man had hired him to take care of some bicycle gang that had been terrorizing his family. It was already getting late, the sun had gone down just about a half an hour ago. There was a Snack Shack that this gang was known to hang out at, and sure enough that’s where they were. 3 of them, 2 boys about 17, and a 16 year old girl, just like the man said. He challenged them to a battle, and they agreed, as long as it was a 3 on 3 match. It wasn’t fair…. His attention divided 3 ways, he wasn’t sure he could win. But he had to try!!! To much money was at stake not too. The 2 boys sent out a Houndour and a Mawile, while the girl sent out an Tangela. Mitch determined that he was best off pitting Spectrum against the Houndour, Silencer against Mawile, and Petey to deal with Tangela. Silencer started off the battle with a ear piercing Screech. The gang covered their ears, the Pokemon looked as if in pain from the shriek. Mitch and his Pokemon however where used to the sound, and where able to withstand it a little better. Mitch knew he had to strike first, and quickly before they could recover …. He ordered his Spectrum to use a Sand attack to blind Houndour, then had Petey spin a web to confine Tangela’s weeds. Mawile, who had already recovered, used a Faint Attack on Silencer, knocking him down. Silencer was able to recover though, and Mitch had him send a Flamethrower hitting it squarely in its massive jaw as it came in for a bite attack. Mawile was down for the count. While his back was turned, Tangela had freed itself using Vine Whip, then was trying to cover Petey in a Stun Spore. Mitch quickly told his Spinarak to swing itself away with a web, and then hit it with a Sludge Bomb. Tangela dodged the attack, and launched a Mega Drain attack which hit its mark. Petey, who seemed mostly unphased by the attack, launched a second Sludge Bomb, this time nailing Tangela, who was also down for the count. Mitch turned his attention back to his Eevee, who was just hit by Ember. Spectrum seemed hurt pretty bad, but he just wouldn’t give up. Mitch ordered a Take Down, which hit Houndour head on, but seemed to hurt Spectrum more than the Houndour. Houndour’s Pursuit hit Eevee head on while it tried a Quick Attack. Mitch couldn’t believe it. His Eevee was hurt pretty badly, and he couldn’t afford to loss. He started to yell at Spectrum. He told Spectrum to do whatever it took, not to give up, that he’d better not loose!!! Spectrum let out a mighty Roar, just as its Spell Tag started to Glow. He couldn’t let Mitch down, he just couldn’t. A bright light flashed, and Eevee was gone. The 3 gangsters started to laugh, that his Eevee learned how to Explode, for the lot of good it did it. Mitch was worried, where could his Eevee have gone? Just then, a new Pokemon none of them had ever seen started to materialize. It was some sort of ghost! Its head and tail were clearly visible, but it faded to nothingness as you looked upon it, no feet and half a body, where all you could see, and what you could see was a weird distortion of the background behind it, like looking into a heat wave. All three gangsters where mesmerized by its glowing bright green eyes. Mitch wasn’t sure where this “THING” had come from, but when it turned to face him, a startling realization came to him. He instantly yelled “Spectrum, Shadow Ball” and sure enough it listened, sending a Shadow Ball straight at the stunned Houndour. The battle was over. The 3 gangsters promised to leave the old man and his family alone, and the old man paid him rather well for the job well done.

    Back at the Celadon Pokemon Center, he asked Nurse Joy about his new Pokemon. She said she had never seen anything like it, but he was free to look on the internet to try and find out. She said she would try and contact Professor Oak to see if he knew. After an hour of frantically searching the web, he had found nothing, when Nurse Joy called him over and told him he had a video phone call. He couldn’t believe his eyes, it was the Infamous Prof Oak and some woman he had never seen before. Prof Oak quickly introduced himself, and the mysterious woman as Prof Willow. Oak congratulated Mitch on his fine new specimen of Pokemon and would like to see it for himself. Mitch released Spectrum from its Pokeball, as Prof Willow exclaimed “IT IS”.

    Mitch asked “Is what?”

    She said it was a Spectreon, a newly discovered Pokemon she had found while visiting the Orre Region. “It is the Ghost form Eevee takes on after being misused and abused by its trainer. Also that a Spell tag is required, and it must faint while in a battle at night. Spectreon is one of the most used Pokemon in the Team Snatch organization. It‘s a good thing the battle did happen at night” Prof Willow said after hearing Mitch’s tale. “Otherwise your Eevee would be dead.” Mitch was very relieved that this didn’t happen. Something sparked inside of him when he saw those glowing green eyes. Something from deep within his heart, a love that he didn’t think that he possessed. The love that kept him from giving up his Eevee, the love that he felt for his mother. After 5 years away from home, without so much as a phone call, or email, he decided it was time to go home, and reconcile with his mother before it was too late.

    He shouted “I gotta go” and hung up on Professor’s Oak and Willow who looked shocked at this sudden rush of emotion…….

    The end… for now

    I hope to include stats and Move list for Spectreon soon. I had it all done up for the GSC series, but need to update it for RuSa. I promise to add this soon.... and maybe a new story if this is well recieved. I have spent over a year obsessed on my imaginary Pokemon. I wish he was real, and that Nintendo would make him, but hey, i can always use this to spread his story for know.....
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    Spectreons Stats: Neutral Nature;

    HP 372

    AT 255

    DF 239

    SP 273

    SA 301

    SD 309

    This was easy enough to do. I wanted Spectreon to be balanced. No stats higher or lower than the other Eevee evolutions. So I just took and added all of their stats together and devided by 5. This gives him a good all around feel to work with, now on to his ability and moves....

    Abilty:Haunt-Prevents opponent from gaining boosters from thier own moves. Ex Armoldo uses Swords Dance, nothing hapened. Geodude used Harden, nothing happened

    Move list

    9/Mean Look
    15/Confuse Ray
    21/ Will-o-Wisp
    33/Night Shade
    39/Shadow Ball
    46/Swords Dance

    Learnable TM’s and HM’s

    04 Calm Mind
    05 Roar
    06 Toxic
    10 Hidden Power
    11 Sunny Day
    12 Taunt
    15 Hyper Beam
    17 Protect
    18 Rain Dance
    21 Frustration
    23 Iron Tail
    27 Return
    29 Psychic
    30 Shadow Ball
    32 Double Team
    41 Torment
    42 Facade
    43 Secret Power
    44 Rest
    45 Attract
    46 Thief
    49 Snatch


    05 Flash
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    I think it should learn Frustration snd Perish Song... Maybe instead of Swords Dance and Astonish...
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    I thought about Perish Song, maybe for Swords Dance. Unfortunatly it wasnt til after I had posted it. Maybe I will change it....

    I dont know a Pokemon that naturally learns Return, or Frustration, so you can just use the TM for it instead...
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    Hey Salamence learns Fly...
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    Here ya go,

    Chapter 2

    Well, after a short visit back to Rainbow City, Mitch was of on yet another adventure. His visit with his mother had gone well, and all was buried and forgiven. Mitch’s mom was impressed that the Eevee she had given him had become so powerful. After a very mushy goodbye, Mitch was off again. He decided to travel south to Vermilion City to take a cruise to the Johto Region. He would have stopped in Saffron, but he didn’t have enough money to take the Magnet Train. He tried to find work in Saffron to take the train, but there wasn’t anything he was willing to do available.

    One night just outside of Vermilion, he decided to go fishing. His boat, the SS Aqua, didn’t leave until the next day, and staying outdoors was way cheaper then renting a room, and less crowded than the Pokemon Center. Just then, Mitch felt a tug on his line. He got his Pokeball ready as he reeled in the line. It was a Remoraid, he discovered as he released the Pokeball with Bruce, his Golbat. “Bruce, Confuse Ray, then Wing Attack.” While Bruce was launching its Confuse Ray, Remoraid attacked with its Water Gun. It grazed Bruce’s wing as Confuse Ray hit its mark, but Bruce’s wing was to badly injured to use Wing Attack. Mitch recalled Golbat, and sent out his Seadra, Fin. Fin was swimming circles around the confused Remoraid awaiting Mitch’s order. “Seadra, Dragon Breath!!!” Fins attack hit squarely on Remoraid’s side, sending it flying. Mitch sent a Pokeball flying, and listened for the silent “ding” of the captured Pokemon. “I think I will call you Otto”

    The next day, after a brief stop at the Pokemon Center to heal his Pokemon, he was ready for his journey to Johto. “Finally” he thought to himself, for he had always wanted to visit the Johto Region. He decided he didn’t need two water Pokemon, so he left Fin in Bills computer, incase he needed him later. The SS Aqua was huge. There must have been hundreds, if not thousands of people boarding the massive ship. There was a pool, shuffle board, a casino, and an arcade. There was even an onboard movie theater, and 3 different kitchens, and 6 mini stadiums to hold Pokemon battles in. “Now this is the life” Mitch thought to himself, while he found his way to his room. He called out all his Pokemon and decided what to do first….

    Knock, knock…. “Is anyone in there?” a girls voice came from the other side of the door. “Room service”…. Mitch opened the door, and startered to speak, when she shoved her way into the room.

    “Hey, what do you think you are doing?” Mitch shouted as she shut the door behind her.

    “Shhhh” she exclaimed as she huddled towards the back of the room. “Oh excuse me, my name is Emma, what is yours?” She held out her hand to shake Mitch’s.

    “Mitch” he half heartedly exclaimed under his breath. “Now what are you doing in here? I am about to call security!”

    “Please don’t. I snuck on board, and I don’t want to get caught. I will do anything you want, are these your Pokemon?” she changed the subject. “What kind of Pokemon is that” She pointed towards Spectreon. “I have never seen one of those before, it sort of looks like an invisible Eevee”

    “It’s a Spectreon, Eevee’s Ghost evolution. And what do you mean snuck on?” Mitch said trying to get the conversation back on track.

    But to no avail, she exclaimed “I didn’t know Eevee had a Ghost evolution. I love its blueish-grey coloring, and those green eyes are almost hypnotic. How did you get it?”

    “I evolved it about a month ago. NOW, tell me why you snuck on board, or I will call security” Mitch started for the door…

    “I tell you what, if you can beat me in a Pokemon Battle, I will tell you what you want to know, and will leave you alone, but if I win, I get to stay with you and you wont rat me out. Deal?” Emma asked.

    “And why should I go along with this? It makes no sense, I have nothing to gain from such a battle….” Mitch started.

    “1000 Poke dollars then. That’s what you will get if you can beat me…” Emma said with a devilish grin.

    “Fine you have a deal, lets go, but you will lose!!! You have no clue who you are dealing with!!!” Mitch said as he grabbed her arm and headed out the door.

    They headed to the third floor, where there was an available mini gym. He declared it would be a two on two single battle. He chose his first ball and sent it flying, releasing Petey, his Spinarak. She sent out her first Pokemon, an adorable little Aron. Spinarak started off the battle spinning a web that engulfed Aron. Aron was able to use his Metal Claw to scratch threw the sticky webbing, just as it a Psybeam hit it. Aron was able to shrug off the Psybeam, and used an Iron Tail attack, sending Spinarak sailing through the air. Petey was knocked out. Mitch couldn’t believe his lousy luck. That was it no more games… “Spectrum go”, “Spectreon!!!” it squealed as it was released. There it stood, half visible, its green eyes fixated on Aron. “Spectrum, Shadow Ball”. A huge purple ball formed in front of Spectrum, and was launched at Aron. Aron tried to dodge it, but Spectrum was too fast. Aron was unable to get up.

    “Rocky, NO!!!” cried Emma, tears running down her face. She recalled her Aron, and got her second Pokeball ready. “Mitch, I wont lose to you, I can’t. To much is riding on this. Go Fuzzy!!!” The second Pokeball contained an Ursaring. “Fuzzy, Faint Attack” Ursaring’s attack hit its mark, but barely phased Spectreon, who quickly launched a Night Shade, and then a Psychic attack before Fuzzy could recover. Ursaring was down on its face, struggling to get back up. Spectreon launched into a Quick Attack, but Fuzzy was able to get up, and caught Spectrum in mid air. But then it disappeared. It reappeared behind Ursaring, and hit with a second Quick Attack. Fuzzy went down again, and this time didn’t get back up.

    Emma fell to her knees as she recalled back Fuzzy. She started crying uncontrollably. Mitch started towards her, but held back. He didn’t know what to do for her, and her tears made him terribly uncomfortable. “I cant believe this, I cant go back. I have to get to the Johto Region. I don’t even have any money to give you like I promised.” Mitch’s face turned red with anger. She had lied to him. But why???

    “What is so important that you have to get to Johto? And lie and stow away to get there?” Mitch asked, calming himself down. “Why go through all this trouble?” He had made his way to Emma, offering her a hand up.

    “My brother, Alex was kidnapped. He is supposedly somewhere near Goldenrod City. Somebody from Team Rocket took him a week ago. He wants 100 million Poke dollars to get him back.”

    “Your Emma Frost, aren’t you? Rick Frost daughter. The Billionaire?” Mitch asked surprised. He had heard of the Frost family when he used to work for Team Rocket. He recalled his former boss, Jordan, had a plan to kidnap her, but assumed he had given it up. That was like over three years ago. But now, he wasn’t so sure…

    “Yes, I left against my dads wishes to try and get him back. I don’t trust that Team Rocket, and I miss my brother. Alex and I are o close. Mom and dad weren’t around much, left us with nannies, you know the usual rich kid story, so me and Alex were all each other had. We used to do everything together. One day we were out in the stables checking on our Ponyta and Rapidash,” Emma was trying hard to fight back the tears as she went on “when some Team Rocket thugs attacked us. I was able to escape, with the help of my Ursaring, but Alex’s Aron wasn’t able to free him. I was so frightened, and when I returned with help, Rocky was there, but there was no trace of my brother. I over heard the police and my farther talking, and that’s how I learned he was in Goldenrod. Well, I guess I lost the battle, sorry about the money, but I will honor my promise, and leave you alone. Good-b…..” She started to say.

    “Just hold on a sec” Mitch cut her off. This couldn’t be just a coincidence. It had to be Jordan. It just had to be, and Mitch had a score to settle. “Why don’t you come back to my room, you can sleep on the floor” he offered as he walked off, back to his room. After recovering from the shock, Emma rushed to catch up to him.

    “Thanks, you wont regret this” she whispered.

    I hope you enjoyed the second chapter in my story.... keep on reading, more new suprises and twist will occur. Whadda ya think so far?
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    It looks kinda Slimey...
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    Hey, great story dude..... very interesting. [meowth] "Whatcha gonna do now?"

    I think ya need to send it to Nintendo Power. they are interested in new PKMN that people have thought up! i repeat, THAT LOOKS SOOOO COOOLLL!
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    well, here goes chapter 3.... finally

    Chapter 3

    It was a beautiful sunny day just outside of Olivine, Johto. A male figure emerges over the morning horizon on Route 39, with a second, girl, struggling to keep up. As the sun rose, you could hear Hoothoot and Noctowl cooing them selves to sleep. There were several farms off in the distance, with hundreds of Miltank and Tauros. A Sentret, propped up on its tail, drops down into the grass and dashes off at the sight of the two figures.

    “What makes you so sure Team Rocket would have a base way out here? And disguised as a Miltank farm?” Emma asked as she finally caught up to Mitch. “I mean why would Team Rocket even want to raise Miltank? I think your source mislead you.” She said matter of factly.

    “I don’t think he was lying, besides it is the only lead we have. Do YOU have a better idea?” he snapped, annoyed by the girls bombardment of questions. In a flash, her semi chipper face turned solid white, and shook her head. “Besides, Team Rocket will do anything to further there cause, and to put money in their pockets.”

    “How do you know so much about Team Rocket, anyways. Is there something you are not telling me?” Emma asked, trying to stay positive in a grim situation.

    “NO! It is a very well known fact!” Mitch felt a little guilty not telling her the truth. He used to be a very promising member of Team Rocket, a fierce battler with a high disregard of the rules. But all that changed when he was told to steal a Pokemon from some innocent trainer. He just couldn’t tolerate stealing someone’s friend and companion. It just didn’t seem right. The “guy” who had given them the information was a real close buddy of his, that he made while within the organization. Phil and Mitch had to go through the Team Rocket initiation together, and Mitch had helped Phil out immensely, as well had Phil had helped him. During Mitch’s brief stint, they were partnered together, their leader telling them to make use of their bond of friendship. But that was so long ago now, but they still remained friends. Phil had even secretly helped Mitch escape from Team Rocket. Turns out as a stroke of luck, Phil just happened to be stationed in Olivine, and Mitch ran into him on his way to the Poke Mart. Phil told him he knew nothing of Emma’s brother, but gave him what info he could. Phil wouldn’t lie to Mitch, he couldn’t, could he, Mitch thought to himself. “Lets check that farm over there…” Mitch thought he had seen something out of the corner of his eye. It looked like a trainer battle….

    Mitch darted off, ahead of Emma, to see if his eyes where playing tricks on him. Emma, out of breath from the long, brisk walk, was now trying to keep up. Sure enough, there was a trainer, maybe a mile or so away. He and his Croconaw seemed to be battling. As Mitch got closer, he realized the trainer was battling not one, but 3 Pokemon at once. Three trainers dressed in Black Team Rocket garb were over to the side, laughing, while their Houndour, Murkrow and Arbok where attacking the poor Croconaw. The Croconaw seemed to be pretty badly hurt, as well as its trainer, but it still battled with all of its heart. “Come on Emma, we’ve got to help! Go, Spectrum….” he hollered as the Pokeball with Spectreon was thrown.

    “Rocky, I choose you” Emma said as she released her Aron. “Take Down on Arbok ” who was currently trying to Wrap itself around Croconaw.

    “Hey, whaddayou punk kids think you are doing. This is official Team Rocket business, butt out” one of the Rocket grunts shouted as they started to get more involved in the battle. Houndour, Flamethrower that Aron NOW!”

    “Not so fast” Mitch said, as Spectrum phased into site in front of Houndour. “Use Night Shade” And Houndour was down, and out of the battle. Mitch looked up to see what else he could do when he noticed that Emma’s Aron had knocked out Arbok, and Croconaw had Water Gunned down the Murkrow, sending it crashing to the ground, as Croconaw itself collapsed from exhaustion “Now for you guys!!!” He turned his attention to the three thugs, who were recalling their Pokemon, and trying to retreat into the bushes.

    “Hey there boys, where you going?” Emma said defiantly. “Mimers, Barrier”. She released a second Pokeball, containing a Mr. Mime. The three thugs ran smack into an invisible wall set by the Mr. Mime. “Now Mimers, Hypnosis”. As the three Team Rocket grunts tried to escape their invisible prison, Mr. Mime started moving its hands around, causing them to go into a deep sleep. “Well, that takes care of them for a little bit, at least we found the bunch of idiots”

    “Hi, sorry we haven’t had a chance to be formally introduced, I am Mitch, and her over there, that’s Emma.” Emma waved. “What‘s your name?”

    “Sam, and thanks for the rescue, but now I really need to get my Cruncher to a Pokemon Center. He was badly hurt in that battle. Thanks again….” he waved good-bye as he darted off back to Olivine.

    “Um, Mitch. My Mime isn’t very strong, I don’t know how much longer these guys will be out. I suggest we figure out what our plan is, and soon. I think we can use Mimes Hypnosis to make them tell us where there base is hidden”

    “Its worth a shot, go for it…Use it on the one right there in the middle. He is the leader.” Mitch suggested. Emma, curious to how he knew which was the leader, they al looked the same to her, had her Mimers use Hypnosis to make him spill all he knew. “Where is your secret base, tell me exactly how to get there from here!”

    The grunt opened his mouth, and started to speak with a generic, monotone voice. “Go straight down this path, about 2 miles down, through the trees. There is a tree stump there, with a marking of a lightning bolt on it. You must use the attack, Secret Power, to open it.”

    “Is Alexander Frost being held there? If not, where is he?” Emma butted in. “Tell me NOW!!!! Where is my brother!!!!”

    “Calm down Emma, let him talk…”

    “Yes, he is being held on the third level. We are to hold him hostage until the ransom was paid, then dispose of him.”

    “HOWDAREYOU!!!” Emma screamed, lunging at him.

    “Calm down, or we will never be able to save your brother” Mitch said as she grabbed her by the ear. “We don’t have much time until the hypnosis wears off… Now you and you, take off your uniforms now set them in front of you on the ground.” The two other grunts started taking off there uniforms, and neatly folded them onto the ground. “Now all three of you, go sit around that tree over there.” Mitch ordered.

    “What are you doing Mitch?” Emma asked, not sure what he was doing.

    “I have a plan” he said as he started digging into his backpack. “Now help me with this” he said, tossing her a long, sturdy rope. “We need to tie them up before they recover from being hypnotized” Soon Mitch and Emma had tied the thugs to the tree, and Mitch picked up the two uniforms, handing one to Emma. “Come on, lets go, put this on. It is our best chance at sneaking in. Hurry up, there are some bushes over there you can change behind.”

    Minutes later, the two emerged, fully garbed in Team Rocket uniforms, just as the three Rocket members started to wake up. “Hey, whatta ya‘ll doin? Give us back our clothes! We‘re going to get you for this!” Mitch and Emma could hear them, still screaming as they walked off toward the base.

    “Ok, when we get their, not a word or peep out of you, understand. We only have one shot at this, so don’t blow it. You are going to have to trust me. Understand?” Mitch told Emma. If not, then I will leave you out here!!!”

    “Ok, I understand, not a word” Emma said, “I promise”

    “Ok, good now come on, I don’t know how long we will have until someone finds them, by the way, nice Mr. Mime” Mitch complimented her.

    “Thanks, my family only breeds and raises the best!” Emma proclaimed. “But how we get into their base? I have never even heard of a Secret Power attack.”

    “That’s probably because it is a TM exclusive to the Hoenn region. It is commonly used by Team Rocket to find and build ideal secret bases. It looks like this…” Mitch said as he pulled a TM out of his pocket, showing it to Emma. “I bought it at a trade store in Olivine. Being a port town, lots of Hoenn trainers stop by and trade goods.” He felt bad for lying to her again. He had had the TM for a while, it was given to him upon the completion of his orientation into Team Rocket. He had never actually taught it to one of his Pokemon, but held on to it, just incase he ever needed it. “All right, lets go….”

    Well no promises on when a chapter 4 wil be released.... I have a few new suprises instore, and a few twist I havent even thought up yet. I will be busy moving over the next week or so, so when I get a chance, I will write it. Hope this will be a decent filler until then....

    The pic isnt mine to send, but I will defenitely get with Poinko, I am sure he would agree to that. Mybe Nintendo will make him real.. Prolly wont like my evolution process though.....
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    Coool... I like the story and I also like the picture. Keep going.
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    well, since Iam finally semi settled in my new dwelling, +3 days off, I will try to get another chapter or 2 up... at least 1 anyways
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    Well, here goes Chapter 4

    “Bruce, Secret Power” Mitch commanded his Golbat. They had found the hidden base fairly easily. The lighting bolt marked stump slowly began to open. A long spiral staircase was now visible, leading into a dimly lit corridor. “Return” Mitch said as Bruce zipped back into its Pokeball. “Lets go… keep your Pokeball with Mimers ready incase we need him again.” Emma moved Mimers Pokeball to where it was easily accessible

    Emma followed Mitch down into the hallway. The base seemed to consist of many linking corridors. Suddenly, from up ahead.. “HEY, WHADDYA‘LL THINK YA“LL ARE GOING?” a firm, gruff voice sounded. An older man, with salt and peppered hair stepped into the corridor to greet them. Emma about jumped out of her skin, but Mitch kept cool as a cucumber. “Ya‘ll aren‘t supposed to be here” he continued, staring Mitch directly in the eye. “Ya‘ll are supposed to be in the video room, there’s a meeting for all Team Rocket members.” Mitch and Emma breathed a collective sigh of relief.

    “Sorry sir, we got lost. We are both pretty new here, and this place is like a maze” Mitch said, trying not to look to suspicious. Emma was doing a good enough job of that on her own. Luckily the guard kept his eye on Mitch though.

    “Go down to the next corridor, all the way down, the last door on the right. Hurry the meeting is just now starting. I need to get back to my guard position, now GO” the guard said. Mitch and Emma didn’t hesitate, and walked swiftly in the direction the man had pointed. The guard kept an eye on Mitch until they had turned the corner.

    “Come on, in here” he said as soon as they were out of the guards sight. The doorway led into what appeared to be a small empty kitchen. “We need to hurry up and figure out where they are hiding your brother. They are probably discussing what to do with him as we speak. They will probably dispose of him whether your dad pays the ransom or not. To many loose ends if they don’t.” Mitch was starting to upset Emma, but it couldn’t be helped. She needed to know just how under handed Team Rocket was. She was trying to stay strong, but she looked as if she would break down into tears at any moment.

    “Maybe I can be of some assistance?” a familiar voice. Emma about jumped out of her skin again, she didn’t know how much more she could take. A figure stepped out of the opposite doorway, and into the kitchen. Mitch reached for the Pokeball containing Silencer, as Emma followed suit. “Calm down Mitch… its me”

    “Phil? Is that you?” Mitch asked, keeping his hand on his Pokeball. “What are you doing here?” He held his hand up, warning Emma to back off.

    “Yes, its me” Phil said, stepping into what little light was in the room. “I want to help. Hurry we don’t have much time”

    “Why are you so willing to help us? You could be in some serious trouble if anyone finds out.” Mitch replied.

    “Because, I have befriended Alex. I used to guard him, but I after seeing the way they treated him, I began to feel sorry for him. I got caught one night sneaking him my dinner, my supervisor took me off guard duty and gave me an assignment working in Goldenrod. Now hurry, you only have half an hour, give or take until the meeting is over. It appears the kids dad refused to pay the ransom, so they are debating what they should do. Now listen closely. Alex‘s door is 2 corridors down, the second door on the left. Here is a passkey to the door, don’t worry it belongs to another guard, and cant be traced back to me. Once you have found him, come back exactly the way you got there from here, and in the next corridor is the exit I am currently guarding. Now go, you don’t have much time…” And with that Phil turned his back on the two, and walked off.

    “Why should we trust him? He is a member of Team Rocket. And how do you know each others names? I dint hear either of you mention your names in Goldenrod” Emma asked.

    “There‘s no time now, I will explain everything later, lets go.. We don’t have a choice but to trust him.” But Mitch wasn’t sure that he could. Phil was the enemy, but he was his friend. He had to trust that. Besides, why wouldn’t he have turned them in already?

    Mitch and Emma made there way to the room Phil said Alex was in. “well, its now or never” Mitch said as he slid the Passkey into the card reader. The door slowly slid open, Emma held her breathe. She was reaching for her Pokeball, sure that ‘Phil’ had led them to a room filled with Rocket members ready to take them prisoner too.

    “ALEX” Emma said as the door opened to reveal a boy huddled in the corner. “Its you!!!”

    “E..M..M..A, i..s t..h..a..t y..o..u?” Alex asked weakly, looking up, hearing his sisters voice. “W.h.a.t a.r.e y.o.u d.o.I.n.g h.e.r.e” he started to ask as his eyes focused. There stood his sister, next to a guy in a Team Rocket uniform. Mustering all his remaining strength, he lunged at Mitch. “YOU CANT HAVE HER, EMMA RUN…”

    Mitch was taken by surprise, but Emma jumped between them. “Stop it Alex, this is Mitch, he is here to help you. He risked his life to help me save you.” Alex stopped mid lunge, but Mitch had already turned his attention. A loud, piercing alarm had started to go off throughout the base.

    “Come on, we have to go NOW” Mitch exclaimed. Mitch could start to distinguish the voices over the alarm.

    “Does he really think he can escape?”, “What’s going on down there”, “come on this way…”

    Mitch followed the path that they had taken to get to Alex’s cell, and made it back to the kitchen. He was thankful that they were far enough ahead they hadn’t spotted them yet. Emma was having a hard enough time keeping up, but Alex, in his weak condition seemed to be doing well enough, all things considered. Mitch was amazed, for someone as unnourished as Alex seemed, his adrenaline rush seemed to be kicking in quite nicely. Up ahead, Phil was waiting for them.

    “Hurry, call out your Mr. Mime.” he said to Emma as he called out his Weezing. “I am going to have my Weezing seal off this exit behind you. You need to hypnotize me. It needs to look like we battled so they don’t suspect me. Weezing, once they are out, I want you to Self Destruct.”

    “What should I do Mitch???” Emma asked as she released her Mimers. She was so confused. This was supposed to be the bad guy, but she helped him save her brother. She didn’t want to have her Pokemon attack him.

    “Do it, now, we don’t have a choice. If you don’t, none of us will make it out of here. Phil will be in deep crap if it looks like he let us escape.” Mitch told her. “hurry, they are right behind us”

    Emma hesitated, but then called “Mimers, Hypnosis” Mimers obeyed, putting Phil to sleep.

    “There they are, and they have knocked Phil unconscious, GET THEM.” Mitch, Emma and Alex heard as they flew up the stairs….


    The sound of Weezing’s Self Destruct rumbled through the forest. Mitch came to a halt, knowing they had some time to rest before since Team Rocket would have to back track halfway across the base to the nearest exit. This gave Emma and Alex a few minutes to rest and catch their breaths. “I hope he is going to be ok” Emma said looking towards Mitch.

    “He should be fine, he is more than able to take care of himself. Its you two I am worried about. They have no clue it was me who was in there, so they wont bother coming after me. But they may not stop coming after you and Alex, since your father denied them the ransom, they will be seeking revenge. Come on, lets get back to the Pokemon Center in Goldenrod and let Officer Jenny know what’s happened.” Mitch said, starting back towards the path that would lead them back to Goldenrod.

    Late that evening, in the Goldenrod Pokemon Center, Mitch, Emma and Alex were sitting in the dining hall, eating the biggest meal any of them had ever had. Rocky, who was glad to see his owner again, was delighted, and refused to go back into his Pokeball. It never wanted to leave Alex again, so Alex let his Aron sit at the table with them as they ate. When they first arrived at the Pokemon center, Nurse Joy had told Alex and Emma that there father was on his way, and wanting to know where his daughter had gotten off too. Emma’s face went red. According to Joy, her father had refused to pay the ransom because he didn’t know what had happened to his daughter. Team Rocket said they didn’t have her, but he refused to believe them. He had hired a team of bounty hunters to track down Team Rocket, which was why he was on his way there. Officer Jenny had her officers gather up as many of the Team Rocket members they could find. Apparently Phil wasn’t among them. Niether was Jordan. Though Mitch never came face to face with Jordan, he still knew he was behind the whole thing. Mitch finally confessed everything to Emma about being a former member of Team Rocket, and how he became friends with Phil.

    Once Rick Frost had arrived, he vowed to protect his children. They would go on a secret vacation, and had his wife flown to their destination. Emma and Mitch said their goodbyes, and Mitch started to walk off…

    “Hold it son, come here for a minute” it was Mr. Frost, what did he want? “After talking to my daughter, it appears she owes you for your services, I believe it was for 1000 Poke dollars, correct?” Mitch had completely forgotten about that. He hadn’t gone through all that trouble for money, he did it cause it was the right thing to do. Mitch nodded his head. “So here, take this.” Mr. Frost handed Mitch an unopened envelope and started to walk off.

    “Hey, there is 2000 in here? That’s to much….” Mitch started to protest.

    Mr. Frost faced Mitch once again, “Yes, 1000 from what Emma owed you, and the other is a personal reward from me. Its only money, take it, you’ve more than earned it” and with that, he was off again. Mitch turned around and walked off into the horizon, as Emma, not taking her eyes off him until he was no longer in sight…

    “I‘ll miss you Mitch, until we meet again”. She blew a kiss towards him, and turned to join her dad and brother…

    Well, chapter 4 is up and off, chapter 5 will begin a new adventure for Mitch and Spectrum. There are still a few ideas I am toying with, maybe in a day or 2, if not by next week for sure.... make sure to tune in.. let me know your thoughts too, any remarks welcome, even bad ones...
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    Just wondering, will chapter 5 come. I've waited for a while and you've got me hanging. Please continue.

    Treeeeeeeeeeecko!!!!! (Treecko expresion meaning pleeeeeeease!)
  15. Spectreon

    Spectreon New Member

    yeah, sorry bout that. Between holidays and a tiny spell of writers block, havent decided exactly which way I want this to go... Will try and have a new chapter up soon.......
  16. Spectreon

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    Ok, you asked for it, so now here it is (dont forget I warned you.....)
    5th Chapter

    Two weeks had passed since Mitch’s adventure outside of Goldenrod. He had received a couple of emails from Emma, letting him know that her and her family were having a blast in the Hoenn Region. They had seen Professor Birch’s lab, sailed the beaches of Slateport, and were now on their way to Pacifalog to see the cool Corsola jewelry. Her dad had promised to buy her the biggest most expensive piece he could find.

    Mitch was happy for Emma, but didn’t respond back. He missed her already, but couldn’t bring himself to admit it. He had finally left Goldenrod, spending much of his money received from Rick Frost at the casino. He won quite a bit, and spent it on some new TM’s for his Pokemon. He was now on his way north, towards a little town known as Fire Ridge town. They were known for exporting Fire Stones around the Johto Region. There were reports of Team Rocket causing trouble up there, so he thought he would check it out. He was hoping Phil may have gone there, since it was only a few hours walk from Goldenrod. Maybe Jordan was there as well….

    He paid the clerk at the Goldenrod Hotel, and walked out the door. It didn’t take long to get out of the massive city. He had spent the last couple weeks exploring the city, and its underground tunnels. He knew his way around almost perfectly, and he hated to leave, but there were adventures to be had, and battles to be fought. He continued on out of the city, and into the forest. After thirty minutes or so of walking in the forest, he stumbled upon a huge pond. He decided to take a break here, and eat lunch. He decided to let out Otto, his Remeraid, since he hadn’t let it go for a swim in along time. He also decided to teach it one of the new TM’s he had just bought, Double Team. Remeraid turned out to be a quick learner, and was using the attack to perfection within 10 minutes. Mitch was impressed. So was someone else……

    “Hey, nice Remeraid” came a voice from behind. It startled Mitch badly, causing him to loose his balance and fall into the pond. An obnoxious laugh came from the little kid who had snuck up on Mitch. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you, my name is Kenny. Here..” he offered his hand to help Mitch up out of the water.

    Mitch excepted his hand, “My name is Mitch, and this is Otto. I caught him outside of Celadon a few weeks ago. What are you doing sneaking up on me like that?”

    “Sorry bout that, it wasn’t intentional. I just really love water Pokemon. I saw you training your Remeraid, so I thought I would come and see for myself. I cant believe how fast it learned that attack. That was AWSOME!” Kenny said. “How many water Pokemon do you have anyways?” he asked curiously.

    “I only have two, Otto here, and my Seadra, Fin. But Fin is in Bill’s PC right now. I like to keep a diversity of Pokemon, not all the same type.” Mitch stated matter of factly.

    “Well that settles it, we will have a one on one battle then. Your Remeraid versus my Barboach. Go Wishy-Washy.” Kenny said as he threw the Pokeball with his Barboach. Barboach appeared in the pond, two feet from Mitch’s Remeraid.

    “Give me one reason why I should waste my time battling you? I am on my way to Fire Ridge.”

    “Please, I really want my Barboach to evolve. Wishcash is one of my favorite water Pokemon. So I have been waiting here by this pond challenging anyone with a Water Pokemon to a battle. Besides, I know a short cut through the forest to Fire Ridge, and I will tell you if you battle me”

    “Fine, then, Otto, lets go. Like you said, this will be a one on one match. Lets battle… Otto, Dive!” Mitch commanded his Remeraid as it dove into the water.

    “Wishy, Dive after it, and start a Whirlpool.” Barboach started to swim quickly around , causing a Whirlpool to begin to form.

    Mitch was impressed, but knew he had to stop the Whirlpool before it go t started. “Otto, Lock On and fire an Ice Beam.” Mitch knew an ice type attack wouldn’t do much against a water Pokemon, but he also remembered that Barboach was part ground type, which is weak to Ice. Otto Locked onto his target, and fired an Ice Beam hitting Barboach square in the head, causing it to stop its Whirlpool attack just as quickly as it had started. “Now use your Water Gun Otto!” Otto fired its Water Gun attack with so much power it caused the Remeraid to move backward in the Pond.

    “Wishy, Amnesia, and absorb the hit.” Barboach just sat their, allowing Water Gun to hit it, but its Amnesia caused it to do very little damage. “Now Rest Wishy” this was it, he knew Mitch would fall for his trick.

    “Rest, why would you have it fall asleep in the middle of the battle. I thought you wanted to win. Whatever. Otto, close in, and hit it with a close range Psybeam.” Otto started towards Barboach, who was resting at the bottom of the Pond now.

    “Wait for it, wait for it” Kenny muttered under his breath. “NOW!!! WISHY SNORE” Barboach laid there at the bottom of the pond, and just as Otto was about to release its Psybeam, it let out a loud Snore, causing Remeraid to flinch. Barboach was now awake again, and fully rested. “Now, lower its accuracy with a Mud Splash attack.” Barboach used its tail to throw mud from the bottom of the pond and smack into Remeraid’s face, causing it to swim around wildly, unable to see where it was swimming.

    “Lowering Remeraid’s accuracy won‘t do you much good, watch this. Otto, Lock On and hit it with another Ice Beam” Otto stopped struggling, and sat there, focusing on its next attack.

    “Wishy use another Amnesia…..” Before Kenny could finish calling an attack, Remeraid launched its Ice Beam, scoring a direct hit, despite the mud still on its face. “No, Wishy, are you okay???” Barboach was knocked out, and now floating at the top of the pond. “Wow, that was a great battle Wishy, you did great…. Huh?”

    “BAR……” Barboach let out a loud cry and began to glow.

    “RAID” so was Otto

    “Is their evolving” Mitch said. “I have never seen two Pokemon evolve after the same battle before. COOL!”

    Sure enough, both Barboach and Remeraid evolved. Mitch was now the proud owner of an Octillery, and Kenny the proud owner of his favorite water Pokemon, Wishcash. “Wow, it evolved even though it lost. I cant believe it. Thanks Mitch, and congrats on your Octillery too. It looks SWEET” Kenny said, hugging his new Wishcash.

    “I think it evolved cause you wanted it to evolve Kenny.” Mitch started. “Sure you need experience to evolve a Pokemon, but Wishy knew how much you wanted it to evolve too I think.”

    “Wishy did you evolve just for me?” Kenny asked. “WISCASH, WISH…” it smiled back. “All right Mitch, a promise is a promise, if you go through those bushes over there, there is a trail that will take you straight through the forest, and ends up right outside of Fire Ridge. I am off now to Goldenrod myself, to challenge Whitney to a Plain Badge. Good luck Mitch.”

    “Good luck to you too, watch out for her Miltank, its tough from what I hear. Thanks for the short cut.” And with that Mitch and Kenny were off in their separate directions.

    Mitch was glad to have his new Octillery, and thought to himself… “Jordan, if you are in Fire Ridge, you‘ll be sorry. I owe you big time!!!”

    Well, there you have it. I am still trying to come up with what exactly I want to do next. So many ideas, but how to implement them, that is the question. Oh well, I will figure it out soon enough.. more soon (I hope)...
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    cool as a cucumber huh? suuuuurrrrreeee.....not alot of people were there to experience it, so why...never mind. *lol*
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    Hopefully I still have a few wandering eyes checking in on me and my works. Here is chapter 6, get ready and hold on tight.
    Chapter 6

    The sun rose over Fire Ridge town, as we zoom in on a campfire which had long burned out. Mitch was just awaking to great the new day, as he got out of his sleeping bag, rose to his feet, and with a big ”YAWN” stretched his arms out. “Spectrum, you ready to go buddy?”
    “Spectre, Spectreon” Spectrum replied as it phased through the tree in which it had been watching over Mitch as he slept. Being nocturnal and a ghost, Spectreon generally don’t sleep much, if at all. Mitch often took advantage of this, while camping out on the open road. Having someone watching over him made it a more peaceful sleep.

    “Ok, lets head into town and grab some food at the Pokemon Center.” Mitch said, as he recalled Spectrum back to its Pokeball, and headed off towards Fire Ridge.

    It only took about fifteen minutes to reach the Pokemon Center, that was already buzzing with trainers picking up and dropping off Pokemon to be cared for, eating, and checking their Emails. Mitch dropped off his Pokemon with the resident Nurse Joy, and hurried to the dining hall for a bite. While briskly walking down the hall, he nearly ran into a girl roughly his age. She was red headed, wearing a white short/shirt set, trimmed in pink and a golden triangle on her chest, on the left side . Mitch couldn’t take his eyes off of her, till he realized he was staring, then looked down quickly and said, “Sorry bout that, didn’t see you there”

    “Its Ok, but I really have to be going know, you really ought to pay more attention where you are going….” the girl said, and walked off in the opposite direction.

    ‘She looks familiar’ Mitch thought to himself. ‘Oh well’ and went off towards the dining hall again.

    After he was done eating, he checked on his Pokemon, and decided to check his email once Joy said it would be a little longer. He received an email from his mom, telling him how much she missed him. There were 2 from Emma about their recent vacation spots. A few junk mail and SPAM emails. “Man they need to upgrade the filter in here” Mitch said to himself. After reading through the mail, he got up, and started to log off when “You’ve got a new message” sounded on the computer. ‘Why not?’ Mitch thought, and clicked on the email. There was no title on the email, nor did it have a sender. ‘Odd’ Mitch thought, ‘maybe its more junk mail’. Mitch decided to check it anyways…..


    Mitch didn’t know what to think. Was this some kind of warning? Was it a joke, or maybe sent to the wrong address. And why was ‘be’ misspelled. Probably just a typo Mitch thought to himself. Mitch clicked and deleted the email, and went back to wait for Nurse Joy to let him know his Pokemon were ready.

    Mitch spent most of the afternoon wondering through the town, asking about the strange disappearances of Pokemon, and valuables. He wasn’t getting much head way, all he had learned was that they had stolen some guys wallet, an elderly lady’s diamond necklace and ear rings, Miltank and Tauros seemed to be disappearing out in the farm lands that stretched all the way back to Goldenrod. No one had any clue if any of these were linked, or who was behind it. Mitch knew of course. Team Rocket was still up to no good here. But he didn’t say anything, for fear they might associate him as one of them. He kept his eyes out for anyone suspicious and hoped for the best.

    ‘There’s that girl again’ Mitch noticed. It was the same girl he had bumped into earlier at the Pokemon Center. ‘Where was she off to in such a hurry?’ Mitch thought as she jogged down the street. ‘Maybe she is a Rocket member I met at some point’ and with that, Mitch figured the best course of action was to tail her.

    He followed her down a dark alley way, that seemingly led now where. He hid behind the wall corner, and peeked around. She had called out a Swablu, and it was using Secret Power to reveal an entrance, she looked up as if to make sure no one was watching her, and Mitch pulled his head back. He waited for a couple of seconds, then poked his head back around the corner. She had just gone in. ‘What is she doing I wonder, this is too suspicious’ Mitch thought as he crawled towards the entrance, and snuck in just as it started to close.

    “WHY ARE YOU FOLLOWING ME, IDENTIFY YOURSELF NOW” the girl said, her Swablu poised to attack on command.

    Mitch couldn’t believe his dumb luck, caught by a girl. “Why are you sneaking around is a better question, your with Team Rocket aren’t you” he accused her, his hand inching towards one of his Pokeballs.

    “Swablu, back down” the Swablu obeyed, and flew onto her shoulder. “you mean you aren’t with Team Rocket? Then why are you following me”

    “My name is Mitch. I am here looking for Team Rocket. Specifically Rocket Leader Jordan. I saw you sneaking around, so I assumed you where part of the evil organization, and I followed you. Are you saying you aren‘t with Team LOSER”

    “I most certainly am NOT!!! How dare you….. Wait, you said your name was Mitch?”

    “Yes, why?”

    “Officer Jenny told me about you, how you helped Emma Frost and her brother Alex escape from Team Rocket. Maybe you can help me….” she started to say

    “Excuse me, me help you, I don’t even know who you are….”

    “Forgive me, where are my manners” …. Just then, it finally clicked into Mitch’s head where he had seen her. “I am Whitney, of the Goldenrod Gym, the Normal Type Gym Leader” He had seen flyers and posters advertising her gym all throughout Goldenrod when he was there. “I am here with a small group of elite trainers, and I am offering you a chance to join us. We have been receiving Emails that there is a Rocket base 3 miles east of here. No title, or sender, but with all the weird goings on, my uncle Milton is having all kinds of trouble on his farm. We think the Emails are reliable. I was on my way to meet the group now… please say you will come with me…” She gave him her puppy dog eyes….

    “If it means getting even with Team Rocket, where do I sign up?” Mitch agreed.

    “Good, now follow me… I am the leader of this small group, and I will introduce you.” She led him down a couple of hallways, and down some stairs, down another hall way which dead ended into a wall.

    “Did you take a wrong turn?” Mitch asked, not seeing any markings indicating a Secret Power attack would reveal a hidden door.

    “Your silly…” she said, as she turned and knocked on the wall. She gave it 3 knocks, a hard knock, followed by a soft, and another hard knock. The hallway started to shake a little, as the wall started to turn, reveling a hidden room. Two other trainers where in the room sitting across each other at the table, in deep discussion, which abruptly ended when Whitney walked in. . “Ok guys, I would like you to meet our newest member, this is Mitch. Mitch this is Kayla” she pointed to the girl on the left, “and this is Bernie” she pointed to the guy on the right.

    “What is the meaning of this?” Bernie asked rudely. “Why is he down here, and with you for that matter?” he continued.

    “You remember the incident with Team Rocket, and how this boy helped save Alex and Emma Frost. I think he can be of a big help. Considering his recent record with Team Rocket and all!!!” They couldn’t argue that. If this was indeed the same guy…. Bernie had to be sure.

    “I heard that the guy who did all that had an extremely rare Pokemon, one not commonly seen outside the Oore region. Show me the Pokemon of which I speak, and I wont have any further transgressions about allowing you to join us”

    “Sure, Spectrum go” Mitch threw his Pokeball, releasing Spectrum. “SPECTREON!!!” it replied. “Is this the Pokemon to which you were referring?” Mitch asked.

    “Wow what is that” Kayla asked.

    “It’s a Spectreon, an evolution too Eevee, to be more specific, its ghost evolution” Bernie said before Mitch could. “They are known to be owned by Team Snatch in the Oore Region. They are rarely seen by any decent upstanding trainer, since their evolution requires such drastic measures.”

    “Yeah, I know. I have made amends though, and now Spectrum is my best friend, right Spectrum?” ‘SPECTREON’ it said as it hovered up to rest in Mitch’s arms. “I am here to help, and offer any services I can. We must stop Team Rocket!!!”

    Bernie turned away from Mitch, and pulled out his laptop. “Here are all the anonymous emails we have received”





    “They seem to be in need of a good spell check if you ask me. The one I got said ‘HE IS HERE. WATCH YOUR BACK, AND BEE CAREFULL!!!!!!’ maybe the misspellings are some kind of clues.” Mitch told everyone.

    “You know. Now that you mention it” Kayla started. “They seem to be partial names of Pokemon. BEE would mast likely be Beedrill, BOK, Arbok. AMUK, obviously Muk. Carv, Carvanha. What about Vibrvate?”

    “Vibrava!!!” Mitch stated.

    “I think you are right” Bernie said.

    “I know I am, it is Jordan’s favorite Pokemon on his team, or at least it used to be…” Mitch stated. ‘So he is here, finally my chance…’

    “Who is this Jordan guy, and how do you know him Mitch. That is the second time I heard you mention his name.” Whitney asked.

    “Long story short, he is a high ranking leader in Team Rocket. While he is not their head leader, he is high ranking enough to know who is! He is that important and powerful” Mitch stated. “I have been hunting him for years now, and suspect he was involved with the Frost kidnap. I had come here hoping this is where he ran, looks like my instincts were right.”

    “Ok, thanks to information we obtained in another Email, this is where we believe Team Rockets hideout to be.” Bernie said, pulling up a map on his laptop. A huge X marking where he had pointed.

    “Ok, so we gather our supplies, and we will be off within the hour. Mitch, there is some food over there, if you are hungry, and some provisions for your Pokemon over there.” Whitney pointed at a table covered with Potions, and berries, and other useful items. Among them was a Metal Coat held item. Mitch was allowed to take what he wanted from the table, which he took some Berries, and the Metal Coat.

    ‘Soon I we will meet again Jordan’ Mitch thought silently as he ate, and prepared for the raid of the Team Rocket Base.

    Well, there you go. Sorry no battles this time, but the next chapter promises to be action packed. Please express any opinions on this you want. Good, bad, wahtever.... I can handle it. Its funny how the 1 shot chapter quicly spread into an epic adventure series. But I have gotten a feew good responses so far, so I think ya'll deserved more. LMK what ya think. Chapter 7 soon, hopefully.....
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    why did you quit writing? where's the rest of the story I wanna know what happens:)
  20. Spectreon

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    Ok, now that that is out of my system... I didnt exactly quit/give up on this.....

    Last weekend, I managed to catch a nasty PC Virus. It wasnt fixed til a couple days ago... (have to wait for people when you want it done free) and the folder the story was in was erased =( I am going to have to copy/paste this and resave, luckily it is posted here.... I will have Ch7 up by end of the week, thanx for reading, and for your patience.... Spec....
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