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    You know the kind of trainer you pass on your journey, your eyes meet, you battle them, and defeat them with relative ease? Well that’s Masaru.
    A fourteen year old boy, trying to be, like countless others, a “pokemon master”.
    Masaru grew up in Celadon City, a metropolis of commerce in the Kanto region. He was given his first pokemon by his father Takashi, a Great pokemon trainer, who has accomplished much in his years of travelling
    The world. Masaru seldom saw his father but on his tenth birthday, his father returned home and gave him a small, timid Eevee.
    Like most trainers Masaru keeps his first pokemon outside its poke ball, and with him at all times.

    Masaru is small for his age, a mess of thick brown hair reaches just bellow his ears and often covers his dark blue eyes.
    He resembles his father a great deal, except in strength and confidence.

    In the four years Masaru has travelled Kanto with his Eevee, he has tried to find the reason, why isn’t he getting any stronger? Why cant he win a solitary badge?

    He now has a small team of smart pokemon with a lot of potential, just waiting to be unlocked.
    Masaru captured his first pokemon, Nidorino just outside Celadon, and after a rigorous battle in viridian he obtained a Charmander.
    Not too long after that, just outside Mt. Moon, Masaru was swindled into buying a useless Magikarp for $500 dollars.

    His pokemon have an undying loyalty to him, which Masaru returns.
    He has never blamed his inadequacy on his trusting pokemon.

    After a mysterious letter from his father, of whom he has not heard from in three years, he follows its instructions and heads for Jhoto, a region to the west…
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    Chapter One All Abaord!

    Masaru lay staring at the ceiling from his bunk at the Vermilion city Pokemon Centre where he had just arrived, mindlessly stroking his Eevee, that was curled up on his stomach.

    He had just received an odd letter from his father, and he was mulling it over
    and over again in his head.
    Masaru decided to read it again, perhaps he missed something…

    “Dear Masaru,
    My son, I am in need of your assistance, it is very important that you meet with me in Johto.
    I have enclosed a ticket for the St. Anne, that will leave Vermilion docks at 11:00am Thursday morning, it will arrive at Olivine City in Johto the following afternoon at 5:00am. I will meet you at the docks in Olivine.
    It is very important you tell no one of this letter.
    Love dad.”

    He put the mysterious letter back in his backpack, and returned to his bunk where his Eevee was sleeping peacefully at the foot of the mattress.
    Tommorrow he would be leaving for Johto, he needed sleep…

    Masuaru awoke early the next morning and made sure he had everything ready for his trip. With his four Poke’balls on his belt, his bag neatly packed and his Eevee at his side, he walked out of the Pokemon Center into the cool early mist of Vermillion City’s dawn.

    He found a small park near Vermilion City Docks, a perfect place to feed his Pokemon their breakfast, it even had a small pond, perfect for his fish Pokemon, Magikarp.

    “Come on out, Nidorino, Charmander, Magikarp!” Called Masaru, as he released his Pokemon out of their Poke’balls
    Nidorino is a bulky four legged purple Pokemon with large ears and a poison horn on its head, Charmander resembled an orange lizard who stood upright and had a flame on the end of its tail, and Magikarp, a red fish with long wiskers.

    As Magikarp was a fish Pokemon, he fed the small water type in the small pond in the centre of the small park.
    Onlookers sniggered and pointed, but Masaru didn’t care.
    In the battling world Magikarp are said to be useless and a waste of time to look after, but Masaru didn’t think so, he thought his Magikarp was awesome.

    After a while of watching his Pokemon play together in the park, Masaru checked his watch, It was 10:00, the St. Anne would be boarding.

    “Come on guys!” He called to his Pokemon, who answered his voice instantly. He put all his Pokemon back in their Poke’balls, except for Eevee, and Masaru made his way to Vermilion Docks.

    As he approached the docks he was in awe at the gigantic vessel he saw before him. The St. Anne was enormous, with two giant smoke stacks that bellowed black smog every so often.

    A long line of passengers stood at the long, steel staircase to the enterance to the ship.
    Masaru stood in line behind a girl with long black hair and glasses, a few freckles speckled her nose, she had bright green eyes. She held in her arms a Bulbasaur, a small grass Pokemon with a bulb on its back.
    She turned around almost instantly.

    “Oh my, what a cute Eevee!” the girl exclaimed and knelt down to pat it.
    She stood up and looked at Masaru.

    “Hi I’m Azami”. She held out a hand to him, which he took.
    “Masaru…”. He replied nervously He was never very good at talking to girls, especially this one whom he found very attractive.

    “Where are you headed?” She asked, “I’m going to Sinnoh”. she continued excitedly without waiting for a reply. “I have an appointment with Professor Nanakamado, I’m applying for a job as his research assistant, Its like a dream come true - If I get the job”. She added with a giggle.

    “This girls nuts”. Thought Masaru, she spoke so fast, he could hardly understand her.

    “So…?” She looked at him inquisitively “Where are you going?”
    She asked him again, this time letting him speak.

    “Johto, I’m going to compete in the Johto League”. He came up with the first lie that come to his head.

    The line was was getting shorter and shorter, it was now Azami’s turn to show her ticket and to be shown her cabin.
    Masaru got out his ticket and showed it to the ticket taker.

    “Sir is in a shared cabin in the lower decks”. The ticket taker said loudly.
    “Please allow deck hand Hiroshi to show you to your cabin”.
    He pointed to a largish dark haired man already on the ship.
    “He will escort you”.

    Masaru followed his escort bellow deck. “Why couldn’t dad spring for a decent cabin, I cant believe I have to share”.

    “Here we are sir.” Hiroshi motioned to a door a few feet from them.
    “We hope you enjoy your cruise on the St. Anne”.
    Hiroshi walked off in the opposite direction towards the upper decks.

    Masaru grimaced as he reached for the doorknob, and slowly opend the door.

    “Oh my gosh, what a coincidence.” Azami was sitting on one of the two bunks hand feeding her Bulbasaur. She got up quickly and beamed at him.

    “Yeah…” Said Masaru, “Great…
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    You could improve your typing and grammar skills. Otherwise, nice.

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